Primitive Technology: Mud Bricks

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Recommend : Like watching a worker in the first few rounds of the civilization game :-)

gaming king : I can't wait until this guy makes it in the Bronze Age

KING MATY : 0:16 Tarzaaaan!!!😂

StormbreakerGER : Fucking up future archaeologists!

Lisa Lowery : This guys friends when he was a kid...."HEY LETS BUILD A FORT" .......This guy builds a real god damn fort!

Dimension7 : When it comes to making fire, this dude is no slouch.

Psykoh da1 : can we appreciate the fact that this dude is playing minecraft *in real life* i mean, he made a bow, an axe, and now bricks out of clay, whats next, a sword?!

Tips for healthy life : I am watching this video by disabling adblock :)


mix-sertanejo : Muito bom 👍👍👍👍👍

Mocking69 : 現地調達&現地製造!! 凄いですね=3

Leo Poole : I've been watching this channel since day 1, I remember when you barely got any views, now you have 18 million on this video alone. I love what you do keep it up

gaming king : 9:37 there's Justin a sitting there

FNC xPeke : Primitive technology > whole world

Zenesis : Waiting for next patch when he make a shotgun with that bullets he made

Phuwnaren : he keeps burning ores and getting all sorts of metals in videos but i wanna know real bad how can he make like an iron axe or something

Atlars : I cant wait till you start the Wonder production

Tristan Polinsky : Seriously, you intrigue me at every turn.

ghali mohhna : ......

dodged : 0:15 Tarzan

ghali mohhna : .......

isanabria79 : 9k thumbs down? Lots of haters out there smh

Bomblowskyy : you are a king of jungle!

The Bat Channel : Compared to this most people have a pathetic excuse for a "life". Sitting all day watching tv or sleeping. Thats not life.

adithya shukapuri : I'll on the captions all the time.. When seeing his videos...

Asia Jennifer : Does it all melt away when it rains?

Göksu Sicimoğlu : H U M A N E D

ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY : 4:07 this dude is cool. He doesn’t even look just focuses and then wets his hands.

¡HasCookie! YT : Esto es tan relajante 😳,like si crees lo mismo

DIY Tech : I want to see ur rendering setup in the jungle :D

飛影 : 日本語訳ありがとう

Sasuke Uchiha : 0:15 THE LEGEND OF TARZAN

tony rythm : New subscriber from the future

زهراء الملكة : استمر

Samantha Kuntz : Trending #5 here. Congratulations!! 👏

TehAlphabit : 0:15 Primitive Ninja Warrior

علي البصري : جميل

bili dounne : Tu est français

Stupid Poop face : This dudes a boss

☼ Heirloom reviews ☼ : this guy makes Tarzan look like a sissy

R3pl4y : 2018 builds town

Ján Snirc : You are the best youtuber!!!!!!!!!


Jurgen Klopp : Can you build a house of clay bricks?

df2ll : This is the quality content I subscribed for.

Wesley Beke : Goddamn tarzan at the start lol

Space Wolf : This guy said that he used it according to fair use and credited you.

Lilian Tao : I just cant over about how many subscribers he gets Without talking

Mr. LansoySauce Fontiveros : What happens if you get sick man, i wanna see how you make medicine

SplashiMan : Diy house