8 month old baby climbs off the bed

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xXSilentAgent47Xx : Today climbs off the bed, tomorrow turns into trained Batman.

Heru- deshet : He's really a 30 year old special ops Navy Seal. They can disguise themselves as anything.

Zac C : He’s 9, so he has probably climbed Mt. Everest by now?

BHRAMARAMBA CHAKRAVARTHULA : I'm watching this after 8 years in 2018

Kim Cox : I was like....oh my god, oh my god, get him, get him, he's going to fall.....lol...

Tahanna C. : Oh he got places to go😅😅😅

PenelopeDinkledong S : He's 8 years old now, and drives a forklift for Home Depot

Mark Sanders : And it's off to the kitchen for a quick snack and then walk the dog and then...stay tuned.

John Wick : This baby going places

Jegcopo Flynn-Simpson : He already knows what to do, how cute

Vartika Guleria : This baby is incredible 😘😘


Mr. Dude : Hes better than me at getting off the bed.

Kimberly Jenn : They grow up so fast ☺️☺️

Karen Winston : That baby had me holding my breath when he couldn't get his hamhock from under his leg!!! 😂😂 So adorable and smart!! 😍🙌 Watching in 11/18.

Um : I just wanna bite he’s leg

Trussardi : God bless him...is amazing cute baby !!

all videos counter : Wtf genius smart and so cute😚😚😚😚😚

Flawess Grace : My baby brother was beginning to walk at 8 months but my mom said that she feel it was too soon, but that still didn’t stop him lol

John Henderson : Damn, I didn’t know the government was training babies to be secret agents.

prettybrowneyesqq : They'd better lock everything up, this little dude is smart 👶 lol. You can see him looking for his next thing to get into as he's crawling away 😂😂😂

seth hinson : He will be the next Ninja warrior lol

Fire Nation Files : Mission: *FIND THE COOKIES*

Jnr Tui : Where's mommy?I want milk,now.

katelyn silly squirrel : He's too adorable and soo smart!

Rod Williams : Look at those cute little legs lol

Akamu Nnamdi Alexander : This is how ' Christopher Columbus' started. 😂

Ventura Hernandez : Ahi es donde dice uno DIOS existe en cada acto como este como dios le da avilidades a esos seres inocentes indefensos como busca la manera dd bajarse de la cama woow 👶y se ve que no tiene ni un añito

Susan Kc : What a clever bby love 8

Rein 18 : That's adorable as hell, will u take a look at that. ❤🙂 that's was so cute...I can't wait for the day I get to be a dad to a beautiful baby. I love kids more than anything.

kodak jay : the baby said I'm outta here

jai ganesh : அருமை ,அழகு ,குழந்தை

John Conner : This baby is gonna be a great mountain climber 🧗‍♂️ someday ✊

amazing inspiring videos gga : dude ure kid is supposed to walk at this age

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BADBOYZZZ rulez : The real boss baby 👶

ANIME PORTALI : Now probably he is 9 years old.


Billy Babu The Story teller : Easy does it.... Baby steps! Blessings from Wolverhampton England to you.

Zahira Guadalupe : Hay k hermoso 😘😘😘😍😍😍

really? : *200 IQ*

Stephanie Tejada : Impressive!!!! You have a unique/special baby🥰❤️

Bogdan M : He's probably playing Fortnite now

shining starr : 0:15 baby was like oh i have 2 legs..

Core Movement : Beautyful to See Natural human movement

Bahar Ibragimovna : Ооо Ббоожеее такой шустрый малыш 😍❤❤❤❤❤✨✨✨✨✨😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

FinestInstinct : And I thought I've seen everything....

BLACK BLØØD : I showed this to my mom and she was like.. *HONEY, YOU USED TO THAT TOO* and then she started telling me what I used to do as a baby😂😂

Royal Lioness : This lil guy is 2 cute! As the elderly people say, *hes been here before*

Mr. Gotti : John Gotti 60 mins, love hearing it in background.