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Rogue Shadow VR : [ PLEASE NOTE ] This video was posted with the explicit, documented permission by the individual who had this seizure. Furthermore this individual was not harmed or injured before, during, or after this video and is perfectly fine at the time of this upload. This video is being shared for the purposes of spreading awareness of epilepsy which must be considered with the emergence of virtual reality on both the industry and individual users scale. This is also being shared for the purpose of analyzing and documenting the nature of this occurrence and the reactions of bystanders in Virtual Reality which is an unprecedented situation. [ CONSIDER THIS ] If you think this video should not be monetized for ethical reasons, despite the fact explicit permission to do so was secured from the subject, I want you to take a minute and think of all the news channels in the past 50 years that have made trillions of dollars by running adds between reports of some of humanity's most dire moments and vile deeds all with accompanying footage of violence, hatred, sensationalism, and- and I'm just a guy with a Youtube channel. Upload your own videos, you can choose not to monetize those if you want. [ FURTHERMORE - YOUTUBE HAS ACTED AGAINST EPILEPSY AWARENESS ] My previous upload was the footage you see here with the addition of commentary made on camera by myself personally. I showed a transcript from the steam messaging in which I was given permission to upload this video by the individual who had this seizure, and I explained the context and nature of this situation in a respectful manner with a reverent tone and even concluded the video with an effort to spread epilepsy awareness by stating the causes and symptoms of epilepsy as well as the steps to take if someone is having a seizure, all disclaimed as not to be taken as professional medical advice. No dramatic music, jokes, indecency, swearing, or controversial topics were included. Apparently this was deemed "Not suitable for all advertisers" by Youtubes automated system. If you didn't know, when a video is put in that category, its exposure to viewers is dramatically slashed. Meaning the message I attempted to convey would reach MUCH fewer people. This is wrong. My target audience especially needs to keep in mind this condition of epilepsy and its effects. VR users literally strap screens with flashing lights to their face to interact with eachother online. At first I wasn't concerned with the automated systems categorization of the video. I had my faith in the YouTube manual review team to realize the nature of this video and correct the situation. Apparently I was fooling myself. The manual review team of YouTube decided my message of epilepsy awareness should not be reaching people and they locked in the categorization made by the automated system. Frankly I am appalled and shocked YouTube would make this move. The thing is YouTube does not communicate with creators in regards to why decisions like this are made. HOWEVER YOUTUBE IS NOW INVESTING IN THE VIRTUAL REALITY INDUSTRY SO THAT COULDN'T POSSIBLY MEAN THEY WOULD HIDE A MESSAGE OF CARE AND CONCERN FOR THE SAKE OF CORPORATE MONETARY GAIN. I removed my heart-felt commentary and re-uploaded this video. It turns out the raw footage alone is suitable for YouTube for some reason. It seems this platform defines free speech by its own terms and has some very skewed ideals when it comes to certain kinds of content that should be shared. Just know there is much that goes on behind the scenes that creators must hassle with before the content you enjoy sometimes even sees the light of day. That's why I say identify the few creators who really speak to you and add quality to your life, and stand by them, do whatever you can to support them. Also remember we live in the information age, and controlling information is power.

VZA : That damn Wendy's giving people seizures up in here...

RepsUp100 : That's fucked up, thank god he's okay.

EpicLPer : That one naked dude there tho, jesus.

AyyFries : imagine dying and the last thing you see is uganda knuckles

Benny Shilling : As someone who has an epilepsy disorder, I think this video IS a great example of A: what happens during a seizure and the reality of "letting it pass" and how scary it sounds and B: That people are fundamentally good.

ProtoMario : I am always saying this, Gamers are not just childish trolls who do not care, when the chips are down, gamers are serious.

Dark Chimera : I'm really impressed with 95% of the people in the video. I don't think the trolls really understood what was going on though. It's really sweet seeing everyone trying to help even though there was so little to do, but sometimes talking can come a long way. This is definitely not the same as what Logan Paul did for so many reasons. First of all you got permission from the "victim", Logan Paul couldn't even if he wanted to. Second this video actually IS good for awareness, Logan barelly mentioned anything about awareness at the beginning and never talked about anything other then "look, a dead guy. scary" Third, there is an enormous difference between a guy having a seizure and being fine and a person still hanging after his own suicide. Fourth you can't even actually see the guy, you see an avatar, Logan showed all of the suicide victim except from his face. I understand the other's reaction at first, but everyone trying to compare this to what Logan Paul did should think again. Maybe you could add something in the description about what to do if you or someone near you are having a seizure.

Vladimir Lalosh : Thanks god there was qualified Morty around!

