Making Donuts | Où se trouve: Léché Desserts

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Le PicBois : Her eyes!!! Pretty nice prod again my friends! Now I'm hungry! 🍩

Boris Van Der Ree : Great video! So refreshing not to have music in the background so you can just enjoy the sounds of the bakery :)

Thea Shadowheart : I went there once. Very good donuts but a little pricey. The only problem with this place, i'd say, is that it's in the middle of nowhere and a pain to find.

Borys Pomianek : A pleasure to watch as always.

Lnorris Norris : That was truly pleasant to watch. She was truly delightful....good job.

M Jons : Even the dough likes great, far better than the mass-produced garbage.

_afk93owC : Would be great if you guys made a "How to make" video without music or narration. For relaxation purposes, you see.

Nur La grande : She's so pretty& those donuts looks amazing😍😍

Crying kid : I like Ur dishes

Sidney Isais : Welp Montreal is now on my bucket list.

Matt : I'm in love

Amel0o : Thank you for the subtiles, it's more easy to understand ! 🇫🇷

Francisco Viper Díaz : I'm in love <3 _ <3

La Tui : omg I would be there every day if I lived in Montreal.

woo gnar : Aww, man! I want a donut now. lol.

Curtis Grove : 1 scentence... WHERE IS THE Internship LINk??

philip Shaw : I love this!!!!

Vladimir PutinYarbutt : Can’t decide if she’s hot or not but considering her cooking skills, she get a hot!

samuel xu : 8:27 we toast it with a torch

Sheyla Ferrera : Thay looks so goooood

Privacy Lover : I was eating a donut while I watched this. It's interesting to see the process of an artisan. Her voice is relaxing and the video is very well-made as always

ismail pendik : Ulan bizim kerhane tatlısınıdamı çaldınız be

Vince Rosales : kinda like dying watching these donuts.

jimin aoki : I live in Canada but not in Montreal so sad.😔

Filip Žgela : I want to see someone eating that delitious stuff!!

Azizul Hakim : Such an inviting personality... Sad she made all those donuts in one video..

Mark Kleckner : The best decadent donut in town. My belly is proof.

hammett3 : are they open 24h? I need my fix now!!

C E N T I P E D E : Is frying better than baking?. (For donuts)

Gizelli Araújo Peixoto : Os bolinhos mais mal feitos que eu já vi 🤦🤦

Angelina Smith : I want to make what you guys make

Mage in Black : *ASDGHJKL DONUTS*

Lia Summers : She sounds really American

Artificial Music : These look delicious and beautiful. I love her personality! This actually takes so much more technique than you'd expect! Very cool.