Millennials and Baby Boomers Seek To Understand Each Other
Millennials and Baby Boomers Seek To Understand Each Other

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Do Millennials or Baby Boomers work harder? What are the differences in struggles each generation has to face? We brought Millennials and Baby Boomers together to discuss these questions and determine whether they could see eye to eye. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉 👈 Follow us on INSTAGRAM: Check out Steve and Junko on Instagram as well: STEVE: JUNKO: Want to be in the next season of Middle Ground? Fill out our casting form: | ABOUT | Jubilee exists to bridge people together and inspire love through compelling stories. We create shareable human-centric videos that create connection, challenge assumptions, and touch the soul. Ultimately, we aim to inspire people to LIVE GREATER. | SOCIAL | Jubilee Facebook: Jubilee Instagram: Jubilee Twitter: Jubilee Website: Jubilee MERCH: Help us caption & translate this video! Help us caption & translate this video!


Jacob Lyns : "I own a couple of businesses" "I own a couple of businesses" "I own a couple of businesses" "I own a couple of businesses" Please I get it

Taylor Cassidy : “We’re not entitled. We want what you got. We want the basics of the American Dream.” 👌

morning glory : That asian lady is a saint

kali m : i liVe iN sOuThERN miSSoUrI i HaVE a CoUpLE Of BuSiNeSses

Glaucia Mesquita : Whyyy do they keep interrupting the black lady???? Damn, I wanted to hear her finish a sentence because I loved her energy so much

Thomas Burke : No one: Japanese mom: *brings world peace*

Melissa LinaresYT : “I don’t want to survive, I want to thrive” ❤️👏🏽

AsiniusNaso : In 1960 a high school diploma got you a factory job for life, a car, a house, and enough to support a family. Today a high school diploma will get you fries with that McDouble.

Brendy : Even if they don't like to admit it, factually baby boomers have had it the best of any generation.

BLVKMAJIK : "We don't want to survive we want to thrive!" Thank you! Say it louder for the poeple at the back.

Chris : Try dealing with a narcissistic babyboomer boss everyday

Tempest : I agree with the asian lady. Millenials are gonna have to clean up the mess that the previous generations have made.

Laura Kratovil : The Asian lady is really enlightened and well spoken. She seems like such a kind soul.

Books_and_More : Did anyone else get pissed off a little bit when the lady spoke about social media and getting upset and online relationships as what makes millenials lives harder? I am so far in debt with my student loan and working so much to pay it off and studying at the same time that I dont have the time to be upset because someone on social media said my nose was big 😂

singinwithceline : I have to disagree with the woman in black on the first point. As a disabled woman, we don’t get “hand outs”. It takes so much time and energy and effect to fill out the reams of paperwork necessary to get disability. I was BORN disabled. You have no idea how much I would LOVE to even work at Disney Store in the mall. But when I applied, I was interviewed on the spot. My power wheelchair could not fit behind the counter. And they didn’t know what else to do with me since I cannot walk. Even if I had been hired, Disability/SSI takes $1 for every $2 you make. Whatever you make at work gets deducted from disability benefits. Any increase in income counts against you in subsidized housing. The system is built to keep disabled people poor. I’m currently in college taking classes online toward my Psychology degree. I have a 3.2 GPA and do freelance writing whenever possible. Because my disability is permanent, I will always qualify for benefits on the basis of my medical records. However, I’m working hard to make sure that’s not my only income for the rest of my life. My disabled dad worked from age 14 until he was told to stop by his doctors. He often worked either 40-50 hours in a factory or had a second job. Don’t imply disability equals laziness. We want to work but we can’t. And the system stacks as much against us as possible.

jcsmooth70 : It's interesting that baby boomers think millennials don't work as hard as they do, yet I've met so many baby boomers that are managers and supervisors with no college degree or any certifications. That day and age is over! There is no 'work your way to the top.'

Erin Swag123 Ryan : did I mention that I’m from Missouri and own a couple of businesses?

queen Queen : That black woman is beautiful

I'm Sorry for Being Kind : I'm crying at the Asian Mom, she's so... kind, understanding logics, respectful, patient. 😭😭

run me over with your car : It would be interesting to see Generation Z in here too.

Grand Champ : "Do a job that you love" I kinda disgree with that statement. Mostly because I don't love having to work to survive regardless of how good the job is. The choice is forefeit. You HAVE to work or you don't eat and you die. There's no real choice in the matter. You can become a criminal but you still have to work lol. I will never love doing something I am forced to do just to be able to breathe. Waking up to an alarm clock, rushing to get ready in the morning, being stuck in morning traffic and work a good day away, and then being told what a privelague it is for you. For me it is a necessary evil. If the statement was "Do a job you're content with or can live with" then yes, I would agree.

alex Drawyourlife : The other contestants: hi- Woman with brown jacket: I OWN A COUPLE OF BUSINESSES

BigBodyG aka Papa Gabe : I agree with the millennials on this one. By teaching us as children that we should go to college, get our degree, find love, get married, and have kids. By teaching us this, they’re hindering our adaptability in life my mentally gridlocking us into the idea of if I don’t do this, I’m a failure and a disappointment to everyone and I will fail.

