Dog Metal - The Bubbas//Who poo poo'd in my house?

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kjah4201 : Lyrics: grr grrrrr grrrr garrh grrr Grr grahh ahh ah grr grr Ah aaah ahh grr grr grr grrrrrrr Ahh rah aaaah rah grr grr grr

TheRegart : Played this at a local dog park. Got kicked out when the dogs started a mosh pit.

Basic Studios Bangladesh : I can't believe some people actually did not like the puppers performance whereas I would like to kidnap the vocalist any day! I replayed the video several times to see their expressions-- including the drummer's shakin' part!

David Philips : Dogcore is my new favourite sub genre of Metal!

Keld Tundraking : I think this is fake. If you watch carefully you can see where the little black dog, I wanna say a chihuahua or perhaps a mix, is playing slightly out of rhythm but it's not reflected in the audio. Safe to say different dogs actually did the performance and the ones in the video are just miming it.

Misshapen Ape : That paw technique on the bass is exceptional.

Jebasu : this is heckin heavy

MrSkunknugget : This new generation of metal is ruff.

David Dangerfield : Glad to see there's still real musicians out there with something worth singing about keep up the positive vibes furbros #dogcore

s.p.FOX : That vocalist looks guilty. Maybe he did the poo poo.

Logan Watters : Dude, this is seriously my new favorite video on youtube.

Dolphinboi : And I can't even play Stairway.

Ricky Daniel : I imagine this is what my friends who don't like metal think of my music.

AggressiveNegotiator : This is what I call BARK METAL 🤘

Code Alex : why do i keep watching this

Aaron Hildebrand : I had the privelage to party with Frankus and Goose when these guys played in San Antonio about 4 years ago...extremely down to earth guys, and Frankus bought everyone a beer. Later on Goose got into a fight with a couple gang bangers outside of a laundrymat and I saw him knock out 2 fully grown men with 1 punch. I still have the hat that they signed before they had to go to sleep in their kennel to head to the next spot on their tour. Ill never forget that night, or their amazing performance.

Andres Rincon : I wasn't really living before... Then I saw this video

Matt Anderson : When are they going on tour, and where can I get the tickets?

Dweebpop inc. : Dude you better be prepared for this to go viral. This is both parts adorable and brutal af. I love it. ❤

James Havenga : 'I only listen to real music'

Dos Ceph Duck : such metal. Wow.

MallNinja99 : Pretty much the best thing I"ve ever seen.

Dark Hierophant : My dog perked her ears up when thus played and started a one dog pit in my living room. She fell down, but I picked her up and she continued as should be done.

Mandy Lion : I'm dead serious... this sounds better than 99 percent of the human equivalents of this type of music out there. Hilarious but eye opening. Lol

ThePlebyPleb : Oh wow this is actually amazing

Alejandro Silva : The lead singer actually has a great growl game

WakeUpFalling : I have the same headphones as Frankus 👌🏻

Christian Lance : MAKE MORE NOW

Cam Rodriguez : Now this is the quality content I've been looking for

Namelss Vermillion : How did I only just now find out about this band. 🤘 Sick🤘

Efe Edizer : Screw djent dogjent is the way to go!

Aequilix : Why is this good tho. Lmao. A banger.

Brenda Jimenez : Idk how many times I’ve watched this video and it only keeps getting so much more funnier!!

Dafi Guitar : But can they perform it live?

DJNICODEMUS : Frankus don't even need a headphone! What an animal!

ghostofgar : Chihuahua's, per gram are the most brutal metal creatures in the known universe, second only to bull ants (much harder to record though).... It's a fact people!

Uncle Stone : *_DURG MUTULLL_*

gamba dade : Sickest breakdown in 2017

eletrick33 : these lyrics are so deep man i think this changed my life

SwiftyHDz : Cant wait to get on tour

Francisco José Suárez Medina : 284 cats didnt like this 😅

Brian Hamm : Dogcore owns all

Erick Orantes : Take my upvote dear sir

Sr. Nito : nice doggie song 10/10 would replay

Danger Judy : I love this.

Zak : the perfect video doesn't exi-

brostenen : It's good... Good... I can feel his anger. 😎👌Naaa. Seriously. This is so well done. Bark metal rules.

NPS94 : Those dogs are really cute I got a new job recently and I get to go to customer's homes today I played with a dog that looked like one of these pups

Mila Cogliolo : Didnt find it on spotify 😢😢😢

drgimenez87 : this is very brutal, amazing