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Lolencio Faze : Sorry that username is already in use

Psychotic Sy : When you create your character, but your cat walks over your keyboard when naming your character.

Doge This! : roblox usernames

BGGAMING Deluxe : Excuse me. Did you just smash your keyboard?

Santa Hoovy : Doctor: so how do you want to name your child? Mom: *Slams head repeatedly against a keyboard*

Ethan : When a username you wanted is taken

sliced banana : The guy on the left is another Albin

David M : Me asking for the WiFi password

Santa Hoovy : When you have to wait 90 days to change your name in YouTube

Land The Blue Pear : I feel bad that the audience didn't laugh. I thought there were some pretty good jokes in there.

Elzeta : When Twitter suggest you an username

Sidney Isais : Press *F* To pay respects.

Samuel Heft : *Sorry, make sure your password is under 50 characters, and has four capital letters, three forms of punctuation, and seven numbers*

PaniYukio : His parents smashed each other and then he was born. (His parents were Keyboards)

Emil Steilsson : *Sweden has left the chat*

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : Come on dude, I was about to name my Son that

Official Oh Jin Woo : I need a Name but all the names I want are against the law *_-Smashes head against keyboard-_* There we go!

do you know nae pittam nunmul ? wonhae mahni mahni? : My last brain cell at 3AM

Ice Cream : **Only 3 Name Changes-allowed Every 90 Days**

1000 Subs No Videos : Sorry I didn’t catch that, can you please say it again?

Ahmet Mert Doğan : Why did youtube recommended me this?

Empty : How'd you get my WiFi password?

Dary : Press 0:27 to pay respects

Li Aurrecoechea : It looks like they spelled his name wrong on the Starbucks coffee cup

Vishal Farma : I heard Laurel

Elian Garcia : Original comments *Taken* Overused jokes *Available*

Ali Furkan Yıldız [Games Channel] : In Mother Sweden, you don't name people. Names people you!

PokeFan 2009 : Sorry, that username was already taken

Ginge chicken : When English teachers are told to be creative...

Depression Session : Without any context I wonder how many people that title confused.

Wilson Noah : Who else was reading the title to make sure he spelled it right ?

BounciestSpark : When stevie wonder creates a new username

XxSilver_ AcidxX : He’s actually kinda cute to me but damn that’s rough he’s got a Xbox gamertag for a name

ガンデス : helen keller typed the title😍

Mᴀᴅᴀᴍ Mᴀɪɴᴇᴄᴏᴏɴ : Rolls right off the tongue.

Tomato Potato : What anime sounds like to our parents 😂

a peculiar wizard : I think his mom was a keyboard.

abbie n. : I like how he has to read his name to spell it

666 subs in 6 hours? : Sorry that username is taken try this one instead: jeooajzhlspouwilwj7292j

Night Terror : Wife: that's a perfect name for our baby Husband: But I was just cleaning the keyboard

brenda agenda : Teacher : introduce yourself please... Me :

August Hallows : I thought this video would be about some Russian band

Goldari : Did anybody else watch the title to see if he was spelling it right

FlixZ : Could you imagine signing a contract buying a car lmao

Baby Shenron : Who else is reading the title while he is saying the letters

Santa Hoovy : If i ever have children at least i know that i will not name none of them as Alvin

Jan Koopman : "Now I'm named something else, that I couldn't find online." On the Wiki page about this name, it says that he's now just called Albin, spelled A-L-B-I-N.

JellyxFish : You password needs to be between 8-20 characters

Unknwn_Rangr : *thats a nice wifi password*

Elliot Ps : 1:35 i’m swedish myself, i feel offended