Millennials and Baby Boomers Seek To Understand Each Other

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Ante SeKe : Generation Z where you at?

TheNial120 : The black woman in the blue is so wavy bro. I like her.

Lareshonda Treadway : I wanna see middle ground between parents who spank and parents who choose not to

Anna Skopina : “To do what you love is sometimes means to do what you hate to get there”. I definitely need a tattoo with this words

Martial Artist : I absolutely love the woman in the blue jacket. She's so positive and optimistic. She believes in millennials, we need more baby boomers like her.

Large : The asian lady is very modest and i love everything about her.

Patrick Anderson : do "parents against violent video games" vs. "gamers"

Taylor Cassidy : “We’re not entitled. We want what you got. We want the basics of the American Dream.” 👌

Herschelle : "i OwN a CoUpLe Of BuSiNeSsEs"

Me again : My parents didn't set me up for success and neither did theirs. We were all just told go out and work hard.

Vanna Banana : The lady in the blue truly warms my heart

NC Styles : The biggest thing Mellenials are facing is student loan debt and overpriced housing. Housing is overpriced!!

Running Towards : I really liked what the one girl said about lack of incentive to work harder. I'm gonna just use wage as an example. I went to college and now have almost 50k in debt, housing prices in my area are expensive, jobs say the want 20 years of experience but will pay 15/hour. Leadership and executive roles, many of which are held by baby boomers have created an economy where even when you do work hard, get educated, and try to be responsible you're incredibly likely to fail. I sometimes feel so overwhelmed by just how bleak the future can be. I have a decent job, but am terrified that if I loose it I have to find another that pays just as well to even survive. Baby boomers grew up in a time when job hopping was not only easy, but when you could loose a job and not really have to worry for a good few months. I make 40k/year, am single, with no children, and still live paycheck to paycheck. Not because I partied all of my teen year or because I am irresponsible with money, but because of student loans, paying for health insurance that my employer doesn't provide, and paying for medical bills that I didn't ask for. this story isn't uncommon for a lot of use millennials.

Daniel Thankachan : Anybody else kinda get annoyed when they go in the opposite side of chairs

메로니 : Young people today face harder challenges than *ANY* previous generation? The fact that ALL of them essentially said yes to that question shows how out of touch these 6 people are. They don't have it harder than the generation that had to participate in the wars. They don't have it harder than the great depression generation. They don't have it harder than the slavery generation. I hate baby boomers and I'm starting to really dislike these clueless millennials that don't know where to point blames at.

Fuckn patriarchy, : the lady from Missouri is a walking stereotype lol

Sergio Rodriguez : Baby boomers didn't care about the generation that came after them.

singinwithceline : I have to disagree with the woman in black on the first point. As a disabled woman, we don’t get “hand outs”. It takes so much time and energy and effect to fill out the reams of paperwork necessary to get disability. I was BORN disabled. You have no idea how much I would LOVE to even work at Disney Store in the mall. But when I applied, I was interviewed on the spot. My power wheelchair could not fit behind the counter. And they didn’t know what else to do with me since I cannot walk. Even if I had been hired, Disability/SSI takes $1 for every $2 you make. Whatever you make at work gets deducted from disability benefits. Any increase in income counts against you in subsidized housing. The system is built to keep disabled people poor. I’m currently in college taking classes online toward my Psychology degree. I have a 3.2 GPA and do freelance writing whenever possible. Because my disability is permanent, I will always qualify for benefits on the basis of my medical records. However, I’m working hard to make sure that’s not my only income for the rest of my life. My disabled dad worked from age 14 until he was told to stop by his doctors. He often worked either 40-50 hours in a factory or had a second job. Don’t imply disability equals laziness. We want to work but we can’t. And the system stacks as much against us as possible.

