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DanielFromSL : I don't know what's worse, the seizure or you wake up and you got Phil Margera in his underpants looking down at you.

EpicLPer : That one naked dude there tho, jesus.

First Last : That wendy skin was so annoying, that was probably the reason he had a seizure..

Jaxon the Yoshi : Even in VRchat, there's faith in humanity

veloctricty : yo that wendy needed to back up like jesus

Menace : Great to see how people reacted to the situation

Spaghetti-Spider : Would I find kind of amazing was when the storm of Ugandan Knuckles showed up. They first started fucking around like usual, but when they noticed what was actually happening, they all broke character and started asking questions. Then they all helped out without fucking around. It's surprising to find kind people, especially in VR chat.

Johnimations : I find it insane how people in VRChat reacted better to a current fatal issue than Logan Paul does in real life.

Vagkws : *PLEASE TAKE SOME TIME TO READ THIS,YOU MAY SAVE A LIFE* As someone who is trained for this , here are some things to do if this happens IRL or in a game like this IRL first 1) if you see a person having spasms on his hand ask him and be ready to place him on the floor gently 2) *DO NOT BY ANY MEAN HOLD HIS BODY OR HIS HEAD IN PLACE WHILE HE IS HAVING A SEIZURE*this can cause him to suffer injuries in and out 3) *DO NOT TRY TO OPEN HIS MOUTH WITH SOMETHING LETS SAY A SPOON*. for some reason people think that this can save his life but this is false . by doing that you can injure him badly and even at certain cases kill him 4)you should protect his body by taking away any objects that might be in his reach from chairs and tables to knifes and forks 5) you SHOULD* protect the head by placing your hands or a soft and thin object under his head to make sure he doesn't bash it on the floor but as i said earlier *NEVER TRY TO HOLD IT IN PLACE 6) let him have the seizure. just let him finish. after that he wil probably fall asleep, just be sure that he is breathing put him in the recovery position (place him on his side to be sure that he will breath easily) call for help GAMING from afar 1) stay away from his line of vision especially if you have flashing images on your character 2) be sure to inform him about it after the case and tell him to seek assistance because there is always a chance for a second one to occur right after 3)be patient because he may fall asleep after the case and not respond for maybe hours THANK YOU for reading this please like it to be seen by more people

Alex Rae : This was so terrifying to deal with! (I was the kid with the Kanna model (PoppySeed)) I was so scared for him, because there was nothing we could do. Just so everyone knows, he has permission to upload this. And I’m glad this was made in a way to press awareness and not just get views. Also, everyone! He is fine, he is okay!

kevin durant is a stupid snake : yo i know this is serious and all, but i cant take it serious when there are 10 cartoon characters all standing in a circle debating on what to do with a robot thats having a seizure while morty is trying to revive him and knuckles is running around with a bunch of anime characters, edit: btw the whole time this dude had a seizure he probably had his vr headset on, so he had to witness everything i just described💀

TheBetterGamer : Now imagine if they weren't in VR. Imagine it was a desktop user. Nobody would know why someone is just standing in the same spot for 10 minutes.

Frisky : This just makes me love the community even more.

FrankieJr : I believe we all are disappointed in that "One guy"

twomad : you are kind

Givhb Fjgkbjj : 3:30 The udangan knuckles was like do you know de wae then everyone was like stfu

Beneger : That damn wnedy's model. They should have a warning for certain skins. You should not be able to make skins that could trigger different mental disabilities.

danitiwa : Loving that supportive Morty

ProtoMario : I am always saying this, Gamers are not just childish trolls who do not care, when the chips are down, gamers are serious.

VZA : That damn Wendy's giving people seizures up in here...

Kostas anagno : Just think about it, dying on the floor and the last thing you hear before you die is "He does not know da wei spit on him brudas" followed by clicking sounds, what a horrible end

Mia Bullock : The Wendy and the knuckles were so annoying.

