Building The Greatness Swimming Pool On The King Villa By Bamboo

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Tube Unique Wilderness : Giant Strong Builder With Greatness Building ===>

frankohero : What a house. That is one really good human habitat in the wild. Great video. Thank you for sharing.

puddingplate : 6:40 *me coming home from school*

Alex Augustine : Does this guy get paid any of this youtube money or is someone making them do all the hard work and ripping them off.

MXALove : So this is what humans would build if we didn't advance beyond bricks. noice.

Endo Crusader : These kinds of videos are the next algorithm on YouTube.

Jeanneth Allauca : Alguien más abla español 🙂😐😂 like si ablas español

Seraph : so is this minecraft in 4k?

sid : So many ppl are watching this but do these dudes who do all the work get paid or is it the one who uploads gets paid?

11c22 Teoman : Anyone Else is watching these videos in 2x speed, just to save time, beacause they dont say anything and you do know Whats going

Gogych tv : Русский коммент)

Caitlin Strong : I'm so confused, like I watched one video by some other guy where he built a secret home in a swimming pool and now my recommended is being swarmed with videos of dudes in the jungle building villas and swimming pools

Keiko Kuribayashi : How to Drain Water for Clean water?

Spacetime Shadow : Why am I seeing so many contents like this on youtube?

Birutatu : 2019 Tem Algum Br Assistindo Ver meu vídeo também Br em 2019

xxx liljakey : Wow even it looks better than the pools in the hotels 😂

pastuh : Watch on x1.5 thank me later

Syd S : I felt so uncomfortable when he picked up the rocks with all those bugs on them ahh

Justin perez : I feel weird, I was on facebook and I got a video of these that a friend shared, I saw, and I had never one of these on YouTube, and I happen to enter YouTube and the first thing that comes out is this video ._. it scares me

JOAO VITOR : Algum Br?

Jacqueline Carter : When o 👧 kicks u out

Bea’s Crafts : The bob ross of the jungle

Fierce : 200 years in the future:No one knows how the mysterious house got here but many people believe it was mostly like made in 800 B.C.

Jas-mog Animation : Wow minecrafts update is great!

Snoops : *snakes and alligators have entered the chat*

Sponge Bob : That house would take me thirty years to build🤣

COS COS : I hope this man gets paid his revenue & some cameraman isn’t taking advantage of him.

Eric Evans : A true hard working artist💪

myles mair : why everyone edit the water color to a nice blue lmao

Juicy Panpan : The new Minecraft update looks so high def

FlimZ : Can I get a rip for the ants in the video 🐜

A-Venue : The house is so beautiful

soy aby : Sé que buscabas un comentario en español dale like si es asi

Joshua Ferrera : Bro you taking minecraft the next level

Rasec Zaid : para mi que lo ayudan varias personas al chavon :v

Ned Sheardown : why doesent he swim in the river

Littleblue graal : I wonder how he posts videos.

Jose Cabrera : Ese es el hombre que deveria de existir en el planeta y no como nosostros que contaminamos el planeta con cemento y autos

huo yuan jia : Alguien más habla español like si es así

Khan Umair : I wish I builded a house like that but when u have a family not when your homeless Like people are smart a lot to build when there homeless like if u agree

Otra Vez Yo : Soy el unico español aqui like si ay mas españoles

Matthew Carrion : After building these he goes back inside to edit the video respect 🥺👌

huo yuan jia : What a house. That is one really. good human hábitat in the Wild. great video. thank you for sharing.

Jabi : No mames 100 días en hacer esa obra, llenarla y al final te hechas a nadar no chingues que desperdicio de tiempo. Pensé que era un abasto de agua. Y este sale con una piscina. 😕

Thomas Mutschler : R.I.P those edon ants

Rong Chanary : 2019???

The 50's Bullets : Next you should do how to make a primitive Lamborghini

Tyrant playz : minecraft irl

Paulo Cavalcanti : Minecrafiti

Driss Zaabouli : لا يعرف العجز والكسل