Millennials and Baby Boomers Seek To Understand Each Other

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Ante SeKe : Generation Z where you at?

TheNial120 : The black woman in the blue is so wavy bro. I like her.

Patrick Anderson : do "parents against violent video games" vs. "gamers"

WaffleAssasin : Ya that's one thing I can't stand is when they call millennials lazy. It does really depend on who you meet because all the millennials I know are working very hard for their future, myself included. There was a period where I had to work night shifts at an apple warehouse from 3pm-till 2am and then wake up at 6am for school and stay their all day to get my homework and other projects done. I'm not here to whine lol I'm just hear to say give us more credit. Lets be honest we are living in different times. There are things that have made it a bit easier on us, but there are also things that's made it harder.

taxmae : I cannot believe that throughout this whole video, especially during the "Young people today face harder challenges than any previous generations" discussion, none mentioned the rising cost of tuition and the fact that a bachelors degree doesn't guarantee you will get hired anymore.

Vanna Banana : The lady in the blue truly warms my heart

Taylor Cassidy : “We’re not entitled. We want what you got. We want the basics of the American Dream.” 👌

Jacob Lyns : "I own a couple of businesses" "I own a couple of businesses" "I own a couple of businesses" "I own a couple of businesses" Please I get it

NC Styles : The biggest thing Mellenials are facing is student loan debt and overpriced housing. Housing is overpriced!!

kichigaisensei : I'm a Gen Xer...and I'll tell you...the Baby Boomers are the wealthiest most entitled generation in HISTORY. A lot of Millennials are hard-working and smart. But what is there for them to work for? Most middle-class jobs have been shipped overseas (by Baby Boomers, I might add). I bought my first house when I was 23. Show me people who are 23 now who are doing that.

Respiir : That CEO guy is the typical “I made it and so can you” type of person...

yung menace : That asian lady is a saint

메로니 : Young people today face harder challenges than *ANY* previous generation? The fact that ALL of them essentially said yes to that question shows how out of touch these 6 people are. They don't have it harder than the generation that had to participate in the wars. They don't have it harder than the great depression generation. They don't have it harder than the slavery generation. I hate baby boomers and I'm starting to really dislike these clueless millennials that don't know where to point blames at.

jcsmooth70 : It's interesting that baby boomers think millennials don't work as hard as they do, yet I've met so many baby boomers that are managers and supervisors with no college degree or any certifications. That day and age is over! There is no 'work your way to the top.'

arthur morgan : i liVe iN sOuThERN miSSoUrI i HaVE a CoUpLE Of BuSiNeSses

Fuckn patriarchy, : the lady from Missouri is a walking stereotype lol

Chris : Try dealing with a narcissistic babyboomer boss everyday

Glaucia Mesquita : Whyyy do they keep interrupting the black lady???? Damn, I wanted to hear her finish a sentence because I loved her energy so much

DianaandherGuitar : Boomers say they care personally, but then vote against the next generation's best interests because... well, I don't know why, but I find it idiotic what our parents have done to us

Kristen Adorno : How has healthcare gotten better??? Nobody can afford their own health insurance anymore!! Nobody can afford their doctor bills if they have illnesses that require constant care!

Large : The asian lady is very modest and i love everything about her.

singinwithceline : I have to disagree with the woman in black on the first point. As a disabled woman, we don’t get “hand outs”. It takes so much time and energy and effect to fill out the reams of paperwork necessary to get disability. I was BORN disabled. You have no idea how much I would LOVE to even work at Disney Store in the mall. But when I applied, I was interviewed on the spot. My power wheelchair could not fit behind the counter. And they didn’t know what else to do with me since I cannot walk. Even if I had been hired, Disability/SSI takes $1 for every $2 you make. Whatever you make at work gets deducted from disability benefits. Any increase in income counts against you in subsidized housing. The system is built to keep disabled people poor. I’m currently in college taking classes online toward my Psychology degree. I have a 3.2 GPA and do freelance writing whenever possible. Because my disability is permanent, I will always qualify for benefits on the basis of my medical records. However, I’m working hard to make sure that’s not my only income for the rest of my life. My disabled dad worked from age 14 until he was told to stop by his doctors. He often worked either 40-50 hours in a factory or had a second job. Don’t imply disability equals laziness. We want to work but we can’t. And the system stacks as much against us as possible.

