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Eddie van der Meer : Hell yeah dude! Can’t wait to get home and get addicted to this game haha, are you playing it?

jeremy Jhonson : Kratos : "Boy! You have to be able to play guitar like this guy!" Atreus : "But he is too skilled!" Kratos : "It's a must BOI"

DjNaste : -1 for not shaving your head.

Colm McGuinness : "................. Adequate!" Seriously man, every new video is my favourite!

Eric Escobedo : Looking like deimos.

ahmed sultani : Well done, BOY!

June June : Deimos playing Faye's song for Kratos and Atreus from Heaven... ♥♥♥♥

Gustavo Mançano : Best game meets best musician


TheGuitar Person : Man, Kratos really *has* changed. I'd have pegged him as more of a drummer-type, using that insane strength for Meshuggah style beats. Classical guitar, though? With a beautifully played, melancholic piece that would make Esteban hurl himself into a volcano out of sheer feelings of inadequacy? Stupid good job dude.

Will Ortiz : Hello Nathan, Your guitar has such a rich and beautiful tone. This experience can only be gotten from some one who is gifted and talented! That said, I enjoy each of your recordings more and more. I was very moved by this one!....Your friend....Will Ortiz

TheUmbrellaCorpX7 : Sounds like Last of Us with the classical guitar

pyjamapro : HERE BEFORE 100 VIEWS <3 #notificationsquad

Misael Vinicius : Amazing.... *BOY*

Daniel Artan : I can see from ur face that u are having fun of it😀

Ayed Oukhay : That was FANTASTIC, Nathan!! This soundtack is so beautiful and emotional, and you played it perfectly! Great work, bud, as always 😊

Evan Taucher : So badass!!!

Yogi Frogi : BOY

raeen fakhrinia : That was great dude but you look more like deimos(kratos’ brother)

Simon Caceres : BOI

shikuru metsu : Thx for the motivation now i gotta learn that before i die

Ace Kensei : Why is your channel so underrated!? Love this guitar cover tho 👌🏽

peter H : Absolutely loved this arrangement!!! Sorry this notification squader has been absent past weeks. Dark composition indeed in the later parts, but the opening sounded very warm and emotional!! Can't wait to see what the next arrangement will be :)

FaTz Dray : Incredible,I really like your content.Keep doing the good work buddy

King Haduj : I love the face paint

TheAcousticRoom : !!!!!!! Good job BTG ! You make me wanna play this game now!!!!

Dino Ethan : Honestly you are amazing. I am running out of videos to watch as I have watched all of your videos 20 times. I personally don't play God Of War but I'm sure I would recognise the music without a doubt. You are the best finger style guitar player I've ever seen and I love the techniques you use to create the music you are playing. You're so satisfying to watch. Can't wait for future videos. Keep up the good work!! 😁

JpmestraoPSN : You mother would be proud, boi

Chris Avsharyan : I just love how dark and serious this theme sounds on the guitar. Great job

mr. O : The video blessed by gods!

Michel En claquettes : awsome!!!!!your subscribs have increase its proves that your content has a lot of potential

downhill2400 : I want to apologize for a past clumsily worded comment I left in your comments. I think I must have confused and disturbed you. I did go back and delete it. I find your skills to be truly masterful and I am inspired to continue my study of guitar. My old hands will not cooperate for this style, never-the-less I am inspired and I thank you for sharing your love of music with us!

guilherme ajala : 19 gods did not like it...

Bad Rex : *BOY*

Hadrien Brissaud : Dammit if being a true bard takes having pointy things close to my eyeball I'd rather stay a half-assed trobador

ISAAC PRODUCCIONES TOCI333 : Only one point: the red line of the face of kratos is in the eye left but the cover is wonderful

streamer btw : Love ya keep it up

David Briones : Awesome covers as always. By the way, what other genres of music do you listen to other than classical?

João Duarte : You have an amazing talent. Have you got any tips on how to do major A based chords with the full finger? I struggle with the three fingers. Keep it up!!👌

Mochammad Husni Rizal : Great piece ! And that bit of bloopers at the end is just funny xD

alicia hoving : I genuinely have convinced myself I can fall asleep to this lmao

EL BENJA : Que buen vídeo eres el mejor con la guitarra y si no entiende mi idioma es español y eso te mereces un gran like eres el mejor

Joshua Hughes : this is fantastic just like the fortnite ones

derpty derp : Wow, could just be me, but this sounds different to anything I've heard you play before, love it, awesome to see(hear) such variety!

Jeff Buyens : Hey here i am again with another compliment for your amazing guitar skills ! And can you pls like my comment ? Love you ❤️🧡💛💚💙

Eric Pelow : Well done, boy.

Radiactive Games : Waiting for The Last Of Us theme...

Cecil Chau : Love it! It made me in tears and watched the gameplay for an hour!

Jay-vee : Give a septim to this bard ! Amazing work my friend ! ( you have the same bear as kratos )