Urban Ninja

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Jerad Berry : too bad copyrights killed all the original posters.. Urban ninja, that's how I even found Rise Against all those years back

BeastUpp : This guy was the old PewDiePie

jaganmaster : This is one of the first videos I've seen on youtube. This is the video that introduced me to parkour & Rise Against.

Urbfilms : This was the first video I ever watched on YouTube.

Mu Fasa : Saw this when I was 12, now I am 22. Still the best!

jasonplay : who watching in december?

Doctor Bitchcraft : When I first watched this I was 10. I am now 75.

Лео х : 2018?


X : Haha, I was surprised to see a video from 2005 on YouTube actually have decent quality...It's a rare sight.

Adidas : First video I watched on YouTube one of them.

RCBurnout11 : oh the nostalgia it hurts

Kiljaz Ink : Behold. The video that caused ten-year-olds across the globe to become obsessed with Parkour and Free Running...god damn I miss the old days :P

Mikyle Hassanali : My first YouTube video I watched...memories...

Ola Nilsen Kjøren : i was 9 years old when i watched this. now im 20........ woooow.

Flightline : for 2005 standards this video is surprisingly good quality

avirx8 : Oldie but goodie. The good old days of youtube before it became so corporate.

Beardsley McBeard : that dude did 14 back flips in a row and i'm 29 and live at home.  i quit

halo 44468 : When I first watched this video I was 6, now I'm 16

Stieno BanDieno : when i was young, i used to watch this 24/7. I wanted to be like him so bad... ended up doing skateboarding ;p

3rd SS Panzer Division Totenkopf : Everyone's first YouTube video :) I found it because I was looking for ninja stuff lol

Mona-Lisa Saperstein : How I discover Rise Against

Rafyta18 : Does anyone know the name of this man? . And What is it?

MegaDoubleStack : I was 6 when I first saw this, and now I'm Darude, Sandstorm.

Philip Magnusson : it was a long time ago that i watched this video. it really brings back good memories of my childhood with my best friend(: we watched it so many times together. this was back when everyone used msn and youtube was new

thegamelover21 : 2005 era youtube videos are epic!

Eazy : It blows my mind that this was 10 years ago. Like holy jesus time flys by so fast

dilton204 : A CLASSIC & ORIGINAL YouTube video

TheNaturalPatHarris : I really do think this was the first YOUTUBE video I ever saw.

Takashi : Watched this 10 years ago and again today :)

Veditron : flatout 2 song

waybogus : This video is legendary...any one else remember the YouTube classics?

SAVI0R : Lol my friends and I were a bunch of weaboos that flipped out when we saw this.

KACHIK : les chinois savent tout faire :) au faite j'aime la musique

Señor Chang : Some days.... i wish i was asian.

Kenant Pierre : who's watching in 2017

Yoeri Kurvers : Brings back so many memories, trying to freerun with my friends watching this video! Can't believe it's been 8 years.

Tails The Fox : Let's all pay our respects to The Old Youtube.. We will never forget you.. #BRINGOLDYOUTUBEBACK

Ben Meyer : I wasn't watching YouTube in 2005 but I can still say it was a great time then. YouTube is all about the money now and not so much entertainment. 😕

[KiNG KaLiQ] : I remember this video back then. I can't believe it's still on YouTube

Stew : I'm watching this video JUST NOW, and the quality is actually really good for its time. Damn.

TreSneaky : "These are not my movies" monetizes it. -_-

Leila Gonzalez : I think i broke my back ... 

PawArt : Im a Capoeira trainer today, because of this vid.

The Co-Op Clan : This was one of the first videos I ever watched on YouTube. It's crazy to see how far YouTube has come.

VeinBe : I still watch this in 2014.

upth3punks : 2005. A much simpler time for a lot of us.

I am Chris : I was 8 when I first watched this. Wow time flew.

SkiBaBopDiBop : Whoa, 480p in 2005.

Balita _ : 0:35 That Naruto run tho