8 month old baby climbs off the bed

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xXSilentAgent47Xx : Today climbs off the bed, tomorrow turns into trained Batman.

Vartika Guleria : This baby is incredible 😘😘

Heru- deshet : He's really a 30 year old special ops Navy Seal. They can disguise themselves as anything.

Rod Williams : Look at those cute little legs lol

Tahanna C. : Oh he got places to go😅😅😅

Zac C : He’s 9, so he has probably climbed Mt. Everest by now?

Bhavay Makkar : 0:15 baby was like oh i have 2 legs..

BHRAMARAMBA CHAKRAVARTHULA : I'm watching this after 8 years in 2018

2listening1 : It is hilarious that after doing such acrobatics, he prefers crawling to walking, still. What a champion!

prettybrowneyesqq : They'd better lock everything up, this little dude is smart 👶 lol. You can see him looking for his next thing to get into as he's crawling away 😂😂😂

PenelopeDinkledong S : He's 8 years old now, and drives a forklift for Home Depot

Kim Cox : I was like....oh my god, oh my god, get him, get him, he's going to fall.....lol...

Mark Sanders : And it's off to the kitchen for a quick snack and then walk the dog and then...stay tuned.

Jegcopo Flynn-Simpson : He already knows what to do, how cute

A Citizen : This is amazing! You have an amazing baby. Word of advice: Turn off the "true crime" TV blaring in the background 24/7, so the kids intellectual development isn't stunted.


Ventura Hernandez : Ahi es donde dice uno DIOS existe en cada acto como este como dios le da avilidades a esos seres inocentes indefensos como busca la manera dd bajarse de la cama woow 👶y se ve que no tiene ni un añito

John Wick : This baby going places

Quiyin Alvarado : When my kids started to move around a lot I taught them to how to get off the bed , sofa, chairs ect... the first time I saw my son walk was early morning I thought he was fast asleep on the bed.He quietly peeks around the kitchen coroner says Ama .He was 10 months old. Priceless and unforgettable 😚❤

Me Doomguin!! : They grow up so fast ☺️☺️

all videos counter : Wtf genius smart and so cute😚😚😚😚😚

Akamu Nnamdi Alexander : This is how ' Christopher Columbus' started. 😂

Shatha : I just wanna bite he’s leg

TheAnimeUnicorn Taylor : U should see my baby sis who is only 2 she can trick u into thinking that she is hurt its scary but funny at the same time. Baby's grow up fast spend as much with them before they start walking and talking. Like seriously it felt like she was born yesterday she is independent now and sometimes i look at her and think "dang my baby grew up so fast" and sometimes brings me 2 tears

Katrina Ann Angelica Escalante Cummings : Awesome safe travels God bless always ^|;"> Kat

Winston Dawe : going to be a smart kid

Dinero Chaser : Me if i see tacos, im not fat just saying

amazing inspiring videos gga : dude ure kid is supposed to walk at this age

C OB : 0:15 that moment you realize,your getting old

Trussardi : God bless him...is amazing cute baby !!

Jnr Tui : Where's mommy?I want milk,now.

Vs KatLife : When his feet got stuck at the edge of the bed i though he will fall

Mommy Garcia : Omg he's not even scared !! Good baby !!

ANIME PORTALI : Now probably he is 9 years old.

Lowanda Lee : the baby said I'm outta here

All Shines : _My mom said that I tried the same at 5 months when no one was watching & then I fell from the bed & seeing this my mom fainted, but I was ok, I cried, then stopped & learned how to sit._

Loveystar78 cloud : Such an adorable escape artist.😊

Mercedes Alonso : BEAUTIFUL BABY!!!!💙❤️💖🙏👏👏👋🇺🇸🇨🇺🇪🇸

Silence Newberry : Man, that little guys got some moves.

Anand Bavu : wow super beabi

Emman khalil : I showed this to my mom and she was like.. *HONEY, YOU USED TO THAT TOO* and then she started telling me what I used to do as a baby😂😂

Susan Kc : What a clever bby love 8

Billy Babu : Easy does it.... Baby steps! Blessings from Wolverhampton England to you.

Shisui Uchiha : This baby is gonna be a great mountain climber 🧗‍♂️ someday ✊

Bahar Ibragimovna : Ооо Ббоожеее такой шустрый малыш 😍❤❤❤❤❤✨✨✨✨✨😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

insheera khan : Ooooooo i love babies so much

BADBOYZZZ rulez : The real boss baby 👶

Annette Lane : Unbelievable little baby. So well done and he certainly appeared amazed when he was actually standing on the floor. Stunning development in this beautiful baby.

pinkzia : He became a great foot ball player in 20 years.

Alyveah_ Alayahs Channel : He is soooooo smart! And super cute!!