Elon Musk Cameo Scene - Iron Man 2 (2010) HD (+Subtitles)

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PropagandaMinister : Marvel universe Tony stark meets real life Tony stark. Hmm

Brian the Lightning Bolt : One spoiler I can give is that Elon saves Tony from space in Avengers 4.

yung tuna : so.. elon musk is canon in MCU?

Alec Puno : elon musk will save stark in space using that electric jet that elon mentioned

Alexander G.M. : I cannot believe I didn’t know Elon Musk appeared in the MCU till this Tony Stark stuck in space situation... wow i love it c;

Jackson Ashmore : I wonder if Elon survived the snap

SandOphAll : Pepper: “Well she did quite a spread on tony last year” Tony: “And she did a story on me as well”😂💀

Anne Palisoc : Elon Musk will save Stark at Avengers End Game. Mark my words

Colin Willems : The truly amazing thing about this is that i love the iron man films and at the time I had NO idea who EM was. Now EM is practically my hero this becomes SO funny and the references to musks business are brilliant!

Lightly : Just wondering: Does ANYBODY cared about this cameo until SpaceX popularity? Not me, tbh.

TH3 N0TH1NG : Where are my subtitles? boi

Jan Kapusta : The tesla car will make an cameo in avengers endgame

Diogo David : why iis this video so underrated?

Justaburgscuzzin : Space x will save Tony in Avengers Endgame bet $5000

22Tech : who here from the sub

Slush_ii : This is the most meta thing I’ve ever seen.

Daniel moore : Hammer: you're not the only rich guy with a fancy car He just shook hands with Elon Musk ... I think he knows that

Van Dai Tran : Let's be real here, we all know who gonna save tony from space.

Alex Moreno : 0:41

B R I C K. : Elon Musk is just a realistic Tony Stark

Elon Musk : i still remember that day!!

cs Sam : But Did Elon Musk Die To Thanos' Snap???

FBI real : Lmao it's like Tony says well make it work sorta know that tech in the mcu is far beyond what musk is doing in reality so in the mcu musk has an easier time with his ideas cuase there is someone who can actually bring them to flurishion.

Zuri Hutchins : Elon Musk disappeared in the decimation Feige just confirmed

jamey smith : Lmao electricity is primitive to stark.

FBI SWAT : At least we know who will save tony stark

Kolton Burke : There's a lot more nuance in the dialogue than I originally gave this movie credit for. "Yes, roughly." "Roughly- eheh." *points knowingly* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 1:11

Lunarbaboon : for the last time..it's Tony STANK. Stan Lee said it and that's it!

Yuarian Smith : This has made the movie a thousand times better for me.

魁拔 : obviously elon musk taller than robert XD

Astral Fire : It's not his only idea, am I right? **Silent crowd reaction**

Mike Cirio : IFunny sent me.

lThellRockl : See if Elon appears in the next Avengers... Honestly, ppl will lose their minds.

Oscar Anibal Alexander : I found out seconds ago that elon was in this movie, I'm happy now

Preston K. Productions : I miss the over lapping dialogue.

Preston K. Productions : "Blood Toxicity: 54%" Tony: *licks blood*

Nalo : Anyone else notice just how unrealistic it is that Tony would inject himself into a Monaco race, and then all the issues with the safety crew and whatnot? As giant F1 fans, my family couldn't help but roll our eyes hard. But hey - gotta suspend a lot of disbelief in some movies.

Charbel Alam : ALOON MOOSK

Mani Kandan : Nice xameo

Matt Barnacles : It’s interesting to see how much tony has changed from the first movies to now

Ultra_axe781 : Elon musk played elon musk in iron man 2... my mind i blown.

deqnq : Tbh Elon is IRL Toby Stark though Robert Downey Jr IS Tony stark

wHAtS uP fUcKeRs • : I’d love elon to save tony in avengers endgame with spacex falcon heavy 😝 lmao

X Force : i bet Elon will become the next iron man in New Avengers

macky10229 : Now he's "Elon Must Go to Space to save Tony and friends"

Ronald Verdegaal : He speaks English?

Jean Bourgeat : I never knew Elon was in Iron Man 2 😳

Zubair Ruley : Yoo I don't remember this

Mr. Allen : *Elon Musk cameo*

thomas voete : Scarlet johansen before she was famous