This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Smoking Tobacco

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Dank Matter : Your body is like "Hey! Now we can finally afford some decent food!"

Comely : I don't smoke and this video encouraged me to never try it.

Lil Content Explorer : 3 months down 👊

HeyitsWilliamHYT : I know you guys probably don’t take suggestions, but what about a Smoking vs. Vaping comparison

INVESTING HUSTLER - Stocks Money Entertainment : I don’t smoke cigarettes I only smoke crack 🙌💪 lol jks 🤣

Fraideris! : Now because of this video I want to start smoking so I can quit

SuperDan : 15 years.................... fml, I quite 6 months ago. That is like the most unmotivating thing to know that the effects last 15 years after quitting

The CineRanter : I too become a boxer on the third day of quitting smokong

YBL- Vlogs and Stuff : Guess What This Vids About???? *Oof*

Miss Smally : I need to stop smoking so this video will be good

Franck Extra : Please don’t use Bright Side level thumbnails...

Turtle Traxxx : 3 years clean🤘🏾👌🏾🤘🏾👌🏾

Anmol Raj : I missed this voice sooo much!

Nagamitsu _ : I quit 8 years 6 months and 29 days ago and have not been back, not even for 1 puff. Best decision ever.

JAJAvsWORLD : never smoked in my life. i just dont know what people get out of it

information to learn : Tobacco have negative effects. I don't know why people say marijuana is illegal in federal and most states. By the way, great content and keep it up!!!!😎👍

The Communist Party : Make a video on how corrupt western countries are

Luka ツ : 3 words, You will die

Bararaq Siqa : i honestly will never understand why people would trade their health and money for something so useless

Elias Frahat : I don't smoke and I don't drink alcohol or use drugs and I feel good

TheHua89 : I've just recently turned 40, and I have been smoking now for about 25 years. My doctor says that it's highly doubtful I will see 50 unless I do some massive Lifestyle Changes. More exercise, better diet, and of course I need to quit smoking. Starting that stupid habit was the worst decision of my life. If only one person reads this and decides not to, then I will like to think I have done something positive with my life.

doodle bob : I haven’t even started smoking tobacco

Sooraj Kumar : My 15th month of quitting,😀😀😀...regained my weight and can take deeper breaths

mew talk : I even hate the smell of I just start barfing Edit:thanks for the 7 likes I never got 7 likes

Tony R : 5 mins down ! This calls for a ciggarette celebreation

Nathan Remix : Saving money for PS5.

WIZKID Jr. : Do you even Juul infographics????

I’m Tired : Father smokes 5 cigars a day-(currently 45), grandfather smokes a pack a day- (currently 80), great grandfather smoked a pack a day- (passed at 99) Jeez, what’s up with my family

Yash Vardhan : 1 Dislike = 1 smoker found

tem667temmie : if only my mom stopped smoking 😢

Master AliefKhan : I have made a promise from young that I never smoke wish me luck :D

WypmanGames : but when u dont even start smoking u dont have to stop it either so no problems win win situation

Florentin : O want more of this type of videos. Maybe about other types of addictions.

madman typing : Smoking while watching smoking while doing everything and will never quite unless my life becomes worth living

N A : Another reason to legalize weed

Pentahydrate : Minecraft helped me to stop a 10 year streak of smoking a pack/day. I basically didn't go out for two weeks. So obsession over something can help a lot I think.

Jennifer Cushman : I only ever tried smoking once. And that was back in 1986 when I was 6 years old. My mother let me try a puff of her cigarette. And let me tell you I never try that again. Now I have a pure hatred towards smokers. I don't even want to be in the same exact room with a smoker. Especially knowing just how deadly second and third hand smoke can be. I remember me and my older brother was always on my mother's case about her smoking. She finally quite when she started having breathing problems in the mid 90s. I lost quite a few relatives to their smoking addiction. My grandmother was one of the relatives that I had lost. I remember when my grandmother was in the hospital. Trying to recover from a heart attack. I remember hearing that she demanded the nurse to give her a cigarette. When she probably didn't realized that it was her smoking is what cause her to have that heart attack. I even remember sometime back in the 80s. She gave me and my one younger half sister some money to buy her 2 packs of cigarettes. At the near by convenient store. Which of course we did. I was 19 years old when she died. And I know it was her smoking is what killed her in the end. Back in the 80s here in the U.S. It was a different time where young kids could very easily buy cigarettes. Since there was no We Card back then. I even remember the cigarette vending machine my one local restaurant had. That's how easily young kids could get cigarettes. I am so very glad I finally get to live in a smoke free house now.

InMaTeofDeath : Why smoke tobacco when you can vape weed instead?

Ivar Stormcloak : Nearly THREE months clean baby!

RĀØ : Please make a video on "what happens after quitting masterbation in men"

Nick : Damn only 20 minutes aftrer stopping there's improvement? I quit smoking several times a day!

the forsin21 : when can we expect a video about a killer or something close ?

Hd Hd : Who is smoking while watching this video

50 Cent Kurwa : Why don't we just ban it yet Edit:Ban it's raw ingredients (Tobacco and crap) and it will stop. Oh wait it's unprofitable for Cartels

Finley Fraser : 11 Years Clear. "Im 11"

DeadlyGeneral 679 : It's been 6 yrs since I smoked

Ana Carolina : I have this angelic image of my dad when he was younger and when he quit smoking. he gained so much weight and he just looked more vibrant. he also had his stash or goatee or whatever you called it. I want to keep that image embedded in my head forever.

mayank ranga : It is so helpful for "smoker"

Determined Games : Maybe you just shouldn't even start smoking.

Jesus Gonzalez : I only smoke when I’m drunk