It Wasn't That Bad - Hocus Pocus

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stephanplaysdrums : Brandon, I love your channel's new direction so much. I’ve been following you for what feels like a decade at this point and the quality of your videos has only ever increased. This video was freaking hilarious, especially the ABC Family/Focus bit; holy crap, I’m still cracking up. Keep ‘em coming!

MrFlix1983 : Amazed nobody has pointed out the obvious as to why Hocus Pocus has become the cult sensation that it has.... Survey says........... It's essentially Disney's Rocky Horror Picture Show!!!!! People have turned Hocus Pocus into such a cult phenomenon that there are now midnight showings where people (gay and straight) dress up as the characters, sing along with the music, utilize props during key moments of the film, and of course, actually act on stage in time with the film! Like Rocky Horror, the film bombed upon original release but has grown to become a cult favorite in the last 25 years largely in part due to Cosplayers, 'Bette-Heads' (If this isn't the official name for Bette Midler fans, I'm going to make it so!), and the Gay community at large. In the year 2018, The Disney Company has now done something they haven't done with their live action films since about 2004, a PROPER Special Edition release on DVD and bluray. They've jam packed Hocus Pocus with behind the scenes featurettes, newly recorded audio commentary, deleted scenes, and more all because someone within the company finally realized............ IT WASN'T THAT BAD!😁 This comment has been brought to you by Producer, Phil Smith.

Chris Rhodes : Your content recently has been incredible and I can see the work you've put into it. I've been watching you since 2008 and the evolution has been great. I love Hocus Pocus and I loved this video! Last year I showed my wife this movie - first time she had ever seen it - last Halloween and she thought it was pretty bad. But she didn't have TV growing up really, so never saw it all those years it came on ABC family like I had. I'm definitely showing her this video!

Jacob Land : Oh, My Dinner With Andre... damn, I’m spooked solid 😱

Korey Hood : Been a huge fan of your work Brandon. No Small Parts was one of those series where I was excited every time a new episode was released. The new content has been fantastic. You and Kenny deserve so much praise. I'm happy to be a supporter and will continue to be a patron. Love this video btw. It put a spell on me!

Baz The Storyteller : I think Roger Ebert just fell asleep when he saw this film. He also said a bunch of nonsense when he reviewed Mystery Men: "The special effects ruined the movie!" Errrrrmmmm......?

ZyxthePest : I don't know why, Brandon, but as soon as I saw the devil costume, I immediately wanted to watch Trains, Planes, Automobiles. That car scene is classic and I remember your Uncle Buck impression being spot on, too. John Candy was a god. Also, my ex was OBSESSED with this movie and it bugged me when we were together (then again, I would always try to get her to watch actual horror movies around this time of year, so the feeling was mutual). *Sits back* Do your best, good sir.

FluffyPoopPrincess : I love Hocus Pocus so much. Can't believe it tanked. Thanks for reminding me of it, I'll make sure to watch it closer to the big day! <3

Kyle Long : This is the kind of content I want to log into YouTube, see in my feed, and just immediately have my whole day made. Thanks so much man, this is an excellent video!

slimkt : I actually burnt myself out on Hocus Pocus during my teenage years. It was like a ritual; every Halloween I had to watch it. I think enough time has passed now though. Looks like it's time to pop in the ol' DVD again...or just find one of the millions of airings on TV this year.

Matt Smith : Amazing. Please keep up the insanely high quality content - loved this 👌

Simone Salvucci : Man, thiv video is amazing. Great job!

Hating me is conforming : Can you do a video about "the boys next door" with Nathan Lane Tony Goldwyn Michael Jeter Robert Sean Leonard and Courtney B. Vance? I feel like people need to know about that hard to find film.

ChicagoGirl : I think Bette Midler said Hocus Pocus was the most fun she ever had making a movie.

Rosie J : Awesome, this format really works for you. Loved “no small parts” but it never really got the recognition it deserved. Looking forward to more videos like this.

