Urban Ninja

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Лео х : 2018?

Jerad Berry : too bad copyrights killed all the original posters.. Urban ninja, that's how I even found Rise Against all those years back

jaganmaster : This is one of the first videos I've seen on youtube. This is the video that introduced me to parkour & Rise Against.

Urbfilms : This was the first video I ever watched on YouTube.

Doctor Bitchcraft : When I first watched this I was 10. I am now 75.

Glori4n : i Was 7 years old back then... Now i'm 4.

Kiljaz Ink : Behold. The video that caused ten-year-olds across the globe to become obsessed with Parkour and Free Running...god damn I miss the old days :P

avirx8 : Oldie but goodie. The good old days of youtube before it became so corporate.

RCBurnout11 : oh the nostalgia it hurts

X : Haha, I was surprised to see a video from 2005 on YouTube actually have decent quality...It's a rare sight.

Flightline : for 2005 standards this video is surprisingly good quality

Ola Nilsen Kjøren : i was 9 years old when i watched this. now im 20........ woooow.

MegaDoubleStack : I was 6 when I first saw this, and now I'm Darude, Sandstorm.

Tails The Fox : Let's all pay our respects to The Old Youtube.. We will never forget you.. #BRINGOLDYOUTUBEBACK

thegamelover21 : 2005 era youtube videos are epic!

Stieno BanDieno : when i was young, i used to watch this 24/7. I wanted to be like him so bad... ended up doing skateboarding ;p

Adidas : First video I watched on YouTube one of them.

Mikyle Hassanali : My first YouTube video I watched...memories...

Gray Fox : First video I ever favorited on YouTube. still one of the best

Mu Fasa : Saw this when I was 12, now I am 22. Still the best!

Mona-Lisa Saperstein : How I discover Rise Against

Beardsley McBeard : that dude did 14 back flips in a row and i'm 29 and live at home.  i quit

3rd SS Panzer Division Totenkopf : Everyone's first YouTube video :) I found it because I was looking for ninja stuff lol

Ben Meyer : I wasn't watching YouTube in 2005 but I can still say it was a great time then. YouTube is all about the money now and not so much entertainment. 😕

halo 44468 : When I first watched this video I was 6, now I'm 16

IAmProof ThatGreatnessCanBeEncapsulatedInOneFormWhichIndeedTakesTheAppearance OfAGreekAdonis : Before the corruption of YouTube money, before the willingness to cheat, con and sabotage others, before our reliance on sexualised thumbnails and outrageous titles, before poisonous hate mongering channels like Leafy, Keemstar and whatever else - THIS IS WHAT YOUTUBE WAS, THIS IS WHAT YOUTUBE SHOULD BE!

KACHIK : les chinois savent tout faire :) au faite j'aime la musique


PawArt : Im a Capoeira trainer today, because of this vid.

dilton204 : A CLASSIC & ORIGINAL YouTube video

jasonplay : who watching in december?

BeastUpp : This guy was the old PewDiePie

LittleNelly815 : 13 years later... still watching this and still being so inspired by this. this opened the door for me in  the world of parkour, free-running, tricking, and bboying. <33

waybogus : This video is legendary...any one else remember the YouTube classics?

TheNaturalPatHarris : I really do think this was the first YOUTUBE video I ever saw.

Yugu Modi : lol I remember watching this when desktop monitors had something behind it

I am Chris : I was 8 when I first watched this. Wow time flew.

Eazy : It blows my mind that this was 10 years ago. Like holy jesus time flys by so fast

Virgo Pain : Nostalgia

stevensays1 : i was 5 when i first watched this, now im 72 years old i sure miss the good old days of youtube

Takashi : Watched this 10 years ago and again today :)

Leo M : 2:20 i would have broken my neck

vineyard sunset : I'm really surprised to see a 2005 video… Nostalgia, I was only a little one when these days came :)..

Yoeri Kurvers : Brings back so many memories, trying to freerun with my friends watching this video! Can't believe it's been 8 years.

Brackus2 : This will always be one of the first Epic videos on youtube, hope things worked out for this guy!

Señor Chang : Some days.... i wish i was asian.

Renato Sena : *Algum Br assistindo em 2018?*

Luka Puka : i bet he was never late to class

maddielovelee : I loved this video since I was in middle school now I'm 23 n still love it

SAVI0R : Lol my friends and I were a bunch of weaboos that flipped out when we saw this.