Husky Annoyed I Touched HIS Beanbag!

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Mario1611 : Isn't it dangerous teasing the big bad wolf like that? What if he blows your house down? 😂😂

O.k.A : At 0:24- He's looking like, I dare you to touch it

Jinnie Hernandez : "See, this is why I don't want ANYONE, that includes you, Mom, to touch my stuff. Now I have to work it so it's perfect again!" "Humans!".

William Roark : somebody is a TEEN!!! lol "STAY OUT OF MY ROOM MOM!!!" - Key

Charity Sheppard : You two have the best relationship!! I love his box of toys by his beanbag. Mine have a box of toys, too.

Ahmad Raad : He can understand and speak english better than me 😂

The Geek Monster : His face every time, lol... "you're messing up the beans, Mom!"

J K : The 12 dislikes are other annoyed huskies edit: wow theres so many annoyed huskies already 49

Vy Sharieff : Uncomfied my beanbag 😂😂😂😂

Marianne McQuarrie : Ah I see you have forgotten the golden rule my friend: what is yours is Keys & what is Keys is Keys!!! Lol I could almost hear him thinking “why you always touching my stuff??!!!” Lol but ya know he loves it 🤪

Gom Krish : OMG.., key is very expressive and such a wonderful dog. Ur subtitles goes aptly with his expressions..,thoroughly enjoyed 👍lots of love and hugs to you both 😍😍.

Winfried Seybert : Never thought that Key would have so much fun with his bean bag. 😁 But he really seems to say "Don't touch it". It's very funny. 🤣

Don Spartan : I do think that if the owners are intelligent and a bit spiritual then they can relate to animals better. Plus your English. Win win Good dogs only progress with better owners

Snowflake :3 : Key; That is MINE, thank you very much, WHY ARE YOU TOUCHING IT MORE STOP IT, THIS IS MINE! You are not allowed to touch it! ; Key is so cute and gets angry at the littlest of things. :3

Calypso 1000 : I don't know who's luckier, you for having such an awesome husky or the husky for having such an awesome mom

Nades : "muuuum just coz your outfit matches mah beanbag doesn't mean you can use it... I made the perfect pup print on it and you've ruined it!"

Kojo Attah : The amount of annoyance in his eye's is amazing 😂

David Nierzwick : He's giving you some serious dirty looks😟😠

Kenan Hajdarevic : I love how he stops and then suddenly reacts such a cute derp

dub2459 : Great,now he has to spin dig and bite to get it perfect again ;)

Siva Rajamani : sheldon " thats my spot"

d.s. Kanchana : Key to happiness......❤❤❤

Chaska the Husky : Do not boop the bean bag! lol 😆

F1 Rules : Muuuuummmmm!! I had it perfect, now it's going to take me precisely 4.3 days of intense stomping and zoomies to fix it! And I don't have time for this, I have a very busy schedule!

Marley Jane's World : Lol. Time to mess with mums bed now.

ZeroNTW : *One does not simply come into contact with Key's almighty throne*

Sarthak Malla : He owns you ,You don't own him 😂😂

aliwalyd3 lol : Hooman no touc! It mine heccin baenbag! Not yours!

GetLost : *K'eyush mind*: Touch the beanbag and you will face the consequences *bites armpit*

Desgil Danphi : That personal stuff no touchy

Aunt Yousra : I just noticed why I don't get notifications from you, and guess what , I didn't sub yet! Key is way smart then me LOL. He's so cute and I love him 💞

Tech XD : Love you Keys 😍

Mike2014 : Very RARE dogs that are smarter than most dogs. This dog is one of those dogs. These rare dogs poses a keen sense of awareness, insight and understanding to everything that is happening around them. I love it when someone comes across a dog like this because then you get to enjoy a video like THIS one! Thanks for sharing babe!

Captain goddamn Levi : 1:30 omg😂😂😂 that face. I cant😂😂

Sledneck : Key is so lucky to have you! But don't touch his beanbag, lol!

Tim dishonored : Aww you have uncomfied the beans

j00Ls j. : that look at 1:37 . do it again, i dare you. I DARE YOU. 🤣 Boo, i was often do you kiss his handsome head 😋

Joshua Fogg : Aw, he has a toy box too.

Misterbumm : You have uncomfied the bean followed by a salty look

Tankboyz 441 : I am hoping you the BEST of luck to reach 1 M! I lost a loved one, my grandfather from three cancers (1 each), and you guys make me so happy 😀, you guys make me laugh, You guys just influence me to push forward in life! Thank you! 🙏

Junior Bose : I just loved his expression when his beanbag was uncomfied.. HE IS SOOO CUTE!!

youtube user : Chweet chweet chweet from India.....

Viper Fangs : Hooman you want the war for my bean bag? 😂😂😂

Nimue : I love him!! “You have uncomfied the beans”

Angela Enrick : My sweet k'eyush. I believe that sometimes. you speak pretty big boy that face ..if I could only squeeze you and hug you ..I think mom has you very spoil my big baby are fun to watch your a comedian....🙏🙏🙏🙏🐶😘💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨

khristine carisse antonio : I love you and key connection. It seems you both know, what your gesture is xD. Really love it

Carion Deville : Oh my, key gave u the side eye. U know what comes next. Love bug 🐾🐾🐾💚

Dave Eirikid : I'll show you human what happens when you touch my beanbag.

Shik Chel : “Lost cause” lol!!!

raja sekhar reddy : Lol he's so cute I'm your new subscriber and be blessed you guys ✌️❤️