Elon Musk Cameo Scene - Iron Man 2 (2010) HD (+Subtitles)

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PropagandaMinister : Marvel universe Tony stark meets real life Tony stark. Hmm

Brian the Lightning Bolt : One spoiler I can give is that Elon saves Tony from space in Avengers 4.

Alec Puno : elon musk will save stark in space using that electric jet that elon mentioned

Alexander G.M. : I cannot believe I didn’t know Elon Musk appeared in the MCU till this Tony Stark stuck in space situation... wow i love it c;

yung tuna : so.. elon musk is canon in MCU?

Diogo David : why iis this video so underrated?

Colin Willems : The truly amazing thing about this is that i love the iron man films and at the time I had NO idea who EM was. Now EM is practically my hero this becomes SO funny and the references to musks business are brilliant!

TH3 N0TH1NG : Where are my subtitles? boi

Alex Moreno : 0:41

Lightly : Just wondering: Does ANYBODY cared about this cameo until SpaceX popularity? Not me, tbh.

Anne Palisoc : Elon Musk will save Stark at Avengers End Game. Mark my words

Justaburgscuzzin : Space x will save Tony in Avengers Endgame bet $5000

Elon Musk : i still remember that day!!

Van Dai Tran : Let's be real here, we all know who gonna save tony from space.

Mani Kandan : Nice xameo

ThePrk007 : for the last time..it's Tony STANK. Stan Lee said it and that's it!

魁拔 : obviously elon musk taller than robert XD