Grrrr....Maritz : Mate, your new videos are amazing! I loved 'No Small Parts' and was bummed when that stopped but if this is what we can expect then I am all aboard. Good luck and thank you!

gyloir : One of my favorite Halloween movies right next to Halloween 3 and Trick R' Treat. If they do a new one it better have the original cast in it, it just won't be the same with Meddler and the others. You did a great job on this Brandon, watched the whole thing through in one sitting.

zero 0000 : The Back Focus tell my Mom, she'd be thrilled to hear that after spending money on retainers and braces when i was young - the braces & retainer paid off,they look perfect.

Soliban Bernal : I'm watching the video for the 3rd time I just love it, this is my fav movie It so well done, many info I didn't knew, Thank you! Greetings from Mexico

Penguin619 : Brandon Hardesty, you're one great dude. I was wary of how you would follow up the greatness and beauty of No Small Parts; but here we are. Great series as always. Cannot wait to see more episodes and what you cover! :)

Veronica Victor : One of my earlier Halloween memories is sitting in my kitchen, post trick-or-treat, eating candy and watching Hocus Pocus (the scene that sticks out to me is when Winifred is using that green lightning on Max.) A few summers ago, I nannied for some girls who'd never seen it. I brought my DVD for us to watch some time, but they didn't seem interested. When I went on vacation, I left it with them in case they changed their mind. When I came back, turns out they'd given it a chance and liked it so much, they watched it like three or four times! They were quoting it to me! I was so proud. :)

culwin : That's my house!!! Thanks for the Blu-Ray

Andinov02 : It's just great to see someone good at his job, do what he does. Keep it coming Brandon, much appreciated

Matt Harris : The professionalism and quality is incredible. So cool being on this ride.

morikahjo : I love hearing about how they crafted their characters. :) This was a great look into the movie!

ThisIsNotReel : When I first saw Hocus Pocus, I immediately recognized it was bad, yet I couldn't stop watching it. It has something about it that draws you in, and maybe you're right... that it's not that bad, after all.

TRUTHSPEAKER : I really love you work, Brandon. I was a huge fan of "No Small Parts," and have been loving your new material as well. The amount of work that you're putting into the content is amazing, and when I get the notification that you have a new video, I stop what I'm doing to watch. Excellent all the way!!!

Patrick Hogan : This title implies anyone thinks this film is bad, you fooooooooooool. *love you*

Jared Meit : I always loved this movie. It came out when I at just the right age. Never knew it was panned. Idiots.

Greg G : Great vid and concept. Hocus Pocus was indeed a fun weird song. Great work highlighting it. The movie....ummm...yeah...never saw it....whatever. But bring on dutch rock yodeling.

Blocparty01 : Never seen the film so didn't realise that the Hocus Pocus song from Baby Driver was originally for this.

UatuOmega : "Repeated TV Viewings-adabra" ;)

DocWato : Loved the Maleficent scepter xD

Miranda Roberts : Do an episode about Kentucky Fried Movie. It was a movie I actually enjoyed.

mikesitzler1106 : For this series, you should do Hook next!

Greg Sowell : Killing it guys. I love the polish on the editing, and the slipped in jokes are awesome!

Mogens Schmidt : i Said before but you Always be no small parts to me brandon😊

Michael : Tubular, but how many times I gotta tell you, my name ain't Ernie no more, it's Icccceeeee.

Caleb Knott : Man, that bus driver in hocus pocus is great. So entertaining and underrated.

rawpastedate : brandon, there is something you forgot to tell us...

submissivelover : Why is this movie here? it has a huge Cult following and airs on Disney every Halloween. My little sister watches this movie every fall. It's already gone beyond it's bombing and is recognized as a great holiday film for kids.

Otaking Mikohani : As a kid, I hated this movie because it just seemed more like the local PTA putting on a haunted house than anything that could be taken seriously. As an adult, I hate this movie because of its constant virgin-shaming.

Hugh Egg : great job dude.

crispysteve42 : Why is this channel losing subs? This new stuff is gold Do people fear change that much? How many of these people are hammering at robot hands?

Web-Linez : Who is the asshole that said it was ever bad Note I'll have to watch this later love the videos man. By the way American Pie Book of Love is the best direct to DVD sequel besides band camp.

Tom Griffiths : man this was really good

Todd Beaton : hocus pocus is so amazing

TheSchmuck2 : I don't even like this movie but I'll listen to Brandon talk about it for twenty minutes.

Bitoru : Yo this was an excellent episode.