So This is Basically Ace Attorney

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JelloApocalypse : Got a series you want to see us cover? Head on over to our Patreon and leave a comment, or cast your vote for the next video RIGHT NOW! Poll closes this Sunday!

Agent MOIST : Can't believe there are leftists defending his political views attacking the other side and just accept that they are just a paycheck to him.

Crystalwolf 953 : Lol This is so accurate to the absurdity of this game

AustinJayCook : Lordy I wanna work with you dude!

Axel : "So this is basically JelloApocalypse"

Kyle Campbell : Reads description: I got into the series two years ago so I have no Nostalgia yet I’m a fan of Maya. Kinda rude for you to assume there isn’t real reasons to like her

SlaughterhouseDb : Wow, the butthurt is strong in this audience.

jethical b15 : So this is basically an attempt to sweep controversy under the rug

GamerOfFate : Muppet Maya in the first 30 seconds of the video is freaking adorable ^_^

Mik Perez : you should do a "so this is basically banana fish" 👀👀👀

Seanna Monroe : Please do So This is Basically Avatar the Last Airbender

Crash BandiWoah : And here we have an NPC happily trying to move on to "comedy" when the video before that was talking about politics

Ida : I love your videos don’t get me wrong, but I hear Saero every time you speak and it’s really distracting😅😂

Julian Spatter : nick-knack-patty-wack

Jada Ta : OBJECTION!!!!!!!!!

DarkKabut0 : Can y'all do "so this is basically My little pony" please....PLEASE!!!

Richard Eisele : So this is basically a channel run by a condescending propagandist.

puntenstein TM : (jellocam) money money money money money money money money money money money money money motherf er

Lil mag : Man, where do I even begin with how fantastic this video is! First the art quality is always on point, I love looking at the details of each drawing, like how the murderer keep talking about the bullet the accused use when he's wearing the bullet that most likely killed the victim on a necklace, and the knight looks like at first evil Kermit from that last video. You can tell alot of work and love went into each frame, Siv ended her run as an artist for the series off a damn good high note and wish her the best with her endeavors. The character design and animation for the murderer and the prosecutor I can definitely see as actual characters in the ace attorney game. The voice acting for the mock trial was hilarious. The line delivery of "Ooooh Yeah, can you prove he didn't drop a bullet from a blimp and TELEPORT!!!" and "Lets review this video footage for 7 hours instead!" were fucking gold and I will quoting them for years to come. Also that this high quality content comes on a monthly basis and not like half a year or so like some people would expect it to be. consistent quality is a highlight for a good channel in my eyes. l just... great work as always Jello! Can't wait to see what you'll bring out next!

Ayurai : the sequence of edgeworth spin off has a fan translation which is pretty good actually.

Paper Luigi : Can you do Persona?

redcoat : 'how to distract people from your political propaganda that got lots of backlash'

Cloaker : So This Is Basically How To End Your Channel

President Duck : I mean, its still makes three times as much sense as America's actual court system.

MysteryMan420 : Glad you recouped those 12 dollars.

Smart Aiman : phoenix wright is still popular

Aleks Szwarczewski : I'm sorry Jello, but I can't. You lost my respect what you did was rather a horrible move. I hope you face the consequences of what you did more because you kinda really did deserve it.

Alex the shiny eevee : We should petition to get all japan only ace attorney games localized

Umair Shamsuddin : If the court of law worked like this then I don't want to be a lawyer anymore.

Fudou Akio : So this is basically Kid Icarus

Роман Иксанов : aye bruh check out my soundcloud

blackpredator12 : Your either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain

Thomas Neyu : Hahahah im pretty sure hes deleting comments via keywords

xirtax. : Please make "So This Is Basically: FMA"

Mitters : I sub here I just stop by for these everyone once in a while . Can someone tell me why everyone is so salty towards the creator right now? What did they do?

Badmunky64 : And now that he's made a stupid political video I can't enjoy myself when I watch these anymore.

Machupichu18 : "So this is basically JelloApocalypse trying to pretend like that political shitstorm he caused never happened."

18th : death note

Ag Jr : 2:38 Athena summed up greatly.

Lord Solaire : Knowing Prodz did the voice of Layton, it now makes me laugh 2 times more

Cross : Ace Attorney is a video game where you defend a bad orang man!

Icey : Jello trying hard to bury his mistakes.

Alonso Pérez Olmos : Can you do This is Basically Smash Bros.?

stormiu : Suprised he’s managed to get his likes back, looks like he brainwashed me again. Remember, you’re only like a few cents of rev to him

Green Saiyan : So this is basically mortal kombat

Daniel Hermansen : Do "So This Is Basically So This Is Basically"

Mr. Bump 2.0 : Remember guys, you are only dollar signs to this person.

eatyourcereal : haha good video, but my opinion probably doesn’t matter to you because I’m just a fraction of a penny to you.

Point2255 : So this is basically Danganronpa or Persona

Zoe Kotsko : get a hobby MAYA