Building The Greatness Swimming Pool On The King Villa By Bamboo
Building The Greatness Swimming Pool On The King Villa By Bamboo

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Caitlin Strong : I'm so confused, like I watched one video by some other guy where he built a secret home in a swimming pool and now my recommended is being swarmed with videos of dudes in the jungle building villas and swimming pools

George Nadian : What’s with these guys obsession over swimming pools?

Des Kelly : Impressive work but why build a pool that will go stagnant when he already has a free-flowing stream nearby?

Inzelgoni : so is this minecraft in 4k?

Julian F : 200 years in the future:No one knows how the mysterious house got here but many people believe it was mostly like made in 800 B.C.

Madie & Bea : The bob ross of the jungle

Syd : I felt so uncomfortable when he picked up the rocks with all those bugs on them ahh

Umberto Geraci : You should rent them out in Airbnb for people that want to escape the city/ experience the wild

NeverOutslayed : Wow, this new texture pack is wicked.

Hilary NNAJIOFOR : Friend: what did you do this weekend. Me:oh nothing much i just built a pool

COS COS : I hope this man gets paid his revenue & some cameraman isn’t taking advantage of him.

Freya Dobson : You could try to make a large house with a indoor swimming pool so you could rent it out lol

wincult : ~500 pots of water and pool is full :)

Draconic : 6:20 *[wiggle-jason derulo starts playing]*

Jamie Easton : I love the work you done to The King Villa. Another huge accomplishment. This is the fourth villa I have seen you build/improve. Another piece of perfection to add to your collection of hand-made villas. Love your work. Respect to you. :-)

Matthew Carrion : After building these he goes back inside to edit the video respect 🥺👌

Vintage Audios : I just subbed, this is amazing work you create. Something not every person can build. keep up the good work🎉

Sue Page #UGUE FAM : Man...just to get that water in there is work in itself too! He definitely works hard!

J J : A Mosquito House. Awesome!!!!

Lilia Chulkova : It's so cool, that looks like unreal. Greate job!

The 50's Bullets : Next you should do how to make a primitive Lamborghini

Ari : Beautiful than my house Minecraft.

Gogych tv : Русский коммент)

Маргарита Кузова : Это волшебники, и все это они делают волшебной Палкой

ADF 10 : "Children no peeing in the pool, took me all bloody day to fill that up!"

Megawatt McGee : Someone get this dude a bigger bucket

huo yuan jia : What a house. That is one really. good human hábitat in the Wild. great video. thank you for sharing.

myles mair : why everyone edit the water color to a nice blue lmao

Tuco Benedicto : That's incredibly pretty, but I'm going to guess it's going to be a hell lot of work when he'll need to change that water. Still, impressive how much weight that structure can sustain when you count the clay, the water and... well, him.

Eli M : Thanks for restoring the natural beauty of humanity with greatness and simplicity.

Oh yeah yeah : And I here I am, I can't even build a proper house in Minecraft

Jacob Wight : the hard work this guy puts in, mad respect

Nabernax : Stop putting pool above building!! Im sure the wood structure is not sturdy enough for the concrete to keep from cracking.. this is total bs.

Lee-James Tuhi : Never knew Jamie Foxx could build

hind el : I love that is imagination

Gregor C. Borges : 2nd floor and a pool? this is actually better than my house

SubDoge Woofers : i give him AAA for his effort but there's a river that flow with fresh clean water nearby river: am i a joke to you

Annalee swaggyboi : sorry am I the ONLY person who screamed when the bugs came out

Mordor City : Программа доступное жилье от Шувалова

Qeen Malu : This guy is amazing like I can’t eaven walk barefoot in my house 😂

frankohero : What a house. That is one really good human habitat in the wild. Great video. Thank you for sharing.

BliXer Jsab Also CatRsPapyrus : Wow This minecraft 2.0 is coming up really good

Roblox Squad : Ik y'all see all those ants oh hell naw 💀

FlimZ : Can I get a rip for the ants in the video 🐜

Ola Asaad : *1st of all* wow *2ed of all* wow *3rd of all* wow *4th of all* I'M SHOOK

lol Ziur : Hes going around barefoot while I cry about stepping on legos

BobyMystic Sky Guardian : you have more mansions than bill gates.... jajaja You are awsome my friend. Neat and ceative work. well done!!!

Eric Evans : A true hard working artist💪

Sponge Bob : That house would take me thirty years to build🤣