8 month old baby climbs off the bed

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prettybrowneyesqq : They'd better lock everything up, this little dude is smart 👶 lol. You can see him looking for his next thing to get into as he's crawling away 😂😂😂

Tahanna C. : Oh he got places to go😅😅😅

Lowanda Lee : the baby said I'm outta here

Rod Williams : Look at those cute little legs lol

K. De. : Got that problem solved. Not I've gotta figure out how to get my bottle out of the fridge. 😆😆

nikqualuv09 : Why cant figuring out life be like this? 😐

lexdee523 : My daughter use to do the same thing at 8 mo's. She shocked all of us the first time she did it, she came crawling into the living room like nothing happened. The looks on our faces was priceless lol

Bhavay Makkar : 0:15 baby was like oh i have 2 legs..

Annette Lane : Unbelievable little baby. So well done and he certainly appeared amazed when he was actually standing on the floor. Stunning development in this beautiful baby.

Millie Vanilli : Can't walk but climbs down like he's hiked up Mt Everest.

Myriam David : Smart and skilled little baby 👶 Better watch out He is not afraid of anything Very adventurous

Adhinithiya anandhan Adhinithiya anandhan : Safe landing😘😘

O Bailey : At 8 months babies are capable of this. They will be walking soon, so they are definitely climbing off beds. At least my 3 did 😒

Teresa Vega : The whole time I'm screaming in my mind "unfold your leg, baby! unfold your leg!" So adorable!!

missrice1984 : My kids was doing the same thing around that age. They knew how to grip them covers so they wouldn't fall lol

Ventura Hernandez : Ahi es donde dice uno DIOS existe en cada acto como este como dios le da avilidades a esos seres inocentes indefensos como busca la manera dd bajarse de la cama woow 👶y se ve que no tiene ni un añito

Bee Williams : He's on his way to drive the car to the corner store to get some snacks such a smart fella

My story Channel* : So cute he just climb like I don't need daddy to pick me up

A Citizen : This is amazing! You have an amazing baby. Word of advice: Turn off the "true crime" TV blaring in the background 24/7, so the kids intellectual development isn't stunted.

Michelle Mamou : I figured he was gonna get down and walk. My daughter used to climb out of crib at 9 months and that's the same time she learned to walk it was scary.

Vartika Guleria : This baby is incredible 😘😘

net Dau : Love his Independence he's not waiting on nobody in life he is a go Getter.

Bahar Ibragimovna : Ооо Ббоожеее такой шустрый малыш 😍❤❤❤❤❤✨✨✨✨✨😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

M Atkins : I LOVE IT THIS IS THE BEST VIDEO ON YOUTUBE. His level of intelligence is higher than all yall🤣😂🤣 he seen his way out and took it next walking lol

Vs KatLife : When his feet got stuck at the edge of the bed i though he will fall

Choosey Lover : Lolz!!! I was like catch him....

Beautifulpica115 : baby almost gave me a hurt attack; I was ready to catch him lol. Baby? you don't know how to walk yet but you climbing off beds?

Katrina Ann Angelica Escalante Cummings : Awesome safe travels God bless always ^|;"> Kat

xXSilentAgent47Xx : Today climbs off the bed, tomorrow turns into trained Batman.

Quiyin Alvarado : When my kids started to move around a lot I taught them to how to get off the bed , sofa, chairs ect... the first time I saw my son walk was early morning I thought he was fast asleep on the bed.He quietly peeks around the kitchen coroner says Ama .He was 10 months old. Priceless and unforgettable 😚❤

Mommy Garcia : Omg he's not even scared !! Good baby !!

RandomNest : That baby knew exactly what he was doing. He measured the space between his foot and the floor and held on tightly to that blanket until he felt the floor. Very smart babe. I'm sure he's done this multiple times b4.. Hence the soft padding on the floor next to the bed..

Spartacus : This baby is gonna be a great mountain climber 🧗‍♂️ someday ✊

Nucking Futs : This just shows that he's falling off in the past and has learned from his mistakes lol

I Spy : dummies he had a mat covering the floor to make sure the baby didn't hurt himself! besides, he probably seen the baby do it before, the baby is smart as a whip... that was amazing!

little miss sunshine : this is too cute xxx

D-VINE ME : If we just sit back and allow them to figure things out, we'd be amazed at the things they can do!

Kareem Akbar : Baby’s are smarter than you think

2listening1 : It is hilarious that after doing such acrobatics, he prefers crawling to walking, still. What a champion!

Yahuwah : Babies are getting smarter by the minute...before you know it theyll be walking at 8 months.💕📍🍭

Trussardi : God bless him...is amazing cute baby !!

Jessica Rabbit : He's listening to a show about the mafia so he decides to climb down like a boss.

Farhana Muhammed : 😰8 months?!😃😘

all videos counter : Wtf genius smart and so cute😚😚😚😚😚

uknow who : What else is an 8 month old supposed to do? Lay there like a knot on a log? Parents are so easily impressed.

Me Myself : Hey, that's the new Spider-Man in waiting!!😉 Adorable little One!!

Jeremy's Gaming : does this baby have a screwdriver in his diaper like Tommy off rugrats?

Cynthia Young : Ur bed on the floor no frame wtf a puppy can get down too. Sorry not sorry!!

Tessa Rowell : Ummm is this not normal? All my babies could climb off a bed at 7to 9mths opd. Thought it was normal at that age.. my youngest walked at 9mth

Gro Krash : In some years it will help us to destroy our planet.