Primitive Technology: Mud Bricks

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Menace : I'm sure this guy had the sickest tree house as a kid xd

deathbyzergling : The year is 2020: Elon Musk lands on Mars to find *this guy* got there with sticks, a couple rocks, and sheer determination.

The Memester Gangster : Australian Caveman Guy Strength: 95 Speed: 85 Intelligence: 95 Crafting skill: 100 Gathering skill: 95 Building skill: 95 Firemaking skill: 100 Metalworking skill: 45 Speaking skill: 0

Bugrer : Legend has it that he crafted the camera from stone.

EthanCao23 - XxBeastxX : Looks so cool when he swing on the tree

Articulate Design ASMR : Reaching almost 6 million subs without uttering a single word. I know it gets a bit of a poor reputation, but this is why places like youtube are just incredible sources of information. I applaud your innovation and hardwork PT!

PizzaBoi : When your out of LEGO bricks and mom won’t buy you more😂😂

Herman Tranborg Åk 9 : he just took minecraft to a whole new level

Tony Games : he gets money for doing free things in the wild and working hard to survive Nice.

WeirdPotato : better than an ikea product. LOL!

☼ Heirloom reviews ☼ : this guy makes Tarzan look like a sissy

- KETi - : Rare footage from 10 thousand bc

Desmond Hunter : I may have only spent today watching all these videos but so far the one thing ive noticed is how these videos always open with you cutting a tree xD

Cod cod : 0:20 Tarzan

James Potter : I wanna know how he built his camera out of sticks nd that.

TA Outdoors : You're number 1 on YouTube Trending...FINALLY something decent in the YouTube trending section!! Happy for you man

顔面小次郎 : すげぇ~w

Santos Ugalde : I love mud pies

Just Some Guy with a Mustache : Suck it, Big Bad Wolf.

Mr . G : Remember to plant a tree when you chop down a tree :)

Will Yoon : Damn he's doing some Tarzan shit to break that tree..

GewoonGuido : so how do you charge up your camera

samppa boy the one : 2018?!?!?

Eser Karaceper : This guy is ready for zombie apocalypse :)

ギビー : 木の倒し方かっこよすぎw

Splashi : Next on Primitive Technology, How to make a primitive wifi router.

David Lubary : he took minecraft too seriously

To ni : in 19 second 😂😂good job

Gabriel Varela : Muinto. Top

Filament Centiella : So hot

AutoKurd : Only this guy will survive in WW3

veguira CN : Minecraft in real life

JL Cena : What do want to be when you get older. This.....

Camb903 : How do your banging noises and you hammering not attract animals

Royyan Da Master : 0:01 When you think you can take down a tree like in minecraft

Darth Vader : Im waiting for the day when he has finally created a city in the rainforest

Ameer TV.HG. : *.اشلون ذكي.*

colby turner : Will power

ThePlasmaPro : Mud bricks In real life

P Bromley : I will do this or another recipe but not that much trouble with the mold

Gimberg Preval : At least you don't pay rent when you live in the forest.

Holi Hon : I feel so AMSR

greteñ : Every man on the earth must find this AWESOME.

JL Cena : When you run out of domino's pieces

lamoste eacer : Hey man say something .....hmm..

lil Ranga : I bet he made the camera out of mud

JAY PARRA : I want those sandles!

Hircome : 0:16 RKO

emperor palpatine : How do you produce electricity in the wild? In such a way where you could utilise it to heat up stuff

Thomas Kellogg : It’s Tarzan