TikTok Traps Challenge
Trap or Not Trap

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Darky : Why do traps look more like girls than girls

My Pussy : Hit or miss? I guess you're already gay, huh?

KasyuPai : *Bruh, You were so lazy to edit that you just did points on a notepad*

Kaechos : Traps are just another proof that men are better at everything, even at being a girl

Rodrick H Smokes Dank : You're making us question our fragile hetrosexuality.

Kosetsu : 5:30 Im a girl tf

forgot my meds : i found the pattern, almost all of the traps look better than the real girls

Mohammed Sharaf : This whole time I thought I was using wifi I look on the top and it says LTE+i guess i fell in a trap

GoldenTV3 : But.... Bonbibonkers is a girl??

Holyspecter : 10:00 them yaoi hands gave it away.

Maximo665 : got 13 straight points. guess i can sniff the traps out because of my thai blood

Zrs2 : ...i would 100% bang a few of them even though they are dudes as well

Keegan Tournay : "Can I get it used in a sentence?" I'm dead

DemonLincoln666 : Order of importance: Neck Hands Collarbone Tags Face

Mechanized Bubble : So Basically if it looks like a boy its a girl and if it looks like a girl then its a trap

Moni : Luckily these traps aren't usually in public... right?

Mobius One : Bro that Mr lemon guy got me twice in a row... And I'd still smash ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

DEMONETIZE THIS : look for adams apple

Neil isaac Pangilinan : I only ever guessed wrong twice That's probably because I'm used to seeing traps😅 God forgive me🙏

Booty GAwD : But why are the traps better looking than some of these chicks as chicks 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Young Hentaii : the amount of traps in this got me un easy

Mr music : Now not to be gay or anything but I'd ride some these dudes like a stolen bike

Ropey : at 3:58 you say a trap but in their bio they say "Not a trap" 🤔

East Supreme Kai : His exasperated oof is amazing.

Laser Circus : rule of thumb bruh, if you can't tell, play it safe bc.....by admiral akbar, it's a trap

Inspector Dank : Just remember guys.. If the dicc enter the ass, Your soul will turn to ash

Gabriel Klem : I would smash all of them. God i 'm so lonely.

Earth Is A Donut : Well how would you know who's a trap? *INSTAGRAM*

サム - Sam : This is really hurting my weak heterosexuality.

LawLibertyCompassion Justice : Bonbibonkers is not a trap. She only said that to get the creeps off of her. -1

Birdy lol : Traps are best girls. Change my mind.

Xan DK : several of these "woman" your saying aren't traps are they dress like men they are the reverse of what your considering a trap which is STILL a trap

OmegaMan 87272 : technically speaking calling a girl dressed like a guy not a trap is incorrect because they are a reverse trap.

Owen Bhai : This channel is so underrated I swear to god

AkariThe Weird : 9:11 Fun fact:That characters Seiyuu(Japanese voice actor) is the same person who sang "Renai Circulation"

M7MD-_MG -_ : My whole life is a lie 🙃

Multi Meter : Remember, if you say they're all traps you will never touch any of them. This means you will never risk being gay. I just saved your sexuality.

Campo Del Violin : Let me... "investigate" xD The score should be Trap - Chic tho

Tori Rie : Why are guys so good at this, I love it. 😂❤️

Weaboo -Chan : 17 trap . Straight 0. No homo but I dont trust anyone these days

Nunya Business : Bonibonkers is NOT A TRAP. Confirmed. I stopped watching after that since it was invalid.

Primus 001 : *IRS OPEN UP* Traps: "We're traps." IRS agent: "Carry on citizen."

Fātêg : "Look at the collar bones, dude." "I am, dude!" Bro stop lying, I could tell 7 of them by collar bones.

Its Satan : Im beginning to question myself.

E L : He called bonbi a trap... sir you are legally blind

Riaz Ahmed : idk about 11:13 i get every other one but i cant simply believe that its a dude like how i am gonna have serious trust issues after that one

WeirdChamp : My "good sir" counter broke during this video... Great video tho

Randomguy 2.0 : 9:34 I guess im gay

Kitsune Foxx : The peachyfizz one, is in fact biologically female, but a guy by choice