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Frisky : This just makes me love the community even more.

roblox games and music : ITS ALL WENDYS FRICKING FAULT

Carter Johnson : He's right, if someone is having a seizure, you have to let is pass. However, if you are with them, you should clear anything around them that can cause harm. Don't crowd them or yell. They will wake up in a state of shock, and will need water to SLOWLY drink. They most likely will be way more scared than you will be, and will need to be calmed down. Like to spread awareness


The 13 plus Strawberry : Three people that flipping annoyed me where.. 1.LED Wendy's 2.The knuckles who had the blue flame things 3.The fat guy, who kept doing the "die" animation on top of the guy I have my own personal reasons, and normal reasons, please don't start spamming my comment saying "ITS NOT LED WENDYS FAULT!" There's two reasons I said LED Wendy, 1.She was making Very, very rude jokes, 2.She kept dancing and such around him

DNSL : I don't know what's worse, the seizure or you wake up and you got Phil Margera in his underpants looking down at you.

X_PHANTOM_ ELITE_X : If this was a killing game. *I'M GOING STRAIGHT FOR THAT WENDY*

oh yeah yeah : Bless that morty

SvperNovaa : When someone is having a seizure, you can't really do anything until its done. You have to wait it out, and sometimes they lose memory... Poor guy...

Jamison Fawkes : Not everyone in the Rick and Morty fan base is an idiot

Menace : Great to see how people reacted to the situation

Cyanapse : i'm not saying the seizure is funny but, its fricking hilarious how Morty is just standing there and worrying *in character*

Kiibo Chan : Guys just so y’all now I heard that the Wendy guy or girl got banned or something which is good he was being disrespectful. >:/

tf ff : The Wendy girl was saying he's dead he's a dead cow

Notmetoo For : One thing I don’t understand is that guy just good at doing the Morty voice or what

VZA : That damn Wendy's giving people seizures up in here...

Optic_fox_gaming : Death to Wendy

Harrison Vo : in the tags there's "funny" "hilarious" "vrchat funny moments" how is this funny?

Sally Blue : This game should have a seizure warning so it won't happen again.

ChonkerChester : Ok I’m glad he’s fine but imagine waking up after a seizure surrounded by Uganda Knuckles, Morty, Hank Hill Roblox guy, anime do it to em, and lugia

ProtoMario : I am always saying this, Gamers are not just childish trolls who do not care, when the chips are down, gamers are serious.

Mango Sushiii : ƒմϲƘ ɾɑíղҍօա աҽղժվ 1 like = Help guy in seizure

Refrigerator20Plays : 3 things Wendy's serves: 1: Food 2: Terrible Roasts on Twitter 3: EPILEPTIC SEIZURES

linaтнεs̾p̾o̾o̾k̾y̾무무 : they should get rid of the led skins for inducing seizures

H4V0C Mystic : I want to strangle that rainbow wendy

twomad : you are kind

ItzPhate YT : I haven’t had a seizure, but I had a panic attack then blacked out last time I played VrChat. I tell ya, it also feels like sh*t. Be wary y’all, its no fun in games when that happens to some one. Glad he was okay in the end.

Hani : 4:03 the hand

•CfThird : *That Gay A$$ Wendy fak*

Sloth Potter : The Wendy at 2:57 is probably the reason why the dude had a seizure.

Red Guy : That Morty is the one true Morty

Bills Realm : I feel like the neon colours from Wendy’s character caused the seizure but eh I don’t know.

Boop the snoot : Just looking at that Wendy makes me sick

Callister Rod2500 : Reallly noice they care for each other. They stayed for him

EpicLPer : That one naked dude there tho, jesus.

AlexaMay Art : That Morty was jusr amazing

nvbasedlad _ : >you should go lay down >go drink some water GEEZ, THANKS DOC

ortega bros. : #KILLWENDY

I•purple•uwu~💜 : It saddens me to see this since my sister is autistic and had to be taken out of school due to seizures and was homeschooled - school was too stressful... anyone who sais he shouldn't be in vr chat or anyone that has the possibility of having seizures please don't be too quick to judge.. there's many different causes and I'm sure he would've left if something was going to trigger his seizures.. but I'm glad he is okay now. But the girl in the Wendy skin was immature about this situation.. but I'm not going to hate on her because if she came back at anyone about it because of our comment she could deeply hurt us..

Jaxon the Yoshi : Even in VRchat, there's faith in humanity

Nightmare Jolt Prime : That f*cking Wendy caused this! I swear I will never go to Wendys again!

Some guy online : I hate to be "that guy"....but if he knew he was predisposed to seizures he shouldn't be on vr chat or video games at all for that matter. If he just found out...well that's a hell of a way to find out you're prone to seizures lol. At least he's OK & hopefully not playing video games

Glowstone Lion : That Wendy’s can die

Itz_jay : This guy had a seizure bc of flashing colors and Wendy decide to go up to him dance and make rude jokes... :( if anyone is in need of help help them if ty can

All Mighty Pixel : 6:16 thank you when this ask you something tragic or serious going on don't be that one guy trying to make a joke you just look like a jerk

Megan Glover : I don’t have epilepsy. Meaning I don’t run the risk of having a seizure every hour of the day. But I have had seizures before and I loathe something like this happening to me

lil Clippy : Good people good people 💪👍👏👏🙌🙏🙏

the very sick man : Really that guy shouldn't wear that bright skin but a eptliptic person shouldn't play vr chat cause the risk

HypnoticModz : I'm proud of this community❤