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Antonina Cawley : The Sydney 2000 Olympic games tape is what the organizers should of looked at, that was done so good.

avidalocan : It's good to see honesty from the presenters. Great work to both.

MizMouse9 : Johanna hit the nail on the head! So disappointing tonight

Awakened Hip Hop : The cultural marxists destroy everything they get their hands on.

tone167 : The subpar ceremony was worth it just to see Joh Griggs cracking the shits.

Queenslander : This is what happens when you let these lefties organise events.

Mena : Johanna you got it so right.

Will Atkins : A f**k up

TheDuckClock : Johanna's face between 0:09 and 0:22 It's like she's doing her best to stay professional but struggling to maintain her anger at the organizers. And to be honest I don't blame her. I think so many others are pretty much feeling what she was feeling.

Mullokadz : Once again Queenslanders prove they are the clowns of the nation

snapjenk : I mean... lets be honest. Who gives a shit about the Commonwealth games anyway. Its like "Yay Aus won a gold but if it was the Olympics we would have come 8th" so meh

1arritechno : Not good enough.... why were the Athletes not more involved??? Then , all the long winded , self indulgent speeches "over cooked".. Half of the Entertainers were not good enough for an INTERNATIONAL telecast ( embarrassing ) ! The "true, quality stage singing" was limited to Kate Ceberano & Dami Im .... the rest were patchy & ordinary..... on the boring side - the Athletes and the stadium was half empty before the end... and it cost $13,ooo,ooo " for bad planning ". ............................................................................................................. So, Channel 7 were not allowed to perform the coverage prior to the set time,, ( if "Seven" had permission , this would have allowed for replays of all the Athlete involvements ) again , the organizers are to blame, for bad planning.!!

Expose Poor Service : I was watching men dressing as woman on stage at surfers while the children learn about gender equality. They showed ass and buldging penis while wearing a bikini. Its quite the spectacle. Well done Australia I was entertained! It was a complete joke... I was in hesterics and dead of laughter, what is Queensland turning into?

rohit jaiswal : I am sorry to say Melbourne was far more better than gold coast, and from 2002 onwards the best opening and closing ceremony was Delhi CWG. No doubt in it.

SansPlaysGames gould : the aboriginals need to say sorry for there behavior

chris coomber : worst closing ceremony ever

Shadow H. Mask : The crappiest opening and closing ceremonies in Commonwealth games history. Switched off from sheer boredom.

Sam Shepherd : I'm annoyed that I actually stayed up and watched this garbage on TV, I can't imagine how the people that paid money for a ticket and took the time to travel to the event must feel. 6 years to plan it and this is what we get.

C.J M : Games for the Athletes. lets omit them from the closing celebrations. Yeah, thats a great idea Bob!

Graham Hillier : Just wasted 10 minutes of my life( that's how much I could stand) It was like a very bad Primary School Eisteddfod, organisers should hang their heads in shame.they made Australia look a joke!

S l : My high school Rock Estedford entry pissed all over this.

Ma Poi : Good on u Joanna im a kiwi living Australia and ur absolutely on point about how disappointing the closing was.

DeltaStrike7 : Good on them

Alison Faruk : Jo is a legend! Love her honesty...has my never ending support. You're quite the woman Jo Griggs x

S l : The sparklers on my nannas birthday cake cost more than the shitty obligatory fire works.

Bombarder321 _ : Presenters are 100% right. Really embarrassing and cringeworthy stuff tonight that should of been a celebration of such a great games. So self indulgent by the organisers and premier. Really bad image for QLD and AUS.

Graeme Robertson : I started to watch the ceremony but after 10 minutes was so bored I went to bed. I didnt like the opening ceremony, thought it was very amature and didnt represent the Gold Coast at all. What an opportunity missed. Yes Peter Beatty is to blame. Whoever selected him to be the front man needs to seriously look at their wrong decision.....and we all knew it. What a mess, and absolute mess. I did not want to see Ricky Lee, Anthont Calia and GUy Sebastian. I wanted to see the athletes. Such a disgrace and a mega dissapointment for the Gold Coast.

Johnny K : No coverage of the Games in Canada...except for the closing ceremonies :P

Bruce15485 : Is not the games about the athletes ? The opening and closing ceremony is to celebrate the ATHLETS, their efforts and achievements !! What morons planned the ceremonies, clearly NOT athletes. !! Shameful "D" grade effort ! No....FAIL !

Sun Seeker : Honest presenters! Wow! You nailed it. What a shame. I thought ch7 would have learnt by ch9s fiasco years ago when getting it so wrong with the Bathurst 500. Apparently not.

Hayden Cooper : Basil is weak as piss! Being as polite as can be about things. Happy that Jo had the balls to say what's what.

Paddy Murphy : more like the "english empire games" a good way for countries to stay under englands booth hahaha

B W : wtf is with these comments? Left and Right politics have nothing to do with this you crackheads.

Ivan Francis : What happens when you let someone that is well known for letting his ego make decisions.

Josephine Chan : The Presenters are spot on here!

S l : Made Glee actually worth watching.