Brendy : Even if they don't like to admit it, factually baby boomers have had it the best of any generation.

Emma Montgomery : Please please please do LGBT+ people talk to Homophobic people. As a LGBT+ member, I really want to see this so I can better understand the other side of the argument.

Books_and_More : Did anyone else get pissed off a little bit when the lady spoke about social media and getting upset and online relationships as what makes millenials lives harder? I am so far in debt with my student loan and working so much to pay it off and studying at the same time that I dont have the time to be upset because someone on social media said my nose was big 😂

AWDTH1111 : I will say I do think the STRATEGY for success has definitely changed compared to the boomer generation. It was more of a “Work Hard”. Straight forward direction. Now for millennials, it leans more toward “Work Smart”. Find the best idea and/or meet the right people before the next one does.

nicoleshibby : Wish they wouldve went further and talked about how baby boomers could work an entry level job for a summer to pay for their college tuition. How drastically different healthcare costs were. I saw a hospital bill for a birth that was like 100 bucks. And now we are required to pay for our health care. People cant even afford medication. They could work an entry level job and afford a home. People these days are so indebted because of their college loans. You cant just have one parent work anymore and live comfortably. There isnt a state where a person can work fulltime and afford rent. Inflation has gone up so very much and some baby boomers dont realize how privileged they were in that regard.

Melissa Linares : “I don’t want to survive, I want to thrive” ❤️👏🏽

BigBodyG aka Papa Gabe : I agree with the millennials on this one. By teaching us as children that we should go to college, get our degree, find love, get married, and have kids. By teaching us this, they’re hindering our adaptability in life my mentally gridlocking us into the idea of if I don’t do this, I’m a failure and a disappointment to everyone and I will fail.

JMakes : Maybe its just me being too cynical but these episodes and conversations have the opportunity to be amazing but they just never fulfilled their potential. > They never discuss the core principles and philosophies behind the question - for example in the 'my children will grow up in a better world than I did' nobody asked or even tried to define what is 'better,' what the aim of societies and the world should be, what this utopia world vision is were working towards? Instead I just heard cliches like 'you've not set us up for success' ... 'the expectations are changing' ... > There's very little quantitive and objective substance to the conversation. They all use vague emotive language, referencing personal experiences and whilst this is great, if you want to have a really interesting and thought provoking conversation you need some 'meat' so to speak. For example, in Steven Pinkers TED talk he discusses societal progression over the years by actually analysing facts and figures. Sorry to be so critical, just feel these videos have so much potential for changing perceptions yet you just end up with a bunch of people saying the same lines we've all heard before :(

Whitnee S. : I think the biggest problem between "millennials" and "baby boomers" is the labels, stereotypes, and generalizations we as a society place on those age groups. We have begun to assume that just because someone was born within a certain time frame, that they are somehow different from us and sometimes even the cause of the problems we face. When at the end of the day, we are all human. Yes we all make mistakes. Yes we don't always do what's best for the next generation. But to assume that whoever you meet in any given group is the sole cause of your problems, when they are actually some of the few people who worked to make your life better, I think that's very unfair. To a certain extent, the time we are born does affect how we live, but we will always be human. No matter if someone lived 1,000 years ago, right now in 2018, or 200 years from now, there will always be something that we have in common. There's my 2 cents.

Larimar Claudio : I thought a baby boomer was someone who blew up babies🤦🏻‍♀️

Uni's World : This is just my family talking to each other

Ishaan Salhotra : Does the Missouri woman understand how much harder millennials and younger must work to get into college than she did? Instead of B+/A-'s and one extracurricular, students now must achieve a 4.0 GPA, 1 or 2 extracurriculars in which they excel far beyond the competition, and they rely far more on chance, in addition to this, just to fit a college's searches. Most Harvard baby boomers are as talented/worked as hard as students who attend respected, high level, but not Ivy League colleges. Not to mention money played a greater role in getting into college back then than it does now, and student debts are far worse today.