Ashlie : I'm 25. I guess a millennial? I experienced homelessness for years. Never was able to go to college. Barely passed high school because i was taking care of my siblings at 16. I'm pregnant and living in a shotty trailer with my boyfriend who makes too much for us to live in a better income based apartment though we're always broke. We do have it hard because times have changed. The pricing of living has gone up. Education has gone up. Food has gone up. We're not lazy. We break our backs to live a good life and can only get there with the bare minimum.

Large : The asian lady is very modest and i love everything about her.

Kassandra Carpenter : no one: women in brown suit: i live in southern Missouri and own a few businesses down there

Lolop Callulu : The black woman and the Asian lady seem like wonderful people

Kristen Adorno : How has healthcare gotten better??? Nobody can afford their own health insurance anymore!! Nobody can afford their doctor bills if they have illnesses that require constant care!

Ishaan Salhotra : Does the Missouri woman understand how much harder millennials and younger must work to get into college than she did? Instead of B+/A-'s and one extracurricular, students now must achieve a 4.0 GPA, 1 or 2 extracurriculars in which they excel far beyond the competition, and they rely far more on chance, in addition to this, just to fit a college's searches. Most Harvard baby boomers are as talented/worked as hard as students who attend respected, high level, but not Ivy League colleges. Not to mention money played a greater role in getting into college back then than it does now, and student debts are far worse today.

Kpopluvr94 : I own a couple of businesses in Missouri Oh whoop Dee doo Lucky ur parents had money

rin : the japanese woman makes me so happy! same with the lady in blue they’re so optimistic

nicoleshibby : Wish they wouldve went further and talked about how baby boomers could work an entry level job for a summer to pay for their college tuition. How drastically different healthcare costs were. I saw a hospital bill for a birth that was like 100 bucks. And now we are required to pay for our health care. People cant even afford medication. They could work an entry level job and afford a home. People these days are so indebted because of their college loans. You cant just have one parent work anymore and live comfortably. There isnt a state where a person can work fulltime and afford rent. Inflation has gone up so very much and some baby boomers dont realize how privileged they were in that regard.

AwwwImJuan : I love how Toni is literally self-promoting 💀💀💀 “I own a couple businesses in Missouri-“ “I live in Southern Missouri and own a couple of businesses”

Martial Artist : I absolutely love the woman in the blue jacket. She's so positive and optimistic. She believes in millennials, we need more baby boomers like her.

x charged : The black guy that keeps talking over the black lady when she's making a point offends me. Its hard to watch, I hope you see this and learn proper communication skills. Learn some manners, you're grown.

Tinker Bell : I thought he was just gonna end his thought with I don't wanna survive 😂 the general mood for millennials and gen Z

Narjess Al : baby boomers : passing on their generational trauma onto the next gen when they ought to be passing life skills and work experience from years of dedication and wisdom that millennials continue to take for granted cause they got social media and shit now😒💁 millennials : student debt, over draft, phone bill past due, over draft, student loan, house mortgage, over draft, phone line cut, over draft😓😥😤

Napster __ : “Everything should do what they love...” That’s the most bullshit statement ever... Do you think that a Garbage man loves what he does or Sewer cleaner loves what he does? It’s a means to an end which is to bring food to table for their families... To think that everyone can do what they love is an elitist ignorant statement... And if everyone got to do what they loved, there would so many essential jobs where no one worked

Syd Black : Can we have a global warming/climate change activist vs global warming/climate change skeptics video please 😭😭

miliyo : "You can take classes at MIT and Harvard for free" What

iron heart : I'm curious about if Toni has a couple businesses. And is she from Missouri? Please send help.

cormac king : I live in Australia, it costs 1 mil to buy a house. Help.

Michael Hutchinson : So umm what's with the voice overs?


Yo mom Is gay : Houses/Apartments are getting higher, Jobs are paying lowers. And thats what happens when you let boomers Run the economy :D

Awesome Sauce : hold up, how do you take MIT and Harvard courses online for free what

Symmetra Mei : Yo millennials, stop interrupting the beautiful black woman or y’all about to catch these hands!

JAYA NAIR : No one: Not a *single* soul: Lady in brown suit: _i OwN a CoUpLe Of BuSiNeSsEs_

B G K : Fat Acceptance and Non-Fat Acceptence would be an interesting one.