This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Smoking Tobacco

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Comely : I don't smoke and this video encouraged me to never try it.

Dank Matter : Your body is like "Hey! Now we can finally afford some decent food!"

Fraideris! : Now because of this video I want to start smoking so I can quit

Lil Content Explorer : 3 months down 👊

Investing Hustler : I don’t smoke cigarettes I only smoke crack 🙌💪 lol jks 🤣

HeyitsWilliamHYT : I know you guys probably don’t take suggestions, but what about a Smoking vs. Vaping comparison

Sachin The Gamer : 1 year CLEAN BABY👊🏼

The CineRanter : I too become a boxer on the third day of quitting smokong

SuperDan : 15 years.................... fml, I quite 6 months ago. That is like the most unmotivating thing to know that the effects last 15 years after quitting

Nagamitsu _ : I quit 8 years 6 months and 29 days ago and have not been back, not even for 1 puff. Best decision ever.

TheHua89 : I've just recently turned 40, and I have been smoking now for about 25 years. My doctor says that it's highly doubtful I will see 50 unless I do some massive Lifestyle Changes. More exercise, better diet, and of course I need to quit smoking. Starting that stupid habit was the worst decision of my life. If only one person reads this and decides not to, then I will like to think I have done something positive with my life.

Turtle Traxxx : 3 years clean🤘🏾👌🏾🤘🏾👌🏾

Miss Smally : I need to stop smoking so this video will be good

mew talk : I even hate the smell of I just start barfing Edit:thanks for the 7 likes I never got 7 likes

Tony R : 5 mins down ! This calls for a ciggarette celebreation

Hd Hd : Who is smoking while watching this video

JAJAvsWORLD : never smoked in my life. i just dont know what people get out of it

Anmol Raj : I missed this voice sooo much!

Franck Extra : Please don’t use Bright Side level thumbnails...

DeadlyGeneral 679 : It's been 6 yrs since I smoked

Pentahydrate : Minecraft helped me to stop a 10 year streak of smoking a pack/day. I basically didn't go out for two weeks. So obsession over something can help a lot I think.

The Russian Federation : Make a video on how corrupt western countries are

Sooraj Kumar : My 15th month of quitting,😀😀😀...regained my weight and can take deeper breaths

Nick : Damn only 20 minutes aftrer stopping there's improvement? I quit smoking several times a day!

doodle bob : I haven’t even started smoking tobacco

Finley Fraser : 11 Years Clear. Yeah Never Smoked

I’m Tired : Father smokes 5 cigars a day-(currently 45), grandfather smokes a pack a day- (currently 80), great grandfather smoked a pack a day- (passed at 99) Jeez, what’s up with my family

Bararaq Siqa : i honestly will never understand why people would trade their health and money for something so useless

N A : Another reason to legalize weed

tem667temmie : if only my mom stopped smoking 😢

Yash Vardhan : 1 Dislike = 1 smoker found

Vault Dweller Stormcloak : Nearly THREE months clean baby!

Aestify - Gaming : How it feels to smoke tobacco, sTiMuLaTe YoUr SeNsEs

Bluon : My parents used to smoke, but they quit because they had us three kids and didn’t want us to suffer second hand smoking. It’s been 6 years for them and I’m so proud 😄

Saad Mohammad : 1 like= One person will stop smoking.

information to learn : Tobacco have negative effects. I don't know why people say marijuana is illegal in federal and most states. By the way, great content and keep it up!!!!😎👍

シ 乚 凵 长 卂 ツ : 3 words, You will die

Nathan Remix : Saving money for PS5.

Rebellious Hong Kong Mapper _RHKM_ : What will happen after you stopped drinking?

InMaTeofDeath : Why smoke tobacco when you can vape weed instead?

RĀØ : Please make a video on "what happens after quitting masterbation in men"

YBL- Vlogs and Stuff : Guess What This Vids About???? *Oof*

WypmanGames : but when u dont even start smoking u dont have to stop it either so no problems win win situation

Determined Games : Maybe you just shouldn't even start smoking.

Thunderous : Moral of the video Start smoking and stop smoking after 1 year of smoking

Florentin : O want more of this type of videos. Maybe about other types of addictions.

Master AliefKhan : I have made a promise from young that I never smoke wish me luck :D

WNBA YOUNGBOYY : Do you even Juul infographics????

GuitarEkket86 : I quit 2 months ago, after smoking for 10 years up to 2 packs a day. Feels great to not smoke :)

Jennifer Cushman : I only ever tried smoking once. And that was back in 1986 when I was 6 years old. My mother let me try a puff of her cigarette. And let me tell you I never try that again. Now I have a pure hatred towards smokers. I don't even want to be in the same exact room with a smoker. Especially knowing just how deadly second and third hand smoke can be. I remember me and my older brother was always on my mother's case about her smoking. She finally quite when she started having breathing problems in the mid 90s. I lost quite a few relatives to their smoking addiction. My grandmother was one of the relatives that I had lost. I remember when my grandmother was in the hospital. Trying to recover from a heart attack. I remember hearing that she demanded the nurse to give her a cigarette. When she probably didn't realized that it was her smoking is what cause her to have that heart attack. I even remember sometime back in the 80s. She gave me and my one younger half sister some money to buy her 2 packs of cigarettes. At the near by convenient store. Which of course we did. I was 19 years old when she died. And I know it was her smoking is what killed her in the end. Back in the 80s here in the U.S. It was a different time where young kids could very easily buy cigarettes. Since there was no We Card back then. I even remember the cigarette vending machine my one local restaurant had. That's how easily young kids could get cigarettes. I am so very glad I finally get to live in a smoke free house now.