Sheryl Smallwood : Okay I'll be honest and say that I was born in 96, so I don't know if I'm part of the youngest millennial group or oldest gen z. Some publications cut off Millennials around 97, and some 95. Regardless, this was a great video! Everyone was so respectful!

Grand Champ : "Do a job that you love" I kinda disgree with that statement. Mostly because I don't love having to work to survive regardless of how good the job is. The choice is forefeit. You HAVE to work or you don't eat and you die. There's no real choice in the matter. You can become a criminal but you still have to work lol. I will never love doing something I am forced to do just to be able to breathe. Waking up to an alarm clock, rushing to get ready in the morning, being stuck in morning traffic and work a good day away, and then being told what a privelague it is for you. For me it is a necessary evil. If the statement was "Do a job you're content with or can live with" then yes, I would agree.

queen Queen : That black woman is beautiful

cormac king : I live in Australia, it costs 1 mil to buy a house. Help.

Chanel Badeux : The millennial with the glasses hit the nail on the head: "We're not entitled, we just want what you guys have - the basics of the american dream." EXACTLY. Boomers like to act like millenials are lazy and entitled because we don't get everything we want, yet in reality we're not asking or working for anything more then they were. We want the house, the car, and the family. The difference is your generation was able to get these things around the age we are now, however its starting to seem impossible for us to gain these things through traditional methods because of how messed up the industries are. Jobs aren't paying as much and house costs are through the roof, it would take us atleast 10 more years to afford the things y'all were able to get in your late 20s-early 30s. This is why we don't settle for regular 9 to 5 jobs anymore, not because we don't want to work but because those jobs aren't enough anymore! The people that succeed in our generation are the people that became entrepreneurs and found their OWN way to success, and that's what more of us are going to have to do to get ahead.

x charged : The black guy that keeps talking over the black lady when she's making a point offends me. Its hard to watch, I hope you see this and learn proper communication skills. Learn some manners, you're grown.

Noona Al : baby boomers : passing on their generational trauma onto the next gen when they ought to be passing life skills and work experience from years of dedication and wisdom that millennials continue to take for granted cause they got social media and shit now😒💁 millennials : student debt, over draft, phone bill past due, over draft, student loan, house mortgage, over draft, phone line cut, over draft😓😥😤

What Zit Tooya : It would be interesting to see Generation Z in here too.

Kiley Boi : I feel like they should have talked about differences in education and how school is different

PetHub : Most difficult generation ever? That's quite sensationalist. How about the generation that was born during the bubonic plague? A third of them died, and the rest lived in poverty.

Sketchy : Here's a question: Do we really need to generalize entire "generations" of people (in a quite nonuniform fashion as I've come to learn) in order to understand them? It's extremely close to stereo typing, and even though they all _did_ live through certain eras, they're also often being falsely categorized under things not relevant to the _individual._ Every life experience is still different despite similarities and will always produce a unique individual with specific attributes and needs. Do we generalize upon generations of people because our minds couldn't possibly begin to assess them all accurately as individuals from different locations and social classes? *_Do we really need to talk about ALL of us?_* Could we focus more on our local communities? Can we still *be* a community? Do we really even want to help each other anymore, or are we too afraid of the commitment because we're too worried about protecting our own lives?

Verbal Assassin : *harder challenges than other generations🤔* Slavery is still ranking number 1....

Cassidy Wright : Flat-earthers and scientists/non flat-earthers?

Syd Black : Can we have a global warming/climate change activist vs global warming/climate change skeptics video please 😭😭

Go Gina : The Millennials are speaking facts

Luck Is My Talent : I’m thirteen so I’m neither😅 but still fun to watch