Primitive Technology: Mud Bricks

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Recommend : Like watching a worker in the first few rounds of the civilization game :-)

Lps kiwi And cc : Yesss flexxxxxx

J Triunfal : Muito bom este canal parabéns pra pessoa que criou este nacal

Anonymous Guy : 3:47 perfection...

olppa87 : Damn... You are Kiln it dude!

Fizizy : Imagine this dude in an office job

顔面小次郎 : すげぇ~w

REKNUU : Imagine if you were in your room watching this then your parent walks in to him hitting the mud 😂

deathbyzergling : The year is 2020: Elon Musk lands on Mars to find *this guy* got there with sticks, a couple rocks, and sheer determination.

Asendur : Real life minecraft

Shantanu Jain : One day this man will build his own castle.

愛夢 : リアルMinecraft

Amy Zhang : I called dibs on this guy for any near or future apocalyptic scenarios that may occur.

CamShaftDivine : Pls do a voice reveal

sr estevao max : *alguém Brasileiro*

Albert Einstein : I'm impressed!

Rzayev Elnur : Bir türkçe yazıyon açıklamayı bir ingilis. Nerelesin?

TAIIOK : Съехал от родителей...

Uday Bhadauria : primitive technology 2025 ......electric car from mud and woods...😉😊😊

Gaming Boss : One day he would buid a city

Darth Vader : Im waiting for the day when he has finally created a city in the rainforest

Adil Bangash KURRAM AGENCY : Plz try to make a tree house

brendan kesuma wusvdhe : this guy is bear grylls but better

ELSO : 3:33 slap that booty son

شو شو : يضا واحد عراقي شاف هاذ المقطع يحط لايك

TopGuy360 KENYA : Trending #1 UK

EthanCao23 - XxBeastxX : Looks so cool when he swing on the tree

Uday Bhadauria : 0:23 Tarzan

Kesin Lan Sesinizi : 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

co2ドライアイス一世 : すごい〜

Zekin 60fps : wow , i love your videos xD

Alim Memmedov : 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

大井隆由 : これ考えたひと天才


ALYSHADEZ : All this time there saying it was the aliens that built the pyramids now we know it was this dude!

Dark Enforcer : The real question is when is he going to go mining?

Женя Бро : Klass

kayke de noronha : Perfeiction , !! Mas no segundo tijolo ja estaria no hospital com a coluna fora do lugar kkk mas , parabenizo voce!!!

HitmanMr471 : дааа... были времена, школоте не понять

Gabriel Rodrigues : Apareci aí Brazucas...

TopGuy360 KENYA : Turn ON the subtitles and see the magic!

Alper Duman : 140 tuğla yapmış eleman :d

Rolande Roro : extraordinaire

rasim mete : As bayrakları asa as as türkiyeeeee

Matutina Mcgriff : I will be just like you

Will Yoon : Damn he's doing some Tarzan shit to break that tree..

Numéro bis 27 : Où dort tu ? Chez toi ou dans tes maisons?

Daniela Brito : Ficou top.

The fat Cat : Just ganna say your body are starting grow muscles.GREAT VIDEO I SUBCRIBE

Gata Russa : Queria estar com esse gatinho nesse mato😊