Boxtruck crashes at 11foot8 and then hits another low bridge

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Kermit Cohen : 2 crashes in a week? Has Christmas come early?

Walt B. : Hey.... 12 foot bridge, I am sending someone over, finish them off.

Lyle Waller : I saved a ton of money on car insurance by switching to reverse and leaving the scene of the accident.

Feta Cheezz : The survey crew must be thinking: "Not again......."

D_LOWGAMES : Hit em with the old double whammy

bdf2718 : His mistake was not thinking like a machinist. He should have gone for the 12 foot bridge first to remove a little material then used 11 foot 8 on the second pass. Too large a depth of cut is a beginner's mistake.

cowscrazy : That beep backing up .. is the beep of shame.

vampiredude001 : I wish there was a live stream of the bridge.. I would watch it all the time lol

Ben Steenson : Can't wait for your new channel, 12foot0.

Steven Lamb : This guy has to be a pro. First of all look how much airtime he got with minimal speed. That don't happen without skills. Then two bridges with one truck? Get this guy a sponsor..

Edison Carter : Obviously the second bridge did not appreciate getting leftovers.

Zer0 Tolerance : Touches the hot stove, OUCH! Touches the hot stove, OUCH! Touches the hot stove, OUCH! Touches the hot stove, OUCH! Touches the hot stove, OUCH!

Christopher Bassett : The bridge must be hoarding for the winter with all these crashes. It's hungry! P.S. This driver definitely does NOT need a drivers license. Here's your sign, now READ IT!

Moire Digital : The can opener made his truck even taller, then he tried to go under a marginally higher bridge. Wow. This is quite possibly the dumbest driver we've seen so far.

Alstor : Honestly, this driver might have set the record for the worst on this channel.

robbymanable : That’s called adding insult to injury. Crashing your truck into two bridges one after another, you deserve to lose your job.

Georgia Activist : I still say there needs to be a camera on the other side to catch the facial expressions.

D A Sheffield : And the winner is.... The BRIDGE!!!!!! Still undefeated.....💪🏽

taughtmetobloom : After months of no meals, The Bridge demands sacrifices!

Jeff Rutan : They should have a new underwear dispenser right beside the bridge 😂👍

xshelwynx : Dang, the sound on this crash was nice.

Betty C : This bridge is getting some more action lately. When will people learn?

Edison Carter : *Chris Tucker voice* "Do you understand the words flashing on the sign?!"

Norman Bliss : Been awhile since we seen a wheelie from a truck

John Berry : We need a cam on this 12 foot bridge you speak of.

14th Generation Foreskin Collector Rabbi Shekel : The bridge has been fed well these past few weeks.

tubemember21 : Notification crew, assemble!

Fluffy Johnson : Can we just appreciate the reaction of the guy in the black pickup? Damn he slammed them brakes! Whole truck bounced.

IIGrayfoxII : The crash was violent enough to shake the camera.

Matthew Miller : Funny thing it may have fit under the 12ft until they pealed the roof up an extra foot or whatever on 11ft8

martin wilk : That's some kind of special stupid going on in that driver's head

Mickey Bitsko : I hate when you pull the top on the sardines and it won't open all the way.

RockinRob69 : *Told ya in the last one....the bridge was it's HUNGRY like a bear!*

Bad Grandpa : Good thing he wasn't hauling giraffes to the zoo.

GeorgeJansen : You can keep your Golden Gate Bridge, your Verrazano Bridge, your George Washington Bridge, you're Chesapeake Bay Bridge,... GIVE ME MY 11 8 Bridge everytime

Ron Paker : Driver barely touched the pedestrian signal poles when backing up from the bridge!

МиљковићSRB : Greetings from Serbia! 🇷🇸

Vincent Pellegrino : If at first, you don't succeed, try, try again.

Nasty Rex : God I love this channel

Mossy Hollow : Can we buy more cameras for you to put up? I'd love to see the drivers facial expressions.

Robert Cikovic : Noticed that after he backed up & turned onto the other street, He drove like he was really pissed off. Oh well, another meal for the 11.8ft bridge

Sparkle Shine : This is 911 whats your emergency?.... Yes, we have some guy going around in a truck hitting bridges..... Excuse me?.... Yes, you heard correct.... Do you mean someone hit the 11.8 bridge again?.... Yes and he is going around town trying to hit more bridges. If he isn't stopped he might hit them ALL!!!.... Where is he now do you know?.... He just hit the 12' bridge and is headed for the 11.4 bridge down the street..... HURRY!!!

Daniel Roth : I propose two things: 1. Change the bridge name to 11' ATE and 2. Have an evil clown facade installed, like those old time horror house entrances!

David Duma : Wait, no cameras on the other 12 foot 0 bridge?????

Michael Walker : He probably would’ve cleared the 12foot bridge if he didn’t hit the first one

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) : Maybe if I ignore the warning I'll cross

Raydog 97 : I love this bridge lol

LittleRockElevators : Mmm box truck. Two bridges has been fed.

B Hobbs : Solid hit 8/10

alitlweird : *_The backing up of the truck is like it’s humbly admitting defeat and licking it’s wounds_*