Not Right Now, Derrick

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Kaleb Brasee : 10 years. Just let that sink in. Ten years, one decade, one-tenth of a century since this amazing video was uploaded. Back when haircuts like Derrick's looked amazing. Back when people used staredowns to settle arguments instead of guns. Back when "Tintin in America" was required reading in high school English and History classes. Back when Walmart sold shirts that were soft to the touch. Back when the first smartphone ever had only been available for 2 months. Back when 240p was a perfectly fine video resolution. Back when YouTube content creators did it for the love and not the money. Back when BalloonShop was just starting to take it to the next level. Back before the Great Recession. Back before the Pistons had retired Ben Wallace's #3. Back before anyone had said "Thanks, Obama" ironically. Back before we lost control of our focus, our concentration, our ever-shrinking attention spans. Back before the Instagrams and the Snapchats and the Vines. Back before the Gangnam Style song, and even before the Gummy Bear Song or the Duck Song. Back before BalloonShop broke up. Alex, I hope that someday you finish that book.

L McD : "I'm a very busy man." Proceeds to read a Tintin comic.

styli1000 : - "Hey Alex, do you wanna have a staring contest?" - "No, Derrick! I'm a very busy man!" - O.O - ಠ_ಠ

Queen Fluffle : Having a mild panic attack because this video is 7 years old

Annalisa Huie : "I AM A VERY BUSY MAN." As he reads TinTin

David Hernandez : Man I remember when I was just a little boy watching this, now I'm a larger boy

BeeStripes 030 : 0:33 THE EYES OF THE DEVIL

RedTV8888 : And so, the best YouTube channel of all time was born.

RileyVace : It's been 7 years Balloon Shop will never happen again I don't want to live on this Earth anymore

My Word is Gospel: : Anybody who's reading Tintin is busy indeed.


Watching U FrMBhindU : who's watching in 2007

VΞЯSЦS ΞЖISΓΞИCΞ : Did anyone try to have a staring contest with them? XD

Matt Richardson : Ahhhh the nostalgia 😭😭😭

Haley Evans : Who camee from Josh's mystery video? lol

James Coyle : Who the heck is Josh? I came here for nostalgia!

Alyssa N : Thank you so much josh 😂

Kyreen Lapan : His face .. I can't xD

Daymyan Blanton : I'm watching in 2016

Anusha Madhusudanan : YASSSS JOSH YASSSS

JustKk8198 : I miss them so much, I know they have separate channals now but I wish they would at least make one last video since cameras are a lot better. I had so many great memories watching them, this was the first video I saw of them and it was their first balloon shop video and I still love it even after all of this time. it just makes me sad to know that YouTube used to be so laid back and really funny but now all we have are stupid people trying to be funny but their not. don't get me wrong, I like a lot of youtubers and sub to them, but there are a lot of "famous" youtubers that SUCK! I just wanted to say that I love balloon shop and I always will. <3

Isabelle Marie : Like if Josh's mystery vid sent u


Tabitha S. Aaron : Still watching in 2018.

Jessica Pope : What did I just watch, Joshua?...

tem : Am i the only one who still watches this when its 2017?- yes? ok

Ben Donahue : Tintin for the win win

CanadianLoony : Is it odd that my dad has that couch?

ZS1999 : Happy 10th birthday, video.

TheBenzooh : Soft to the touch.

Deanna Marie : Hey Alex. 🙂 DERRICK!!!!!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 XD 0:55

Jessica B. : I love that Josh knows about Balloon shop. I bet he watches Olan Rogers regular channel too! That makes me so happy!

•*Shadow*• d{•_•}b : I was 3, when this was made. :1

Tubular Topher : Alas, where has the time gone?

Monika Doki Doki : 2007 wow I'm late

Samantha Schucker : Thanks Josh.👌

Zane Ehnes : #MysteryVideo

Soft Waffle Child : 2007, where YouTube wasn't toxic and it was just fun videos.

rose1971 : What just happened?

Deth Sanouvong : hey Alex, KAMAHAMACHU!!!!!!

Lucas McQueen : Alex is Gary and Derrick is Kevin None of you know what I’m talking about...

J A S M I N E : These guys were ahead of their time

Yeleen Yeleen : 2018?

Alex Zemaitis : is it just me or does Alex kinda sound like Dwight from The Office (US)

GalaxyWolfyhana valenzuela : 2018 and i' m slowy being pulled in the weird side first a coconut song, then cringey fan girls that like bones

Skunk : I was 7 when this was uploaded. I am now 17.

Arcaue : Derrick: Hey Ale- Alex: NO Derrick: I Was Gonna Tell You i Bought Ice Cream B- Alex: ICE CREAM?! Derrick: No i Was Just Gonna Tell You I Drank Orange Juice A While ago Alex: GOD DAMNIT DERRICK

Esther jennanda : Joshua?

Mikko Taivalmäki : Gosh this is so old. Youtube really was a different place back then

Paulina : hahaha Joshua! it's the weirdest thing ever! :D but I laughed so hard!