Chicago's Magical Piano

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Blake Grigsby : Honestly, this is one of my favorite videos on YouTube.

Berge : I dont give a flying f*** if its fake or not, love that fluffy guy in the suit :) !

galaxy hitchhiker72 : 0:31 OMG that was my very first song....right in the childhood... also, anyone know the song in 1:37?

Piano Tutorials : This isnt just fake.... Come on :')

Andrew Gu : Song List, for those who are interested: 0:26-0:52 Euphemia Allen - Chopsticks 0:53-1:08 Andrew Blendermann - Keyboard Smashing 1:10-1:14 Unknown - Sad Trombone 1:16-1:47 Unknown Boogie Woogie 1:48-2:00 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Piano Sonata No. 11 in A Major, K 331, Mov. 3 (Turkish March) 2:01-2:24 Jazz Improv 2:25-3:01 Unknown - Londonderry Air 3:02-3:21 Jay Ungar - Ashokan Farewell 3:29-3:48 John Thomas - Deck the Halls

TheAlkoneS : whata fcking KING on 1:22

Lunamann : Isn't it obvious? It's not staged or scripted. They have someone watching the area with cameras and playing the piano remotely, possibly using a midi keyboard or something like that. Admittedly some of it might be scripted- I'm looking at you, random harmonica man- but most of it is probably improv.

wagonmaster1974 : I got a kick out of the guy the piano pissed off. "SHUT UP!!!" LOL

Dylan Chen : The 2,000 people who disliked are just conspiracy theorists who think some sort of ghost is playing the piano or it is faked...

Tito V : The old man melted my heart!

Icetail_1r : Silly people who aren't musicians thinking this is staged. There are actually people out there who are good enough to play by ear.. I can do that to a small degree and with songs I know. But Professionals who make it their job to be a musician, this is a piece of cake, especially when many of the songs were well known anyway....

tauvic keyen : that harmonican was deep man i got this feelin

What The Helicopter (大和美琴) : Some of these seem staged to me. I know how the technology works but it seems coincidental everyone happened to act like they knew they were being filmed

notiv : this piano is cheeky

thaqiffmf : santa ask the piano to be quiet when theres police around and carying a red bag sooooooo that means one thing?

Pinoyukulele : Legit I didn't even think twice about actors or anything, I just fell in love with the idea. Then I began reading the comments and some of y'all are real kill joys... :/

YouAre ReadingThis : anyone got a source on the song the trumpet guy & piano were playing ? or was it just free style ?


JRH : This is staged as hell but I still like it

Craig : It's got the cameramen, the director, the pianist, the editor and the company in the description, why doesn't it have the actor names?

Darren Bakai : It made the little girl smile. awesome!

007 : that made me smile ,😁

룩턴 : I will not believe this is technology... This is a friendly magical piano which gives people happiness...!

Turtle5598 : 1:08 why I have disgust for humanity 1:40 why I have hope for humanity

Kyle Zaruba : I wish people realized how impossible it is to "Program a piano to respond to its environment" because either the people are actors or there is someone remotely controlling the piano.

Dark Melody : I want to visit this piano!! And pissibly become friends with it

Jimmy Petersen : The nicest one was the guy in the red vest. He reminds me to my grandpa.

xygomorphic44 : Yes, you tell that robo piano to shut up. lol

jefferson santiago : that old man playing harmonica was great.

Jared : The guy at 1:40 made me so happy 😂

Fishyfoo : 1:21 what's the bloody song called?

Arctic IceFox : what is everyone's problem? this is supposed to be a nice little treat, and everyone is making this like its some promotional stunt. fake or not, this was a heart warming video.

YouOriginal : Good on the musicians for jamming with it :)

Todd Perry : I love this and it makes me smile every time I watch it, please bring it back to some other locations, it's great! Thank you!!!

_Wolf_Sprits_ : 1:07 that guy's reaction though

just5444 : I know that this video is fake, but nwm, still cool :D

Nick M : Great video but terribly fake reactions

abhishek7dbecks : Everything looked scripted

black dragon : What is the song called when people were running past


Milo Yio : I dont care if this is fake its adorable

TWOG : I was done when I saw the old man go up to the piano and start dancing 😂😂

oOAndyLeungOo : what's the song called at 2:27 ?

Scrub Cowthon : 1:05 Ayy lmao

Rwko : 0:37 That asian guy is so confused xD

alina karay : When the little girl did it I smiled

pizzayolo was here : lol i was like aww the piano was yelled at 😢😢😢😂😂😂

Honey Bunny : 1:05 This screams fake to me and it's making me cringe

KB Voltage : All around a amazing video

Nemanja Filipović : 2:25 Does anybody knows title of that song?