Fairytale of New York: How the Pogues Created a Christmas Classic
Fairytale of New York How the Pogues Created a Christmas Classic

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3legs : Not an Irish Christmas til you hear this playing

debaserNYC : Its not all bleak at all. you are forgetting one of the crucial/best parts of the song... the ending where they are fighting and she is saying how he took her dreams from her, he counters by saying he always had them along with his own. They need each other and all this other stuff around them doesn't matter. At least thats what Im taking from it... Merry Christmas!

Ian FrippDonald : Do King Crimson!

Reece Robson : Do The Smiths

Melora Foy : "I could have been someone." "Well so could anyone. You took my dreams from me when I first found you." "I kept them with me babe, I put them with my own. Can't make it all alone, I built my dreams around you." That is the most touching part I think. But it wan't mentioned in the video.

GreenQuox The Purple : Video about the pogues? didn't know christmas eve is earlier this year

Smokedorangecat : By far one of the best channels I've come across. Thank you Polyphonic, seeing a new video means a well cooked meal for my thoughts and ears.

Dragons Thanos : Quite a pleasant surprise, I never hear this song played or talked about because I live in the states and it's one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands. THIS is a pop masterpiece

Braveheart Physique : This is THEE best Christmas song of all time.

Genia Kumasi : Such a historical place in Irish families and most definitly acknowledging the Irish famine immigrants

Oisin McPhillips : greatest Christmas song of all time. no arguments.

Jordan Manners : 4:58 judicious use of the fade out

Jan Minor : It's such a well-written song. Lots of Christmas songs actually are, but this is one of the few that's not annoying...

Sean Lenehan : I'm so glad you broke down this song. The Pogues are awesome!

Flaming Monkey Guy : Amazing quality for a relatively small channel ( well not small but compared to some lesser but bigger channels cough cough *the Paul family* ). Great job and keep up the hard work!

Alejo M : do a video on brian may

Sebastian Elytron : Second best Xmas song of all time after Christmas Wrapping.

Connor Smith : This is my dad's absolute favorite Christmas song! He showed it to me not too long ago for the first time and I thought it was amazing. It was real, it wasn't stupid corny bullshit like every other song. It was satirical but serious at the same time, and I was intrigued. Awesome video. You should totally do a video on Hotel California, the Sex Pistols, one on an alt rock band like Joy Division, the Smith's, Dinosaur Jr or the Pixies, and maybe something on Black Flag or a hardcore band like that.

Hannah Groom : I was in charge of the music this Christmas. And I'm not going to lie, my family weren't even disappointed with the fact that it was just Fairytale of New York over and over again. lol.

qascarface : Do one on Hendrix

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15pintoponies : RIP Kristy. What a great voice. Don't know what States they live in, but I hear this every year on the radio during the holidays. Even the grocery store plays it!! Not only one of the best Christmas songs, but a great album!Happy Holidays!

Alessandro Canziani : Speaking of Morricone, i think he would be a fantastic subject for one of your videos. Anyways, great job as always!

Patrick : Crazy timing - home for Christmas and RTE(Irish TV) is about to broadcast a documentary right now on this very topic

Kurush N Dhondy : Just started to watch your videos. Please make a video on Jimi Hendrix, he is my favourite artist and he is a legend. "The Hall of Hendrix".

TokyoBlue : best Xmas song because it's not sappy

arikgr : Hey Polyphonic, would love a video on Chic, for instance Sister Sledge's He's the greatest dancer - the rythm guitar is so great. Thanks!


Ivan Lendl : Best Christmas song ever. There's a magic to this song that's undeniable. And wow I never knew the connection to Morricone's theme to Once Upon a Time In America but yep I could hear it as soon as it was mentioned. My all-time favorite movie (the Director's cut) connected to my all-time favorite Christmas song - love that.

teetle0 : Check out how to make gravy by paul kelly for Australia's all time best christmas song

Andreas Romero Del Pino : One of the best Youtube channels i've ever seen. Congratulations. Keep doing videos for ever. PLEASE 😭❤️

mad keys : i absolutely adore this channel. will you please talk about britpop & the blur vs oasis feud sometime?

Mister Apple : I'd watch this, but then I'd lose the Pogues Game.

sparkly pidgeon : Dude your videos are incredible! Huge well done and keep it up!

NWOWCW4Life1 : Every time you upload, I'm happy that I began following this channel thanks to the Bowie video and Bonham analysis. Continue the amazing work and Happy Holidays!

jamie nugent : Great video! Poor old Shane, a friend told me about the time he met him in the pub in January (when he gets his royalties from the song, his main source of income now). They were chatting away and Shane said to the barman "Whatever this man wants, and the usual for me. The usual being a pint of straight gin.

Delbert Garay : Could you do a video on The Strokes' first album?

demonlung : do a video on Brian Jones

Bruno Silva : Great video as always. You should talk about Tool.

Hannes Lindström : Great video as always! You tackle each subject with real professionalism! I'm quite amazed that you possess the ability to make me interested in learning about this song even though imo it's one of the worst songs ever written. Keep up the fantastic work!

Unders : My parents love the pouges (flew to Dublin from Pennsylvania just to see em live) so I've been listening to them since I was little, love em. so nostalgic

thehydragonmaster : PLEASE do a video about 2112 or the Cygnus x-1 books and there story, that would be fucking awesome

Lazy Masquerade : My all-time favourite Chrimbo song. Great job!

Brian Klingler : always a great video even if i don’t know what its about...great to learn from Polyphonic!

feye hudson : So glad i found this site Freddie is everything u said. Rock, opera all of it. I know my rock stars. So versatile he was Still miss him and queen. So glad Brian May still keeps him alive. I listen to Freddie an Queen everynite. Thanks to who ever wrote about him

Oliver Cooper : Do Drones, the Album, by Muse

JDB : Anyone else lost the Pogues game 2017? (Tom Scott)

Ron Piekarz : I cant believe I haven't heard of it until this year (2018)

Adam Baker : Y'know probably an episode on how the Foo Fighters suddenly exploded in popularity near the end of 2017... or I've been living under a rock and only just noticed that they were extremely popular.