12 Things You Didn’t Know The Purpose Of
Well Im sucked into the youtube vortex of suggested videos Heres one I found interesting

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12 Things You Didn’t Know The Purpose Of ► Subscribe: https://goo.gl/vHN6qB For copyright matters please contact us at: miniminter1992.29@gmail.com Have you ever wondered why manufacturers place small plastic discs inside of soda bottle caps? Or why all jeans seem to have randomly placed metal studs? There are so many little details that we overlook when it comes to everyday objects. Sometimes we assume that they have no purpose at all, and that they exist for purely aesthetic reasons. Other times we guess, correctly or otherwise, at what they might be designed to do. More often than not, they do have a specific purpose or use, and it is simply that we are ignorant of this fact. We’d bet that these are 12 things you didn’t know the purpose of; 12. The Stripes on Your Headphone Jack The rings on your headphone jack are neither for decoration nor grip, as some people may assume; they are, in fact, sections of insulation designed to protect the wiring that allows sound to be carried to both headphones. 11. Nail Cuticles If you pay any attention to your nails and hands, you will most likely know what your cuticles are. This hard strip of skin at the bed of your nails may seem to be a useless chance of nature, but in actual fact, they are key to the health of our nails. 10. Notebook Margins Believe it or not, the purpose of the margins in your notebook has nothing to do with getting criticisms from your professor or notes from your editor! Certainly, the margins are now used for noting corrections or making suggestions, but this was not always so. Historically, books and notes were most likely to be damaged by rodents 9. The Plastic Disc Under Your Soda Lid That little blue disc of plastic under your soda cap? It’s not just there to print codes or prize giveaways on; it’s a pressure seal that performs the vital function of keeping the liquid and gas in, and the air around you out. 8. The Raised Bumps on the “F” and “J” Keys Take a look at your keyboard. You may have noticed that the F and J keys have raised dots or bumps. If you spend a lot of time using a computer, you will definitely have noticed, but you may not know what they’re for. 7. The Diamond Shape on Your Backpack Those diamond shapes on your backpacks are also known as lash tabs, lashing squares, or pig snouts! That’s right – they have a name and a reason for being there. Lash tabs are not just included in the design for decoration; they pay homage to a time when backpacks were mostly used by hikers and climbers. 6. The Hole in Your Chupa-Chups Stick There is more than one theory about why the hole at the end of the Chupa-Chups stick exists. Some people say it’s there to counteract a potential choking hazard, others that it’s there for children to whistle through once they finish. The truth is a little more mundane (though close to the first speculation). 5. The Hole in Your Ballpoint Pen It’s common knowledge that the hole in the lid of your ballpoint is to prevent choking should you accidentally swallow it, but what about the hole in the middle of the pen shaft? Have you noticed that before? 4. The Blue and White Erasers Everyone heard that the blue half of these erasers was meant for “rubbing out” ink. Of course, when we tried it, the eraser did little more than smudge the ink and ruin the paper. So, what is that blue half of this eraser for? 3. The Soft Inner Lining of Your Underwear So, you’ve probably noticed that there is a second lining of a sort in your underwear. This secondary lining, made of soft, tissue-like cotton, is called a gusset and is required if underwear is to meet the necessary health standards. 2. The Unexplained Studs on Your Jeans Have you noticed the metal studs that seem to randomly dot the seams of your jeans? Well, they too have a specific purpose and history. When Levi Strauss first began making jeans, they were primarily worn by miners and farmers; manual laborers, in short, were his main consumer base. 1. The Thick Cylinders Found on Electrical Cables The correct name for these nifty little guys is “ferrite core” or “choke”, and they are not just a design feature with a mundane or purely aesthetic purpose; they have a very important, very high-tech function. So, did you know the function of these 12 everyday items, or was this as much of a surprise to you as it was to us?


Tibby T : “Blue and white eraser” shows red and blue eraser

02091992able : really nobody knew what the bump on the f and j keys are for? Its one of the first things you learn when learning to type is because that helps you find the neutral spot to put your hands more importantly your index fingers when typing without looking at your keyboard.

Bryan Miata : I have so many more unanswered questions.. What are the little pull tabs for on the top of soda cans? Why do houses have roofs? Why do some people store air inside of tires?

John Dickinson : not studs, rivets!!!!

Siberian Husky : ... you are incorrect with the first one... One ring - mono Two rings - stereo Three rings - stereo plus a microphone

Mitch D : Allow "oxygen" into the pen? No, dullard, it's to allow atmospheric pressure to get inside the pen. No hole, and you'd have no flow due to the vacuum.

