Primitive Technology: Mud Bricks

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Olivia Sieradzka : I love this

Yuri Rekym : Hey Dude you make it right * : )

ẏβʀὄẓ Ϟ : I bet he can craft Electronics out of clay

Jape _Tape : Can you please build a tree house?😊

Deus Chan : Do supreme mud brick

Zenesis : Waiting for next patch when he make a shotgun with that bullets he made

Frank Garrett : 4 AM and I'm watching a half naked man play with mud

MrChertenock : Лет четырнадцать мне было, делали саман для дома соседа, набралось человек 20 молодых парней от 14 до 22 лет, смесь из глины и соломы мешали ногами. Для облегчения процесса привели лошадь, так она , бедная, после двух кругов по глине, упала и отказалась в нее заходить. Тяжелый это труд.

Flopperstein : (in a few months) Primitive technology: Quantum computers

Triggered_Tristan YT : This guy should become a baker. The way he slaps dat mud thou

TutosCarlos -Tecnología : Como Llegue Aqui :v?

Scorpian King : Proud to be human being.......👍

Beast Boy : Where Is The Link For This Minecraft Texture Mod?

Do it Yourself إصنعها بنفسك : i wish i could live in a forest , do you ?

EdsonYamamoto : 0:16 dat poledance

Miller Beats // Rap Instrumental - Hip Hop Beat : Very Amazing!!!

藤堂大吾郎 : This is an ASMR movie…

んや ༻ : 日本語とは、、、かなり嬉しい

milenka braddick : Entoces asi es minecraft en la vide real :v

marjamada : Love how you made the roof tiles. I worked in Central America many times where the curved 'Spanish'-style roofs are the norm and discovered that the original tiles were made by women who shaped them on their thighs, and are still done like that today.

вoтanхv / بوتان : Wow 😮

Glenn Danner : Primitive technology: stripper poles

موها- Moha : عرب موجودين. :)

Yuri : I want to know how he prevents the camera from getting filthy.

Mohamed Abdelazem : تمتعني حياة البراري 😊

Zekin 60fps : wow , i love your videos xD

Conce Toto : Eres un genio hermano

Max Buglet : Когда гасишься от военкома)

T K : He looks like Tarzan

Dner : There are 9000 dislikes! Why?????

TA Outdoors : You're number 1 on YouTube Trending...FINALLY something decent in the YouTube trending section!! Happy for you man

ابن العراق : هاذ حربي

Jojo __th : جايه من طرف خلف زون

SeedS : браво!!!

Abdrrahmane Kheddari : This Guy is very awsom

ZX Tech. : Playing minecraft on most realistic difficulty level

Matheus Masullo : Vim por causa de um comentário no vídeo do Cauê Moura

SỐc BẤt NgỜ Gaming : he's very strong ( i am vietnamese)

Freelance Philosopher : They made fun of him, you know. He sat in the woods, a _grown man_ playing in the mud - what a joke. But with seven million subscribers like myself willing to skip through ads to watch him quietly build his little... Mud-stove... Thing... Now who has the last laugh?

Ahmed AR Games : يا شباب مين عربي

Looking Everyday : Yesterday: 7 million views Today: 11 million views I'm watching this video 1000 times. I never seen it's amazing video

Nam Trần : Sống công nghệ cao rồi chán quay về cuộc sống tụ lập lại vui

علوش وكذا : لا أفهم شيء هل هذه عربي ام اجنبي لانو القناة مالتو أم لا

flordeliza espejo : Is this were he actually lives or he just films here

luka geo gamer : god

Arabėlla Kvelbërj : This has been on trending for a while now so I was like, meh I'll check it out. Glad I did it's so cool!

Jaidexpress : I thought he was gonna build a pyramid

Sjfjfkjfjdjdk : u should really build a cart

Yusuf Özer : 3:46 cuk oturdu

Мирослав Люклян : Minecraft in real life!!!