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MiitsPlayz - Random Games : *Starbucks Employees' worst nightmare is to have this guy come in...*

Justin Y. : Usernames in 10 years be like:

Sieger : When you let Karen name the kid.

Justin Y. : "Man thinking of names is hard, what should we do?" *Mashes hand on keyboard*

GAMMA 1184 : Sorry, can you repeat your name again?

Team BattleCraft : r/ihadastroke

Lucky Man : Imagine brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 meeting uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem osas in llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

Whiterun Guard : I asked for his autograph... I missed my flight

DeadMistake : Deathnote: I can kill you using your name ???: *_Well goodluck_*

Lolencio Faze : Sorry that username is already in use

Quarth : I watched the video, are you happy YouTube

R1ndar : How did he guess my wifi password?

Vortex Foxxツ : *Top 10 people Eminem was afraid to diss*

Alexis Metcalfe : Another episode of Wtf is in my recommendation

Ethan : When a username you wanted is taken

Antatchi : good luck putting this name on the naughty list santa

The Creeper King : “That username is taken.” “That username is taken.” “That username is taken.” *smashes keyboard* “That username is taken” Give me likes Edit: y’all know what I meant it’s joke

Diana A : *When you want to give your child a unique name*

JJ Sketch Time : *Username must contain letters and numbers*

Elzeta : When Twitter suggest you an username

Yespacito : Instructions unclear - gave away my hotspot password in an airport instead

Cris s : So it looks like I am on that part of YouTube again... Home, sweet home.

Easy TV : Wife: What are we gonna name our child? Me: Hold my beer

Madelief : I saw the title and I thought it was going to be a jojo siwa video

Aryan Dewan : Wife: Lets name our baby Husband: *Headbutts the keyboard* Wife: Perfect

LuigiTheSnicker : *Lets cat run on keyboard* Ok then, that's my name

A Drum Tsukumogami : r/ihadastroke

nameless Manuel : *Stop leaking my wifi password!*

kakashi hatake : *The 6 is silent*

Isaac spohn : Don't really know why people find this name odd. It's fairly common in gggrrtcgppokshnndt. (My hometown.)

singular frick : The drumming is extremely annoying

The Wolf Show With Bff's : *The Next Meme Of 2019*

KaiTheIaniteFollower : I’m so glad this reappeared in my recommended. Almost forgot about this gem

Vishal Farma : I heard Laurel

vinegar : Hi my name is *barista.exe stopped responding*

Pim Williams : Do you ever look at these comments and think "man i wish i wrote that..."?

Canal Play Channel : Sorry, you can only use 10 characters

Dolce Stever : When you have the eyes of the shinigami and see this guy "Bro wtf"

Psychotic Sy : When you create your character, but your cat walks over your keyboard when naming your character.

JstSumMobileScum Qian : Hey thats my wifi password

Mc. Royal : Why is this in my recommend

ViiZion Vortex : this is really hard to search

Ces Chavez : holy shit that was not funny

Lazy Squid : Rolls right off the tongue.

Lavar Ball : Thanks YouTube recommendations

TJ Quintino : 0:50 please don't lol

NANI THE HECK : *when you use a username on a site you think you’ll never use again but they’re all taken*

im not important : I feel so bad for the substitute teacher

Depression Session : Without any context I wonder how many people that title confused.

GAY : wow nobody in the crowd is alive making no noise