TikTok Traps Challenge

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Octoberfire : I address bonbi here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v749iM3I26g

Chrisleaton : *Bruh, You were so lazy to edit that you just did points on a notepad*

Rodrick H Smokes Dank : You're making us question our fragile hetrosexuality.

Darky : Why do traps look more like girls than girls

Shizune Hakamichi : Hit or miss? I guess you're already gay, huh?

Kaechos : Traps are just another proof that men are better at everything, even at being a girl

Kosetsu : 5:30 Im a girl tf

Phantom Shadow : 17 trap . Straight 0. No homo but I dont trust anyone these days

E L : He called bonbi a trap... sir you are legally blind

Gabriel Klem : I would smash all of them. God i 'm so lonely.

сосать мой член : i guessed them all as traps cause there not in the kitchen

i forgot to take my meds : i found the pattern, almost all of the traps look better than the real girls

Yeet : Wait r u saying girls dont have collar bones..

No1Jud : Boys are better at being girls than girls are

Holyspecter : 10:00 them yaoi hands gave it away.

HughJasole : If it’s in a costume, don’t trust it

Comrade Tako : some of them were biologically female, but identified as male, for example bonbibonkers, the second one in. (Edit) I have been told she did this to get rid of stalkers and apologise for my ignorance in the matter. However! chill out in the replies, I didn’t mean any offence... spread some positivity and we don’t have to be mad at each other

jo : 2:13 Bonbibonkers ain’t a trap. She’s biologically female but identifies as a boy.

yesbabelon : You should have called the game Dick or Chick

Ghost : No homo but traps are better than chicks

Bentoki Trokata : Thanx guys I guess All wrong I'm gay now.... Wohoooo

alpha 0ne : Trying to play the game : Me: that's trap Him: no it girl Me: okay then next one Him: okay Me: that's 100% girl Him: nop 😐 MY LIFE IS LIE 😐

Mr music : Now not to be gay or anything but I'd ride some these dudes like a stolen bike

Mythicc Fenrir : *Every humanity has left the server*

LawLibertyCompassion Justice : Bonbibonkers is not a trap. She only said that to get the creeps off of her. -1

Ropey : at 3:58 you say a trap but in their bio they say "Not a trap" 🤔

x : They were literally all biological girls. Prove me wrong.

Vecktivus : Number 2 is a girl.

!めぐみ : The second person you showed that you thought was a trap is actually a girl lol.

Mohammed Sharaf : This whole time I thought I was using wifi I look on the top and it says LTE+i guess i fell in a trap

BAPE BOI : Just look and see if they have titties or not

Moni : Luckily these traps aren't usually in public... right?

DemonLincoln666 : Order of importance: Neck Hands Collarbone Tags Face

GoldenTV3 : But.... Bonbibonkers is a girl??

nope Noodle : The second one isn't a trap.

Anti Septiceye : *confused boner*

Xan DK : several of these "woman" your saying aren't traps are they dress like men they are the reverse of what your considering a trap which is STILL a trap

AtlasTheShitposter : The Dick Makes It Cuter : Change My Mind

Quacob : Unless I missed something, Bonbi is not a trap, "she" identifies as a boy but he/she was born a female. Not a trap.

WonderWaffles : I'll tell u wat a filipino boy told me in 6th grade. "Chik wit dik 2 x the fun"

Maximo665 : got 13 straight points. guess i can sniff the traps out because of my thai blood

Juraj Lenc : i don´t want to live in world when i can´t be sure what m i riding

Catalyst : What's the song at 2:00?

Flowmasta Flam : wtf that second girl is not a trap lmao. I'm not guessing, know this for a fact. I can't trust the rest of the video now so I'm out. Ruined it pretty early there

OmegaMan 87272 : technically speaking calling a girl dressed like a guy not a trap is incorrect because they are a reverse trap.

Twilight Snarkle : I'll put my Penis in all of them that are 18 and over.

Neil Isaac Pangilinan : I only ever guessed wrong twice That's probably because I'm used to seeing traps😅 God forgive me🙏

Snoopie : If you heart me i will give you the ANTI THOT protection claw :)

BOBSAIDHI3 THE KING : 2:00 hottest trap I've seen so far 😐

Ernesto Cano Carrill : 9:34 I guess im gay