Turbopasta : Hey guys, actual person with epilepsy here. I want to address some misinformation I'm seeing in the comments section. All versions of epilepsy have common triggers such as excessive stress and lack of sleep, and not all of them are triggered by photosensitivity (rapidly flashing lights, such as those coming out of a strobe light). From the story Kotaku published on this person, the person said that they had a seizure once when they were 5, and hadn't had one again until this moment. Seizures can happen to anybody, but if you've had one before your risk of having another is much higher than it would be for a regular person. I'm not a doctor, but I don't believe the Wendy's model in-game was the sole triggering event for the seizure, if it was a contributing factor at all. Photosensitivity is actually pretty rare, only about 3% of people that get seizures have it. If you have photosensitive epilepsy and you know it, you should just not be playing games with uncontrollable environments like VRChat at all, but that wasn't the case here anyways. For me personally, I've had 7 seizures since I became epileptic about 3 years ago, and none of them were triggered by flashing lights. I honestly have no idea what my trigger is, sometimes it isn't obvious what is causes seizures to happen. I play lots of video games and I spend tons of time at my computer, and on my current anti-seizure medication I haven't had a seizure in about 6 months. I'm happy to have been clean for this long, but I still find myself worrying about when my next one is going to happen as these things can be pretty life-threatening if they happen at the wrong time. I can't speak for everyone, but I can speak from my own experience what having a seizure feels like. I get a short amount of time to react to it coming. It used to be as little as 2 seconds, my last one was as long as 5 seconds. After that, the seizure begins, and it feels like you're being electrocuted by tasers on a loop. It's the worst pain for me imaginable, and I can't even scream through it since my body's tensed up. I've lost consciousness and came back to reality for a few of my seizures, but for some of them I've been fully conscious throughout. Some of the seizures I've had, it took me several minutes to be able to recall any real information, like my name, what year it was, but functions slowly start to come back. Other seizures, I was basically "back to normal" a few moments after it stopped. Anyways, here are some brief instructions on what to do in the event you see someone having a seizure. Please keep in mind I'm not a doctor of any kind, but this information should basically be useful and correct: IF SOMEONE HAS A SEIZURE IN FRONT OF YOU IN REAL LIFE: Stay calm. Keep their body and their head safe so that they don't injure themselves when they start to lose control of their body. Do not shove anything into their mouth as this will lead to further injury. Position their body in the "recovery position" if you can, which is sideways and lowers the risk of things like choking on their own saliva. In most seizures the rhythmic convulsing should slow after some time passes, and the seizure should pass before 5 minutes pass, but in the case that it doesn't, call for an ambulance immediately if you haven't already. After the seizure passes, the person will mentally be in what's known as the "postictal" state, and they will usually feel tired or disoriented for about 5-30 minutes. At this point, the person should be encouraged to relax, as stress can actually trigger another seizure in some cases. IF SOMEONE HAS A SEIZURE ONLINE IN An ONLINE VR GAME: If you notice something like this happening, the first thing you should do is ask the person "are you okay?". If they are unable to respond, you can assume it might be a seizure, or a heart attack, or maybe something worse, but the important thing here is to not panic. The best thing you can do is try to control the situation verbally, and get the attention of whoever might be in charge or whoever might know the person in real life. In an example like what happened in this video though, that's not possible, so the best thing to do in a case like this is just to wait it out, and check back with the person to see if they're okay. If trolls persist, try and just tell them to stop or ignore them, you aren't going to be able to stop all the trolls anyways, short of blocking them as they appear, which still doesn't do anything for the person having the seizure. If the person having the seizure does come back and you can hear them, talk to them calmly and encourage them to take off the headset and to take it slow until they start to feel better. This is an important issue to me because, not only is epilepsy something that's widely ignored and pushed under the rug as something to figure out later, but it's something that's going to become an increasingly difficult thing to deal with as VR gets more popular and people are in compromising positions while they play games, which can lead to life-threatening falls in the worst-case scenarios. I actually want to get into the VR scene myself, and since my epilepsy is relatively low-risk, I don't think it's something too dangerous for me, but it's still something I worry about. At the very least, people need to be educated on this stuff, as it's just getting sort of ridiculous how people don't seem to have any idea what's happening or what to do in events like this. Hope I've been helpful to someone with this message.

