So This is Basically Ace Attorney
Ace Attorney

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VOTE FOR THE NEXT SO THIS IS BASICALLY VIDEO HERE: --- Hot take: Nick and Maya have no chemistry at all and their dynamic is really boring! People just like Maya because they have nostalgia for the original trilogy. Seeing her in Spirit of Justice next to Apollo, Athena, and Rayfa makes her look like a plank of wood. --- ILLUSTRATIONS: Spectralfusion aka "Siv" WRITER/NARRATOR/EDITOR: Brendan Blaber MUSIC: pLasterbrain VOICES Phoenix Wright, Detective Gumshoe, Judge - ProZD Prosecutor Ducky - Elsie Lovelock Flash Bang - PhantomSavage (Kyle Land)


Axel : 9/10 Forgot to mention the dramatic killer breakdowns in every case

William Brown : Not to mention the fact that basically anything can be accepted onto the witness stand. Walking appliances..ghosts...birds...whales with mustaches.

YoItzMelody195 : You forgot how Edgeworth has a very hard time getting people to say their names to the point he’s visibly loosing his mind.

Parinsz : Wright: *Explains something really really possible* Judge: Ok, good point. Prosecutor: *Esplains something that 100% can't happen* Judge: WOAH! I AGREE.

dagnytheartist : 0:12 In the game's defense, the case would be a lot easier to solve if everybody had modern day phones that could take high-quality video, go on the internet, etc. Plus, 2000s aesthetic.

Your Neighborhood Memer, Maya : Video: “Get a hobby, Maya.” Me, named Maya: DrAwInG iS a HoBbY

TheRandomDude : Maya: Hamburger Helper Pearl: Literal Toddler Kay: Technically not a Thief Rayfa: Dancing Queen Franziska: ~ She’s So Pretty ~ Trucy: Gramaryevil Ema: Ema

{UNIVERSETALE} Will DMT : He protecc He attacc But most importantly He's Nick Nack Patty wacc

Blazing Guns : Excuse me, did you just call the investigation series lame? Lying coldy, clearly.

Fnaf Queen : "Just kidding they're all abusive" **Objection!!* **Well technically not all of them are for you see Edgeworth tries going easy on Wright because of their history everyone else is a jerk to Wright because according to the judge they just can and let's be honest here Franziska is allowed to wield a litteral weapon in court*

Matt Barnes : Pheonix: MY CLIENT WAS DRUGGED AND SLEEPING THAT HAS BEEN PROVED HE COULD NOT OF COMMITED THIS MURDER Edgeworth: OBJECTION then who did it Pheonix: I don't know but it couldn't have been powers Judge: if you cannot find the true murderer I find Mr. Powers GUILTY

Connor Rice : I hate how true this is... *I still love these games though lol*

-Vhs Aesthetic- : *Hovering over Franziska's profile* Name: "She's so pretty." Me: Agreed

Violet Wynters : Nick and Maya aren’t obligated to have chemistry...they’re friends, not lovers. Plus she’s 7 years younger than him, basically his little sister

ø Yuzuki ø : *I love how Edgeworth is considered as 'charming'.*

chrisoup 56 : After all, I’m American, not *AMERICAN*

Musa Style : Lol, Godot was so spot on. “(...) 45 penalties! Just cuz!” *sip sip sip* He also says Trite. Great work!

Blue 'UltraMarine' : Phoenix lost his badge today, press F for respect

Annie Kaysa : "gumshoe, are you...eating evidence?" _"i'm so hungry, pal..."_ well, edgeworth DOES dock his pay...

Mew : Why does everyone get mad at Maya. Phoenix has also been on trial for murder three times.

Hacked YT : The most annoying phrase I ever heard at this game: "Well you actually can't prove this because your evidence is *CIRCUMSTANTIAL* "

AquamarineDust : 0:50 hey Maya doesn't always get framed for murder! There was the time she was framed as a witch, which the judge and inquisitor cared WAY more about

No You : Wright: Take this! I have the murder weapon here without a removal of finger prints allowing for a full DNA test for finger prints! Prosecuter: WELL WHAT IF -

Morgan Earp : You forgot about the Deus Ex Machina in the form of Mia Fey whenever you've tried every piece of evidence and pressed every statement and you still can't get a not guilty verdict.

Ruery Arts : I really like Athena. She has a fun design and brings something new to the gameplay.

mads_in_zero : I hasten to add the "baby firing a gun" scenario is only barely an exaggeration. A 14 year-old suspect is *still* suspected of a shooting even though it's acknowledged a gun of that size would have *shattered his shoulder* The fake witness they drew for that joke isn't far off either.

Skewed Priorities : Literally I grew to love Apollo, but the man is the deus ex machina of backstories

Jaden Velez : "You have only 3 days to prove the client's innocence," Me: Okay "-Before they gent sent to Gulag" Me: Wut

Park_ Jimbles : Not to mention the Judge is literally the most dense and gullible character in the entire game, the one who is SUPPOSED to be smart because he is a JUDGE

MG : I love this! but I'm surprised at the lack of Mia Fey for how clutch and important she is in most of the cases

Ezra : Phoenix: Well, the autopsy report proves that my client did not kill the victim. Edgeworth: hold my beer

Alana Anderson : All the people who voiced in this should be voice actors for anime or something. Cause it’s actually epic 😂

JJ Animations : Me: this episode was pretty funny now let’s go see the comments discussing this video! Comments: still salty about a video he made 3 months ago Jesus people get over it

Masterxl MVs : 1:05 If I had a nickel for every murder case I solved by shoving my face between the victim's buttcheeks. The truth always hides in the darkest corners.

Paolo Lumontod : okay but seriously, can just everyone call him *_Knick Knack Patty Wack_* from now on

Madisyn Golab : I like how you made Edgeworth the only one of the three prosecutors to have a redeeming quality, and it was Charming. Nice touch 😘

FunArtWielder 123 : Omg the comments here have gone so far done the YouTube rabbit hole that they ended up coming out of the toilet 😧

Crystalwolf 953 : Lol This is so accurate to the absurdity of this game

Zarion Geims : It's funny that Pearl is labelled a Literal Toddler but is actually older than Trucy lol

BeautyIncarnate [Lukas] : Well damn. People are really upset about this revenue thing,huh? Is separating the artist and their art really so difficult? If I put them both in the same bag I wouldn't enjoy Pirates of the Caribbeans anymore.

Simon Eriksson : This was so insanely accurate 😂😂

Team Cyborg : I'm disappointed that you didn't make a miles edgelord joke.

ZukitzuMe : Phoenix- I think tha- Edgeworth- OBJECTION Judge- hmm indeed.

Pika Zilla : Athena is best girl Trucy is close second, but dangerously too loli.

Lady Caiti : Ik this was my boy ProZD before I even heard his lovely voice

ninjack11 : JUST CAUSE *SIP* *SIP* *SIP* perfectly sums up the 3rd game

Brian Vaira : I would love to see a “So This is Basically Persona”

El Jesu : …Can we get So This is Basically Devil May Cry? 😮

Username Taken : "sip sip sip" -Gaydot, 2018