So This is Basically Ace Attorney

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JelloApocalypse : Got a series you want to see us cover? Head on over to our Patreon and leave a comment, or cast your vote for the next video RIGHT NOW! Poll closes this Sunday!

Star Glitter Glow : As a fan of the series, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, yeah. That's about right.

The Crunkmeister : 0:13 So This Is Basically Jello's views on politics

GameBoytheAdvanced : Remember kids, you're just a paycheck

Kylek1133 : Just going on like nothing happened huh?

vanyrilius : Man that brown character got murdered, and that red character looks pretty suspicious. Better get our blue lawyer suits on people!

MasterM : JelloApocalypse is basically a channel where everyone gets really angry at a funny voices man because he said a politics.

LarxSpur : So This Is Basically Sweeping the Last Video Under the Rug

Mr. Bump 2.0 : Remember guys, you are only dollar signs to this person. Edit: Thanks for a month of good laughs, you pathetic fools. Rock bottom has a basement and it's full of Jelloapocalypse fans. Have some dignity and self respect for once.

SlaughterhouseDb : Wow, the butthurt is strong in this audience.

Mad Lad Of Shimano : I'm just here for the comments about the political video.

Boggsy : Couldn't handel the polls so he went to the courts.

James Jarman : Great video, you forgot to add that everyone who gets possessed by ghosts becomes a Double D cup for no reason.....even prepubescent girls.

Meta Ford : When you make a politic video then get back lash so you upload a basicly video to pretend nothing happen *HERE A LESSON IN TRICKERY*

James Org : Imagine being so mad about a mildly political YouTube video that you're still screaming about it weeks later. Y'all are cringy. Just enjoy the video.

Daniel Sambar : _Ok, so this is basically epic._

Crazelord91 : Ommmmggg. I love your videos, your so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Can you pleasssssseeee do a one on my favorite new show. It be so cool!!! You could title it: *So This Is Basically How I'm a Manipulative and Deceptive Bastard Who Ignores Criticism and Views My Audience Purely as Hypothetical Dollar Signs* You'd do such a good job at it

Rodrigo Gameiro : So this is basically *Danganronpa* , _please_ !!!

Random Nobody : I'm just here for the video. All these political comments are.. quite unnecessary, imo. I didn't see the last video, but I will always love the So This is Basically series and I'm glad we got one for Ace Attorney. I'm honestly kind of disappointed all of the top comments don't even talk about this video and are instead dragging things over from the last one. I feel like that's disrespecting Ace Attorney more than it's disrespecting Jello.

Lonoe : Oh, where’s your ad revenue? Demonetized? Guess you don’t have fans anymore because you got no money from this.

Jake the Dragony Master : So this is Kirby Right Back At Ya pls

matthew : 'how to distract people from your political propaganda that got lots of backlash'

Th3 Dr1ft3r : Your either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain

ɢʀɪᴍꜱʏ ʙᴏɪ : Take a shot for every politcal comment you see. Also don't sue me for alcohol poisoning.

BeautyIncarnate [Lukas] : Well damn. People are really upset about this revenue thing,huh? Is separating the artist and their art really so difficult? If I put them both in the same bag I wouldn't enjoy Pirates of the Caribbeans anymore.

Kirei Kotomine : This is so accurate to the game it hurts

New Life : Hey member when you called us revenue and threw us to the wind when it came to regarding or considering what we thought of your content?

Mystical Sea Potato : Well, here’s my two cents on the matter. I am not angry at what he did, just disappointed at his response. It IS his channel, he can do what he wants with it, but he looked at his audience as $$$, not people, that is something I can’t forgive without a proper apology.

Icey : Jello trying hard to bury his mistakes.

The Human Rat : So this is basically Jello splitting his fanbase entirely and destroying his channel? All while uploading videos like nothing ever happened.

Whimiskii : SIP SIP SIP

mr1spamification : Do a "So This Is Basically Hypocritical Youtube Channels". You've got so much material to start with, you could whip that puppy up in a weekend!

Evil Erub : Was the budget to make this video 3 bucks?

Trì : gotta love how people get mad that the guy views his audience as paychecks Guys G u y s Have you all forgotten that's how almost *every* company has been like this for ages? I don't know the full situation, but if y'all are mad at him for what he did Just Just shoo Nobody is forcing you to be here

Otaku Taco : So this is basically assassination classroom Do it Do it please

artistafrustrado : so this is basically a better adaptation of Ace Attorney than the Anime

Machupichu18 : "So this is basically JelloApocalypse trying to pretend like that political shitstorm he caused never happened."

chill bruh : I'm sorry Jello, but I can't. You lost my respect what you did was rather a horrible move. I hope you face the consequences of what you did more because you kinda really did deserve it.

william Watson : That last vid was pretty uncool

Guanglai Kangyi, Age 15 : @JelloApocalypse I won't say this again, because I don't need to say it again, but despite the fact I disagree with your other video, I'm still a fan and will continue to watch. I don't even know if you'll read this, but if you do, I'm just letting you know I'm not letting political shit keeping me from enjoying your content. Even if what you said makes me out to be some kind of evil mustache-twirling villain. People are more complicated than that and I hope you agree that people can't just be labeled as completely evil over something as arbitrary as party politics. But hey! Now that I got that off my chest, let's take about the actual video I'm commenting on, because, oh boy, I've been waiting for this one. For like, three years. It was worth the wait. As always, you hit the nail on the head. The way you have to navigate through these games are just as tedious and literal as real-life legal cases. Also, would you consider putting LOTR/Middle-Earth in future pollings?

Whimiskii : So this is basically RWBY. Sorry don't have enough money for Patreon

please kill me : Every Tim Burton movie reviewed in 10 words or less

mychemicalkickass : Lol at all the people getting butthurt at that comment he made about viewers being revenue. Viewers view videos + viewers get adverts on videos = ad revenue. I don't see how that is hard. The youtuber doesn't know you personally. It's a job.


FunArtWielder 123 : Omg the comments here have gone so far done the YouTube rabbit hole that they ended up coming out of the toilet 😧

Turkey Tom : O B J E C T I O N only republican clients get sent to gulags, as stated by my favorite YouTuber Jello Apocalypse thanks for coming to my ted talk :)

Kiera Seestadt : why is everyone so pissed about the fan revenue comment? Our boi JelloApocalypse needs that money to make these videos. animation takes time, and that's why so many animation channels are pushed aside, including this one. Fans do in fact equal revenue for this man, and losing 3,000 subs is still losing revenue! the best way to announce this is to say "I just lost part of my fanbase" and one of the main themes of the channel is making JOKES , so joking about this situation is what you should expect. It would be really weird if, out of nowhere, this gelatinous boy had an incredibly serious comment about losing some subs, which is not that big of a setback on a channel with over 1 million people and the revenue drop isn't that large. so stop whining. rant over.

Daniel Bowyer : Don't act like we going to forget about your politic video. A lot of people already made a video about your video and who you really are. No point try to run away from your problems.

redviper163 : But guys, make sure the real criminals go to jail, republicans

Dan Deh : You cannot run. You cannot hide. For the internet never forgets. But, look at those views and Like/Dislike ratio. Spooky, seems like it almost never happened.