Building The Greatness Swimming Pool On The King Villa By Bamboo

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Tube Unique Wilderness : Giant Strong Builder With Greatness Building ===>

Caitlin Strong : I'm so confused, like I watched one video by some other guy where he built a secret home in a swimming pool and now my recommended is being swarmed with videos of dudes in the jungle building villas and swimming pools

Bea’s Crafts : The bob ross of the jungle

Matthew Carrion : After building these he goes back inside to edit the video respect 🥺👌

Syahrul Sofea : And I here I am, I can't even build a proper house in Minecraft

Anya May : *kinda makes me wanna be a survivalist for a hot sec*

ParanoidDroid : They can prolly now afford a mansion with the Ad revenue they’re making.

suprenom : You are amazing Childish Gambino, i love your music too

Ninja Hyper : He’s swimming in dead ants

frankohero : What a house. That is one really good human habitat in the wild. Great video. Thank you for sharing.

Apex Tript : Imagine if he was in naked and afraid

Azim Qureshi : I really want to smoke a big ass blunt with this man and help him build a whatever

Jahan aara Shaikhalvi : Wild great house amazing always good great video thanks

Cameron Herrick : top 10 Minecraft houses

The legit luna : *next video* building the internet

itzjustdevious _ : Who knew tree branches and dirt could build a free mini mansion

prerna gurung : Man I loved that mixing of mud n water🌸🌼

Michael S : I was so intrigued the entire time! It looked so gratifying and refreshing!

PeanutAnd Jelly : I freaking love this guy his vids are amazing I’ve always wondered what he films with 😁 (this is a edit) also I tried to do this in my backyard but I got really scared of the small worms OMG 100 likes 😮😵 I’m dead

Chad Thundercock : how do you clean the water?

Cutie Pie : I wonder who is filming this

Ninjabo : This guy spends all day working, swims in his pool for 30 seconds, and then goes to his desktop to make us happy by uploading it. This guy deserves more subs to be honest.

YellowMosquito : A whole river to swim in. What does he build? A swimming pool.....

Hsjsc Hskshsj : He will get many birds now

KawaiiWatermelon PinkVelvet : I wish I could live with you so you wouldn't be alone I'll be there watching your vids I like you just the way you are a hardworking responsible man you are. C:

Drogheda Drones & Fun : 12:32 and I worry about leaving a candle lit while having a bath... This dude is a LEGEND

Aimar P. Dzakri : Someone get this dude a bigger bucket

H05TIL3 : ASMR King doe

Turtle Curry : All that so he can swim for 10 seconds

Black Jesus : Swimming pool? More like Hottub!

The 50's Bullets : Next you should do how to make a primitive Lamborghini

K F : *Minecraft has entered the chat*

Aimar P. Dzakri : This dude just grabbed a damn wild ass ant from his nose and didn't say a thing, i would be screaming like a damn cockatoo

Tamil Student : Is this channel really the one who's working or the one who's recording?🙄

calvin tshfhiwa nengovhela : Free People, not part of the evil system of the world, no competition no hate, just peace and creativity and enjoying nature.

Aaron Bryan Ruiz González : I am flipping with this video All of us can do more than we think Just to believe and know more about our planet

Merijn Metsemakers : Doenst the water put too much weight on the wood? Wont the house collapse? and did he really fill the pool by adding one bucket at a time each?

Jordan Wadkins : My man be getting all the Amazon thots with this crib

lydia green : Nice, but removing it from history so it can stop showing up on recommended

Littleblue graal : I wonder how he posts videos.

Ace Ace : This guy is Bear grylls Extra.

Caoimhe Finn : Yo wen do you eat

Mety Karyasari : My son needs you daddy 😅

Jeanneth Allauca : Alguien más abla español 🙂😐😂 like si ablas español

Destiny Maxwell : Look at all those bugs!!!!

deepak rawat : Is it only me who thinks that there are many people out there to help him?

hanok paul : How change water??

Miss Teal : I want that. *in Bobby Duke’s voice*

Cutie Pie : I wonder who is filming this

Aimar P. Dzakri : Nice! Great job! All you need now is a friend bear, snake, a leopard and some other animals