Michael Thompson : Ok I feel so bad for laughing but fuck all those characters gathered around with real concern for him was fucking hilarious

Vagkws : *PLEASE TAKE SOME TIME TO READ THIS,YOU MAY SAVE A LIFE* As someone who is trained for this , here are some things to do if this happens IRL or in a game like this IRL first 1) if you see a person having spasms on his hand ask him and be ready to place him on the floor gently 2) *DO NOT BY ANY MEAN HOLD HIS BODY OR HIS HEAD IN PLACE WHILE HE IS HAVING A SEIZURE*this can cause him to suffer injuries in and out 3) *DO NOT TRY TO OPEN HIS MOUTH WITH SOMETHING LETS SAY A SPOON*. for some reason people think that this can save his life but this is false . by doing that you can injure him badly and even at certain cases kill him 4)you should protect his body by taking away any objects that might be in his reach from chairs and tables to knifes and forks 5) you SHOULD* protect the head by placing your hands or a soft and thin object under his head to make sure he doesn't bash it on the floor but as i said earlier *NEVER TRY TO HOLD IT IN PLACE 6) let him have the seizure. just let him finish. after that he wil probably fall asleep, just be sure that he is breathing put him in the recovery position (place him on his side to be sure that he will breath easily) call for help GAMING from afar 1) stay away from his line of vision especially if you have flashing images on your character 2) be sure to inform him about it after the case and tell him to seek assistance because there is always a chance for a second one to occur right after 3)be patient because he may fall asleep after the case and not respond for maybe hours THANK YOU for reading this please like it to be seen by more people

Eddie : I'm sorry but that "Anyone here a trained professional" had me rolling

Spaghetti-Spider : Would I find kind of amazing was when the storm of Ugandan Knuckles showed up. They first started fucking around like usual, but when they noticed what was actually happening, they all broke character and started asking questions. Then they all helped out without fucking around. It's surprising to find kind people, especially in VR chat.

Johnimatio : I find it insane how people in VRChat reacted better to a current fatal issue than Logan Paul does in real life.

Frankiejr : I believe we all are disappointed in that "One guy"

shane gallagher : And people say the Internet is very dangerous, but everyone was very generous and comforting, most people anyway

twomad : you are kind

participiopassado : That Wendy is legitimately disturbing, given the context

Sustenance : Bruh imagine waking up from a seizure and you got Morty and fucking Lugia like “you good bro?”

bumputer bumputer : At least he didn't get cancer from the Knuckles.

artman40 : So what triggered the seizure? Stress of lack of sleep?

Kostas anagno : Just think about it, dying on the floor and the last thing you hear before you die is "He does not know da wei spit on him brudas" followed by clicking sounds, what a horrible end

Menace : Great to see how people reacted to the situation

Steve SMA : 1. that Wendy's girl with the neon colors , trip me out and i have epilepsy. 2. The person who said "is he dead?" is a moron. I've had epilepsy for 20 years and I live a normal life.

danitiwa : Loving that supportive Morty

a stupid face : Did YouTube screw the previous upload

TheBetterGamer : Now imagine if they weren't in VR. Imagine it was a desktop user. Nobody would know why someone is just standing in the same spot for 10 minutes.

Brayan Zaldana : My friend died by seizure

Adam Farrer : Pause at 1:03

First Last : That wendy skin was so annoying, that was probably the reason he had a seizure..

Quaggan Thanks You : Black Mirror Season 5

Effecter Neospi : of course the normie fucks in the server are still trying to be funny

Who Was Phone : Monetized. Lmfao.

GoodWoodization : the ugandan knuckles meme was never funny

Mr Boutte : I thought that one with the Wendy’s model was the one having a seizure...

Hayate : Did you drop LSD man? Lol

Mario E. : Over-exposure to bad memes did this...

Walter K : I have seizures and I'd be thinking I was tripping balls if I awoke to Morty ,Anime Characters and Mini Knuckles gathering around me but to be honest it was more likely the VR itself then any one skin that along with heat.

Max Omega : I'm glad that most people reacted immediately, and did not think it was a joke . They ate somehow to help him and it shows how close the game society can be. I hope everything will be fine with him. U are good fellows !

Austral : Previous upload was flagged or summat, I'm guessing? Welp, I'll just reiterate what I said in the previous one and give this a view in the background. It's unfortunate with the inconsiderate asshats here and there, but overall the situation was well handled by the people there, especially that one guy who seemed to know a bit about seizures, and you Rogue, quite commendable! ...Think that about covers what I said in the previous video? Either way, hope the video does fine this time around. YouTube's been a bit overly cautious and critical these past few weeks because of that Logan Paul idiocy. Well, it's been like this for a long time, but it hit a tipping point with that whole situation.

MisterHeroman : I'd have a seizure too if I was in a room with a rick & marty character.

Mr Skeng : He couldn't find de wey

Im Here : If you have epilepsy maybe........ don't buy and use VR headsets? Maybe pay attention to warnings?

Ricardo GOATnaldo : Dont like this new update

trallawan : 4:10 "can we block him so he doesn't see this anymore?" - while an ugandan knuckles rubs against his face - words of wisdom...

the Top Clique : Its like a party in real life when everyone is doing the comedy but then serious shit goes down and then everyone tries to stay serious even tho theres still a couple jokers vr chat is real life now

ThePipLad : lol

Ben : I would've thought that VR shouldn't be used by people that are prone to seizures

Blactivision : >I got his permission to upload and monetize this >and monetize this That's cool.