Lil Pants - The ACT Diss Track ft. Young Zion 6600 & E-Fay (prod. by windxws)

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Bodhi N : Came from reddit....again this is fire and my eyes and ears have been blessed.

Bodhi N : This guy going to be the next blowup.

daniel : second person to be blessed from reddit

Dylan Szabó : shot by me!

Ange Long : why does this actually slap tho

Morganthium : 0:52 "These Asians getting 36, man, what if I'm black?" I died

Wonmin (Darwin) Kim : u should... try the sat

BB Beats : This boutta go viral fr

Bobby Maye : Pls take the sat and make another diss

ItzHawk : This video is easily the fastest I've inappropriately touched the subscribe button

TheHuntyGuy : Hey Terry ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Joshua colon : *YOU'VE WON THIS HOLE*

Mark Dovgalyuk : who else from reddit?

Matam Eman : This is straight fire 💯

Bryce Parker : brodie about to blow up 💯

Sid Suman : This hard asf

HOP ME34ME : Fk act take a 20 and make a sound clout account

BB Beats : Came from Mais stream, y'all some legends

Saad Salman : Better than Kamikaze

Nathan Nguyen : literally the best thing I’ve listened to in my life lmfao

Dry Fruit : Category: *E D U C A T I O N*

Adithya Gopinath : *🔥M O T A V A T I O N A L🔥*

Amin Boukzam : 2:47 terry lookin fiiiiine