Kata Reddy : Your headphones and aux cables work because of rings. Your fingers would bleed without cuticles. Mice eat your notebooks. Soda bottles and caps are made for soda Keyboards are made to type. Backpacks are used to hold stuff. Whatever you want, really. Dafuq is a Chupachups stick? Oh, don't decapitate your lollipops. Your pens need to feel the breeze too. Fancy colorful eraser for your fancy paper needs. Mystery of the lazy underwear stitching Your jeans can't fall apart while you're casually sitting Wire that makes no noise Bam. You're welcome

Kaila M : I always thought the pantie pocket was there so your lady bits arent rubbing against the seams

Geo Wilson : I waisted my life on this video 🤨

TheLookatit : 6 07 is the underwear part

Flor Hoorebeke : yeah ok, I have to correct you on the very first, the jack with the rings. it is indeed left and right ear, but the third one is not the groundwire, it has multiple purposes, it can be a data wire, but it's usually for the microphone. for data it would be a digital display with forward, backward, stop, play,shuffle, random, repeat, ....and so on, but I suppose it can be ground too... I just stopped the video to write this, so please tell me you're not as basic on all other things???? I hope not, who knows, maybe there is one that I don't know off yet... I like to know everything about a certain thing, not just something...but I settle for something until I can discover the rest on my own...

Gomila Droogies : Omg choopa choop stick lul

Rick Frick : I ike the soft inner lining underwear. Thats a nice pocket for your smartphone.

allan harville : fun fact: Levi's rivets were once put at the joint of the seams in the crotch of any pair of jeans, they stopped doing that when people started to complain of the rivet getting hot when they squatted down next to a campfire !! Talking about a hot pair !!!

Anthony Monda : In before someone comments ‘my life’ lol

Carleton D. Price : They are not studs in jeans, they are rivets. Technically very important for them to function. Or you would not want one of these in your tongue. Studs in tongues and with your tuxedo, rivets in jeans.

Maxx E : So stupid those rivets are not random they are in precise stress points random would be as if somebody would have beadazzler had done it

Stinky Cheese : That moment when you realize the younger generation may not get much past this level of technical detail in their lifetime.

KPEEZY SHABOI : The girl in the thumbnail is Yoo ha na Add the word “jeans” to end of her name if your looking for the thumbnail photo. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Flavia Pitariu : I only knew of the ferrite core but none of them were shocking. They were very interesting

Jean Pierre Rivera : 36 seconds before any actual content, it's like an intro by Perd Hapley, "the following clip is a video you're about to watch, that had information that you are about to receive in the following video"

PP Papi : Who dat on the thumbnail because she thicc

Lngshirt : What welder/Steelworker wears sockless loafers?

Rosemary Williams : this was very useful information😊

B D : Fascinating I learned a few things I've also noticed and some of the comments for extremely judgemental not everybody understands everything or gets everything the same way as you do stop being so judgemental comments sit back and enjoy the ride and learn something maybe someone else will learn it too

Isabelle Murray : He said "chooba choob stick." 😂

ElectronicRedPanda : "Common knowledge" Should be the name of this video.

III : wow even extra running shoes! Stored on my backpack! sigh

ARCTIC TOWER : My man said "Nifty" 😂

Matt Moschkau : I always thought the panty gusset was so women could hide drugs more effectively.

Annick N : They're called rivets not "little metal studs" 🙄

Lfo Mod : what? One ring are for the mic in many cases of the headphones too :D

RAW TOPSHOT : Omfg... Is this video aimed at 5yr olds?, or is the worlds population really as thick as this video producer implies by way of making this video?

Spam Mouse : Regarding Biro-pens: Not oxygen but just plain atmospheric air !

kwame gold : Oh GOD thank you for saving my life, now I know.

Holmes, Spencer Jacob : the third ring on an 1/8" audio connector is for its microphone

Sicklehead88 : 7:00 that's some top notch shoe wear for the job

hustlebwnz : "choopa choop" I can't believe you've done this

Ocean Martin : Very informative post, thanks! 😁

Tim Schmidt : Many fun stuff you’ve got in the video and some I didn’t knew—but you’ve got the first one wrong though—it is correct that the jack with two isolation rings/three sections is for ground+stereo; the left and right side, but... the ones with three isolation rings/four sections is for left, right, mic and ground.

AAYLV : Thumbnail worked! Congratulations!

Roshan Ingle : I knew about half of this things already.... Feeling proud 😂😂😂

Spit Fireking : I didn't know thumbnail got back 👍

Ruben P : 6:58 welding with those shoes on.

Mia P : Random Lee Sin in the video And I'm disappointed because I knew all these :( A lot I've learnt in physics related classes at uni.

Officially Janae Kalolo : Im pretty sure everyone knows about about keyboard one. 🤦🏽‍♀️

MindGuild : Your videos are phenomenal!! Well organized, interesting, and a high quality narration. I had no clue what many of these little things in life were for - now I DO!!

Jazzie playz : 4:17 1 its any lollipop 2 its pronounced chup A - Chups

Salti Dawg : Head Phone jack. Left, right, and ground? How about Left, right, and Microphone?