Gym Desserts — Running Late with Scott Rogowsky

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Gothika_47 : America the land where you get threatened for hanging out free food.

J.J. Hernandez : "people are here to lose weight, not look like a slob like you"  Man, fuck that guy

Aaron S : As a man that was certified as a Personal Trainer for 3 years and worked at 2 gyms for about 6 years I have to say this. If all it takes is a person eating a cupcake to stop you from working out you're going to have a lot of trouble in life down the road. It's called a little self control

extenebrislux : "we'll have to call the police" LMAO for what, giving cupcakes for free?? oh people... the way the second guy handled the two dickheads is hilarious!!! if going to the gym makes you that angry and miserable you should stop and eat a cupcake.

Ditzen : I don't get it! Why we're they so mad? One threatened you and another called you a slob. You were being really nice. I don't understand.

planesrift : i dont know man, those kids picking up the cupcakes are still quite in shape

Patrick Wumbo : those gym rats needed to calm the fuck down

Lucia Ribeiro : "I'm gonna get diabetes but fuck it, yolo right" 😂😂

Saad Alam : I don't know why that guy in the green was so mad. NOTHING is more motivating than someone giving out FREE cupcakes outside of a gym. If you can't overcome a hurdle so small, why are you even working out?

don saké : the black dudes were fucking funny hahaha

hip360hop : the dude in green is a genuine piece of shit

Ultra Giga Nigga : IIFYM motherfuckers, ever heard of it?

PaonSol : I see YouTube is about as racist as it usually is.

GoCanes2001 : Notice the people that were taking the most of advantage of the free stuff. What a surprise.

xXxTheSorrowxXx : If people get fat, they'll need to work out for longer in the gym = more money ...y u so mad gym?

Aaron B : Jeez some of those people were getting really hostile wtf lol

JessifurC : Man that look like a slob comment got me really worked up. Now I'm pro-choice.

Mike Jordan : I like Kevin Smith in this video.

Deber Ruth : Put that shit on your macros and then eat it. It's hilarious see a lot of people trying to eat "Clean".

SeamusCameron : Good lord, some people need to lay off the roids and chill out. This is hilarious.

La Sombra Del LoBo : People are so sensitive, why so many bitchs in the world...

King Creep : I learned if you don't like sweets, you also hate jokes.

Acres2 : I train 5 days per week and I found this fucking hilarious! Ahahaha, well done guys

teddyfront : how would people react if it was a fitness model handing out free cupcakes

Kevin Minaee : 1:32 this is why i love niggazzzzzzz

mendize : The real joke here, is how mad some of the people were getting. I'll take a free cupcake after a hard workout. I earned that shit.

José-Ariel Cuevas : The guy doing the threats and the guy doing the insults deserve to get knockout game'd.

WillysLhead134 : Dude in the green shirt needs the chip knocked off his shoulder.

Jordan Sadowski : Lol at being called a slob. Totally true though. Just because you don`t want to put in the hard work to look good doesn`t mean you should taunt people who care about them looking after their bodies.

Anthony De Castro : What a buncha stuck up shits. Just take or walk on past or just take ONE. One freaking brownie after a good workout isn't gonna put back on every pound. Workout to feel good over time, not to make yourself feel superior to everyone. Even the gym rat can die of a stroke or heart attack too!

SubparPanda : I love those guys at the end lmao

Jay Jones : Must be a planet fitness.

Oscar NotYourBuissines : Hahaha! Respect to everyone who took the free food!

DeathByCactus : I'd have a few, then go work out. I go to the gym to lift weights and get strong, not worry about weight.

lawse-in-tha-sauce : Don't blame others just because you don't have self control. If I randomly saw some free sweets I'd be like fuck it this is the world giving back to me.

bonzai08 : HAHA Love that last comment "Yo ama get diabetes but fuck it like YOLO right.." Priceless.

Po Po : Let me see, Deliberately handing out cupcakes IN FRONT of the gym entrance. Trying to rile up people to get their reactions. Making faces and chewing in front of the gym window. What is the fucking point of this video? And why is there so many morons supporting these guys? Making fun of people who actually work out and try to be healthy is bad now? And that guy screaming probably has issues. Everyone work out for a different reason. Some try to direct their anger/stress into their workout BUT there's also a possibility that it's a paid actor LIKE EVERY FUCKING YOUTUBE "PRANK VIDEOS...

nešto drugo : well if it fits your macros... ;)

WishyLH : I'm a huge gym-goer and I think this is awesome. The type of people that put others down like that just make me sad that they are part of the gym.

pxlg92 : Scott and Abe you guys get a subscribe from me !! Great video, it's a shame some people had to try and ruin it for ya.

xep5k : Nothing wrong with loosing weight but problem is a lot of Gym Rats think they are better than everyone else...

R Haggins : Stuck up ass motherfuckers crying because a guy is handing out Cupcakes? If you don't want any say no and keep it moving

Italia 458driver : I bet if they were handing out d*cks to eat that dude in the green shirt would have sucked on 2. Lol

Sebastian Rodriguez : Its a damn cupcake ... Gym owner an few of the gym people are acting like there offering drinks outside an AA meeting ... People it time to take a chill pill .. (Maybe the steroids makes them angry who knows) yet there were no buff guys on this clip)

TheAGCteam : Pathetic people that got mad. Most of those fitbros are huge faggots anyway.

C North : 0:59 roid rage confirmed.

C North : I'm gonna join a gym and get so fit I can eat cupcakes while working out in front of others and still look good. Also, I'm gonna tell any douche that tries to make conversation with me, "If you could leave me alone that'd be great", just to knock them down a peg, because their biggest fear is not mattering at all.

Jimmy Strudel : black people LOVE their handouts.

mpBomil : The downvoters are liberal cucks

EqualsDeath : damn, i would NEVER offend someone who's giving me food. especially some awesome kind of food. people are disgusting.