This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Smoking Tobacco

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Comments from Youtube

Controlled Confidence : 15 days without a cigarette going strong 🚭

Shadøw Knight : Haven't had a cigarette since last night. Wish me luck!

Humberto Marrenane : 6 weeks down and i fill so dam good. Never going back... praise Jesus...

Saad Mohammad : 1 like= One person will stop smoking.

First Name Last Name : 15 years and 23 days down👊👊🤟

Nick : Damn only 20 minutes aftrer stopping there's improvement? I quit smoking several times a day!

Mikey Lejan : Smoking is one of the most useless and harmful things ever created by man.

lil dumpster explorer : 3 months down 👊

SuperDan : 15 years.................... fml, I quite 6 months ago. That is like the most unmotivating thing to know that the effects last 15 years after quitting

Angie Cummins : First day today of quitting!! Going pretty smooth

Savannah Boyd : Just got over that 3 day hump! If I can do it, so can you!

GuitarEkket86 : I quit 2 months ago, after smoking for 10 years up to 2 packs a day. Feels great to not smoke :)

Comely : I don't smoke and this video encouraged me to never try it.

Adi Abri Ganjar Utama : 45 Days clean :)

Deepak C : Decided to Stop smoking now onwards. Give strength to fight nicotine craving 🙏

astill rocket : 2nd day of quitting. Hope i will forever...And when I come back to this page again i wish i would be proud of myself for my decision.

Yeshwanth Kumar : 300 days since I quit and still going strong. Wish me luck guys🤙

Dank Matter : Your body is like "Hey! Now we can finally afford some decent food!"

mayur mankar : 3 days smoke free

Mushroom YT : My parents are adicted to smoking and every time they take out another ciggaret I iether flinch, or cringe. i always encouarage them to stop, but nope :(

shaheen shameem : Second day of quitting. man this is really really hard but I wish and hope I can do it.

મયૂર સોનિ : Your willpower is equally responsible to quit smoking. Thanks to my fiancee support i am glad to tell you guys its now 4 yrs i didn't touch the cigarette

SP FromNY914 : 1 year CLEAN BABY👊🏼

Hassan Jan : Smoking is dangerous for health so plz quit this evil

hey its steph : My parents have been clean for nearly 25 years and I'm so proud of them 🙌💕

eth3rl0rds : Gonna turn 31 this year, smoked for 8 years, 8-10 cigarettes a day max then 5-6 recent 2/3 years and it's been a month quit smoking cold turkey! On 2nd, 3rd day massive headache occurred and a friend who is in med school told this might be because of brain not getting enough oxygen due to low blood sugar level or something since so far, it's the nicotine which used to control sugar/insulin thing and advised eating a spoon full of raw sugar; then *poof* , headache gone. Felt little anxious about pretty much everything, became a little rough in attitude, mood swinging on the week 2 but that's gone after a week. I started to feel much better, positive, energetic, bit hyper, outgoing (although this polar vortex forced me to stay inside); considering the healing of my lungs, I am not starting any physical exercise right now but will start at 3rd or 4th month, I feel like a cat and I need to shake the energy out of my body everyday! Now, I never felt for crave from the day 2 just like I quit alcohol (8 months zero drop) but unlike that, this withdrawal was real and the only thing which pissed me off but I went through it! No more alcohol, no more smoking... Bad shit bro, bad shit! Quit while you have time!

WARD USMC DI : As a Marine Corps drill instructor we could smoke around Marin recurs so I quit best thing I EVER DID,

Ahmad Nafi : 2 months without smoking, I hope I can keep it this way? 👍

Jesus Gonzalez : I only smoke when I’m drunk

Heiz Hummer : 6 days clean. I must keep going :)

Syed M : 2nd day now, the day is getting real slow...

Ballin On these hoe ass niggas : Im 17 been smoking since i was 14. I stopped smoking since yesterday havent touched one today and i plan to keep going for days,months,years on end. I wish you luck if your on a journey to stop like me. God bless

Ana Banana : I have this angelic image of my dad when he was younger and when he quit smoking. he gained so much weight and he just looked more vibrant. he also had his stash or goatee or whatever you called it. I want to keep that image embedded in my head forever.

RANIMOD : I'm on my first 24H ! i can do this.

Ram Prasad : Good video. It helped me to quit smoking cigarettes. Now I'm into 4th month of quitting. Thanks.

DiM Ek : First Day today, 20 mins after, go strong!!

Bernice Chapman : 10 days going strong haven’t craved a cigarette since 👊👊

JOSETHEBEAST22 : i am proud of my self 19 years clean... i am also 19 years old...

rob black : 8 years quit (after 30 years smoking) Biggest change: Have not had so much as a cold or the flu (I get shots) since stopping. Used to get at least one respiratory infection a year and multiple colds before. Knock wood. Of course, the "hack" is long gone. Recover really quickly after heavy exertion. Blood pressure is consistently at or below healthy levels. I am in my 50's. If you are still smoking in your 50's you are playing Russian roulette with a heart attack or stroke loaded in 5 chambers. Quit now. Live to a ripe old age.

Miss Smally : I need to stop smoking so this video will be good

gerry tejada : Thanks for this video, it really inspired me to never ever try again smoking, i just quit smoking last Nov 14, 2018 up to now, after 19 years.

DrunkeN MasteR : I know you came back for comments but you didn't quit! 🤣🤣

James Robert : As of March 2019, 450 heavy smokers disliked this vid

R R : 10 minutes without a cigarette 🚬 👍

Luke Hills : Almost four years for me :)

phatphonk : 3 months,and I'm feelin great.Vape on lads!

Abhishek Khanvilkar : 5months left feel good

King Kong : Lucky I only smoke Dry Grass wrap in newspaper.!!!!!!!!!

HeyitsWilliamHYT : I know you guys probably don’t take suggestions, but what about a Smoking vs. Vaping comparison