Bruce15485 : The closing ceremony was an absolute disgrace and embarrassment. Who is at the head of the decision making here, what have the organising committee got to say ? Heads should roll for this, including Peter Beatty's, yet again with more of his spin doctoring excuses of 'we got it wrong'...Well ! Peter its falling of deaf ears, heard it all before. This cost to the Australian taxpayer - 13 million dollars for this shameful crap.

phoenix skipwith : $13,000,000 and this was the result. Disgusting

Josephine Chan : Complete waste of time watching this garbarge

Tapwater Thirst Of Life : This video was so funny and honest. 😄 I'm glad. Ceremony was so 💩. Good on ya Jo and Basil for telling the truth! Why were their so many washed up artists performing? - Always the same shit-ass Australian Idol/Xfactor singers with non-existent careers - Anthony Callea, Samantha Jade, Ricki Lee etc 👎👎 Kate Cebrano and Guy Sebastian are SECOND RATE too! 👎 👎 Should of replaced these lameos with aussie legends - AC/DC or KYLIE or FARNHAM or OLIVIA or DARYL or BARNSY or TINA ARENA or SIA or FLUME or someone else!!! 😒 😒

Ryan Sztanski : Go Johanna! Absolute sick, what happened tonight.

Niuean Laho : Boring and waste of money

683dxwww : Well who the hell gave Peter Beattie the position of organising the GAMES ? He is the cause of QLDs power prices going through the roof anything he touches turns to stone . Over 2 billon dollars to hold the Games money QLD will never make back and I ask anyone to prove other wise with cold hard proof All the QLD government do is get us into more debt

GamingFuz : For those who weren't there, lemme give you a catch up on what is was like ;) Dislikes: 1. LOOOONNNGGGG boring ass speeches that just kept on repeating it self -_- 2. A crap ton of songs..... like stupidly amount of songs! 3. There was this weird part with ballerinas dancing around for what ever god damn reason? 4. On top of the huge amount of songs, At the end there were another.... 11 SONGS!!!!!! SOOO BORING!!!! All it was were people trying to self advertise them selfs. (they were crap singers anyway) Nothing to do with the games. 5. Before the stadium was live on TV. They got these "professional dancers and singers" to tell all the athletes to dance with them. But none of them did it. IT WAS SOOO CRINGY XDDDD!!!! 6. They replaced the commentator that was really good and I had no problems with this 12 year old kid -_- . Every Time there was music you couldn't hear him. 7. Before the stadium went live, they called out all the athletes to come onto the stage. Apparently the athletes got pissed for not recording them coming out onto the stage live and, I can totally relate :/ . They also told us to tell anyone that the athletes were going to do a dance at the end (that they didn't even rehearse for)It ended up getting cancelled because all of them left by the end of the ceremony to go party. They did this because, they didn't get recoded coming out and prob because it was so boring :P Positives: 1. Guy Sebastian was a good singer for like 2 songs :( 2. 1 second of fireworks .-. Overall, I AM NEVER GOING TO A CLOSING CEREMONY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! waste of money >:(

tyamada21 : What a shitty way to thank the athletes who came from near and far to put all they had into it and an embarrassment to Australia this closing ceremony has turned out. I cringed with embarrassment just watching it. Such a train wreck. The official announcement from Beaty and the rest were dreary as - they were saying congrats to the athletes etc, but actually they were more into patting each other on the back - pathetic! and then the all-women band and singers that went on and on and on - then that poor man sitting and singing, who looked like he was about to keel over, he had the most unfriendly facial expression the whole way through it. I have done big shows like this back in my career and I could really feel for Guy Sebastian and the others - they must have just wanted to hide their faces from being forced to present such a long drawn out boring performance. After all the hard efforts for the past week we said goodbye to the world - or at least those who could stand to keep watching, with the most miserable version of Put A Little Love In Your Heart. And the ones to blame for it all are the idiots as usual who get to make all the decisions. I know what they are like to, having worked in the Gold Coast Promotions years ago - they used to get bitchy about each other if they got a mention in the paper and not them. They didn't give a shit about what they were being paid to do. I am so disappointed!!!! And that dreary lengthy video about Birmingham - is it any wonder everyone walked out on it all...

Antonina Cawley : I record it so i didn't have to listen to the speeches. I was expecting, what they missed in the opening. Something like the Sydney Olympics 2000.

Tonka Goldman : Oompa Loompa Kate Cebrano sang Karaoke and the whole place stank of Bolshevik Turnbull's hero, Karl Marx. Invalids in wheelchairs who my dead grandfather could beat in a race. Schmendo's crashing into the wall in the swimming pool with less faculties than Admiral Nelson. Inclusiveness? Who the F**K cares? Cheating Pommy bastard in the 200m and Bruce says NOTHING and shooshes Tamsyn. Yet our cricket captain averaging 60 in Tests can't play! Poofters commentating the diving AND the swimming. Hosted by a big nosed WOG called Basil and a BRONZE medal winner in BACKSTROKE. Can we possibly get any more snowflake? Where are all the real men in Australia for f**k sake?! This country has been f**ked by loud-mouth commie women, PC BULLSHIT and rampant shithole-sourced immigration and I'm sick to the back teeth of it!!!! What about Russia meddling in OUR elections???? Morning tv - can you get any more left-wing than Australian morning television? That absolute idiot weatherman on Sunrise disrespects our Queen AND Prince Charles - who was the most gracious guest we have ever had - and straight after they cut the the Commonwealth Games on channel 7! Are you serious? I don't know who is more of an idiot? You or David Koch!

Sun Seeker : When they threw on MKR beforehand, I knew they got it wrong and turned off the TV. Glad I did.

LibertyDownUnder : Anything Peter Beattie touches inevitabley turns to a flaming pile of shit and costs triple what it should. Hopefully spectators will be impressed by the $2m light post he left in the middle of a swamp off the Pacific Highway.

Wayne Elliott : Peter Beattie stated he will apologise to Fearnley for not showing the flagbearer. Not a word about apologising to all the other nations.