Walter K : I have seizures and I'd be thinking I was tripping balls if I awoke to Morty ,Anime Characters and Mini Knuckles gathering around me but to be honest it was more likely the VR itself then any one skin that along with heat.

SpaceKraken : I think it's because of that rainbow Wendy's at the very beginning

Calvin Goetz : I'm actually surprised by how well all the people handled this, very few trolls and everyone was genuinely concerned

Noppakorn Phutthanet : Dude woke up from a seizure surrounded by bunch of memes and anime girls...

GoodWoodization : the ugandan knuckles meme was never funny

Mario E. : Over-exposure to bad memes did this...

Nobody Famous : 6:10 "The entire community is coming together for the betterment of this person, dont be that one guy" Sounds exactly like something Morty would have said

AyyFries : imagine dying and the last thing you see is uganda knuckles

ZarathustraDK : The clueless Knuckles that came out of nowhere going "Do you know da wae to Uganda?" and had the whole room turn on him for a second had me chuckling ^^

PauseForGames : "Ah geez Rick. D-d-do you think we should call an ambulance? I mean, he looks pretty hurt!" Glad the guy is ok!

Рыбная палочка : Wow

All Mighty Pixel : 6:16 thank you when this ask you something tragic or serious going on don't be that one guy trying to make a joke you just look like a jerk

Keresiyaカーレシヤ : This is so surreal like a robot seizuring on the ground with concerned anime characters and Morty and Psycho from BL2 like lmao what is this life? I'm glad he's okay. Everyone handled it pretty well. Take care, everyone!

Legend813a : >be me >using a VR Solid Snake avatar >all of a sudden I have heart attack >dying on the floor as Super Mario, Goku, Strawberry Shortcake, Mickey Mouse and Optimus Prime watch >little midget knuckles walks up to me >last thing I hear before I die is "He does not know da wei spit on him brudas" followed by clicking sounds

misternoobie : I am quite glad on how they reacted/handled the situation. Hope the guy gets better soon.

Nocturus : Boy this Ready Player One movie looks great.

Duality : Damn I’ve never seen VR chat come together like that, it’s amazing what humans can do

Kaelah Moore : That dancing Wendy was probably the one who started it. She made my eyes hurt.. Then has the nerve to say he's dead.

Paige Gardner : 8:41 I lost it when everyone was being serious and then Uganda just did one solemn tongue click empathetically

CaptainTalon448 : That Wendy's avatar was not helping the situation with that neon outline

Lunch Is A Turd : God bless that Morty

ThePipLad : lol

Синий дракон : For some reason, i find it kinda cute. The way they're trying to help him... That's nice.

Stath!zZz : My brother had exactly the same thing in the night. It was so scary, he couldn't move..... his eyeballs turned up.... I thought he was dead.... My parents almost died from heart attack back then. If you have that kind of shit please go immediately to a neurologist (Sorry for my English)

Lindsey Adrenalized : Thank you gamers! 👏 As someone who has had 3 seizures in my lifetime and I am currently 10 years seizure-free, you guys handled it the RIGHT way. Thank you for spreading awareness ♥️

boy blue : What you should and shouldn't do when someone is having a seizure, information provided by the CDC: DO: Ease the person to the floor. Turn the person gently onto one side. This will help the person breathe. Clear the area around the person of anything hard or sharp. This can prevent injury. Put something soft and flat, like a folded jacket, under his or her head. Remove eyeglasses. Loosen ties or anything around the neck that may make it hard to breathe. Time the seizure. Call 911 if the seizure lasts longer than 5 minutes. DO NOT: Do not hold the person down or try to stop his or her movements. Do not put anything in the person’s mouth. This can injure teeth or the jaw. A person having a seizure cannot swallow his or her tongue. Do not try to give mouth-to-mouth breaths (like CPR). People usually start breathing again on their own after a seizure. Do not offer the person water or food until he or she is fully alert. Take care everyone. 💖

Ganof : Humanity restored

キツネのウサギThe Kitsune : Morty = The best person there