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DanielFromSL : I don't know what's worse, the seizure or you wake up and you got Phil Margera in his underpants looking down at you.

HerobrineSings : It's good to see people took it seriously, aside from the trolls. I've heard VR Chat can be a bit dicey but despite how joking some people can be most of these guys stepped up to the plate. I've never had a seizure myself but I have family who has seizures (dad, aunt, and my dog) and it's pretty scary. Always take this stuff seriously and I hope that guy got help and is on some medication for his seizures.

Brrazer - : Im never eating at Wendy's anymore.

Maya the Tom fangirl : The Wendy skin was the reason he had a seizure

Enya 1k subs with no video challenge : how much people care about him.. well that its so helpfull lovely <3

Menace : Great to see how people reacted to the situation

Sad Boi : God bless that Morty

roblox games and music : ITS ALL WENDYS FRICKING FAULT

Enya 1k subs with no video challenge : 1:10 yes he is right and if you have a seizure you cant do anything i had a seizure only my neck first and then my legs i was scared AF first and btw there is a lot going on in vrchat ,,

Lea TheDragonLight : I hate people just playing jokes when something serious is happening, and I'm glad he's fine, hope he doesn't get another seizure attack again.

EpicLPer : That one naked dude there tho, jesus.

Gerald Tomber : That was very inappropriate how the Wendy’s girl acted

ya boi Omar : The Internet is coming together *sheds tear*

WildFlower 882 : I love the supportive morty

Ryu Ryu : Is it just me or is that Wendy so annoying. She is probably the reason why he got the seizure..

Jaxon the Yoshi : Even in VRchat, there's faith in humanity

AfTeRtAsTe - : I love how much care you guys gave him.. I am so happy to- *SEE THAT WENDY RAINBOW THOT IN HELL*

Ash Howlmoon : Aww, I hope he's okay... That person in the rainbow Wendy avatar was an a**hole. It was incredible to see how you guys reacted to this, you guys were so caring and kind!

Leonardo Guzman : Who the heck would dance in front of a person while having a seizure?!?!?!!!?!?

Little Kitten : Three people that flipping annoyed me where.. 1.LED Wendy's 2.The knuckles who had the blue flame things 3.The fat guy, who kept doing the "die" animation on top of the guy I have my own personal reasons, and normal reasons, please don't start spamming my comment saying "ITS NOT LED WENDYS FAULT!" There's two reasons I said LED Wendy, 1.She was making Very, very rude jokes, 2.She kept dancing and such around him

Mia Bullock : The Wendy and the knuckles were so annoying.

Maddie Hatter : Accurate representation of Wendy’s You’ll get a seizure don’t go for ur own health

ChamusiAj : This is really scary, because a kid next to me, a friend, actually, had a seizure in the middle of an elementary school play. It was only a partial seizure, but I managed to keep him up so he wouldn't choke. The teachers went and got a wheel chair and took him to the hospital. Thankfully it was only a partial that almost made it to the threshold. He's fine. I was terrified, however, and this really shows the helplessness someone feels when another has a seizure. Thank you for raising awareness for this through this video and I hope the dude is okay.

Red13 animations : Poor dude I hope he's fine

Optic_fox_gaming : Death to Wendy

twomad : you are kind

runningflame : it's sad to think that nobody can do anything

Jorrit Broekhuis : Maybe he shouldn't play VR if he has epilepsy, i mean dont blame the rainbow wendy's because even on the packaging of a VR headset they warn people for epilepsy

pedro s : Wendy was probably what triggered it. You should feel bad broski

Bebzilla Playz : if i was an admin in that server i would have banned that knuckle and ban the wendy

kevin durant is a stupid snake : yo i know this is serious and all, but i cant take it serious when there are 10 cartoon characters all standing in a circle debating on what to do with a robot thats having a seizure while morty is trying to revive him and knuckles is running around with a bunch of anime characters, edit: btw the whole time this dude had a seizure he probably had his vr headset on, so he had to witness everything i just described💀

moonlight moo : I know Im late but I'm SAD and MAD of how I'm the same thing as the Wendy IM MAD THAT THERE HUMAN

Jamison Fawkes : Not everyone in the Rick and Morty fan base is an idiot

otaku kirishirma : i know I'm late but I'm glad that guy is alive I don't know about rainbow wendys though....

tf ff : The Wendy girl was saying he's dead he's a dead cow

All Mighty Pixel : 6:16 thank you when this ask you something tragic or serious going on don't be that one guy trying to make a joke you just look like a jerk

Harrison Vo : in the tags there's "funny" "hilarious" "vrchat funny moments" how is this funny?

Anime Fan67 : The fact that I have epilepsy that Wendy just is A DICK like seriously he could have died I’m glad he’s ok

U See : Dat fuking obese rainbow Wendy dancing when someone is having a seizure wtf

snowie13 london10 : Yes wendy is an ass im just glad to see ppl care for him and helped out

Calvin Goetz : I'm actually surprised by how well all the people handled this, very few trolls and everyone was genuinely concerned

ProXY One Music : That Wendy probably didn't help

f a l s e h o o d : dude shouldn't be on vr chat if he has seizures the wendys skin wasn't making it better though, they should've gone somewhere else if they knew they had a bright flashy skin

Megan Glover : I don’t have epilepsy. Meaning I don’t run the risk of having a seizure every hour of the day. But I have had seizures before and I loathe something like this happening to me

LpsDaisyDoll : Omg this was so scary. I'm so happy he was ok. He needs to get medicine or a service dog. I'm also surprised that the vr community reacted like that. I'm so happy you guys tried your best to help him. And yes we should raise awareness for this kinda stuff.

Keresiyaカーレシヤ : This is so surreal like a robot seizuring on the ground with concerned anime characters and Morty and Psycho from BL2 like lmao what is this life? I'm glad he's okay. Everyone handled it pretty well. Take care, everyone!

ItzPhate YT : I haven’t had a seizure, but I had a panic attack then blacked out last time I played VrChat. I tell ya, it also feels like sh*t. Be wary y’all, its no fun in games when that happens to some one. Glad he was okay in the end.

lil Clippy : Good people good people 💪👍👏👏🙌🙏🙏

Mysteriia : When someone is having a seizure, you can't really do anything until its done. You have to wait it out, and sometimes they lose memory... Poor guy...