golgi apparatus : As a millennial born in 1990..I can say that a lot of millennials, me included, won't be able to do what they "love" for a job. being too poor, college debt, and lack of fulltime jobs around(so that company's don't have to pay their workers benefits) outsourcing and over saturated job markets make this harder and harder.. its not good to teach Gen Z to find their 'passion" and do that as a job. That you can do anything you want if you put in hard work. Thats bs. If theres no jobs, theres no jobs. Its misleading and raising their hopes up.a job is a job. Work doesn't have to be fun, or your "passion". And you're not failing in life if it isn't your passion.. I think its bad to place these expectations on us and them. because if they can't find that amazing Job that they love, or have a family, or a house, then they'll feel like failures. Like a lot of us do now.. these millennials they showed were either ceo's or well off. They didn't even show the more common poor people aspect of the economy.. There's so many who have high level degrees right now, and end up working in coffee shops... university is a scam now. complete a trade school, or get a useful AS degree at Community College. or a Certificate in something. Bachelors is a rip off.

DianaandherGuitar : Boomers say they care personally, but then vote against the next generation's best interests because... well, I don't know why, but I find it idiotic what our parents have done to us

Respiir : That CEO guy is the typical “I made it and so can you” type of person...

AWDTH1111 : I will say I do think the STRATEGY for success has definitely changed compared to the boomer generation. It was more of a “Work Hard”. Straight forward direction. Now for millennials, it leans more toward “Work Smart”. Find the best idea and/or meet the right people before the next one does.

Whitnee S. : I think the biggest problem between "millennials" and "baby boomers" is the labels, stereotypes, and generalizations we as a society place on those age groups. We have begun to assume that just because someone was born within a certain time frame, that they are somehow different from us and sometimes even the cause of the problems we face. When at the end of the day, we are all human. Yes we all make mistakes. Yes we don't always do what's best for the next generation. But to assume that whoever you meet in any given group is the sole cause of your problems, when they are actually some of the few people who worked to make your life better, I think that's very unfair. To a certain extent, the time we are born does affect how we live, but we will always be human. No matter if someone lived 1,000 years ago, right now in 2018, or 200 years from now, there will always be something that we have in common. There's my 2 cents.

Chris : Try dealing with a narcissistic babyboomer boss everyday

justuslightworkers : Ok as a Gen-Xer who has been in the middle of these two generations and observing them for a very, very long time, this was an AWFUL representation. Well-intentioned, but perhaps there should have been others also chosen to go into this conversation. I did see a couple of comments that stuck out, and that was when the Asian boomer said "we are truly sorry", and when the black millenial said something like "we've been left with nothing, we just want what you guys have". However, I do not believe most boomers really are sorry, for leaving us with nothing. They're happy to roam around the country in their RVs, continuing to indulge in their selfishness, while we Gen-Xers and Millenials struggle just to make ends meet, struggle just to get a house, just so we CAN give our children better lives, because many of us are actually thinking about them, their futures, their happiness, and not how much money can we make and spend and breed like rabbits. Oh I know what boomers gave us Gen-Xers and Millenials: a horrendous mess for us to clean up after them. In every way. Also, the childless boomer had NO ROOM to talk about children and the next generation. NONE. In addition, either these Millenials have grown out of the entitled, snowflake phase, or they grew up LUCKY enough not to feel that way. These Millenials were actually mature, responsible adults, it's quite possible they were born toward the beginning of that generation. There should have been some younger ones also included in the group to hear their perspective. WHY they have had difficulty leaving their parents' house, WHY they have had difficulty paying for anything, WHY they feel entitled and offended over everything, etc. I would have definitely liked to hear their perspectives, particularly on the last point. Entitlement and offense are an overly annoying characteristic of many Millenials, but I want to truly hear why they feel this way, and understand them better. I'm Gen-X, my perspective is different, but I do see certain overlaps we have to both boomers and Millenials. My kids are Gen-Z, and I am making it a point not to leave a selfish mess for them to clean up. So Baby Boomers, thanks but no thanks. Millenials, keep working toward doing what you love, building your own businesses, cleaning up the environment, etc., but please take off the vagina hats, please let your kids play outside a lot, and all that jazz, ok? Thank you.

JMakes : Maybe its just me being too cynical but these episodes and conversations have the opportunity to be amazing but they just never fulfilled their potential. > They never discuss the core principles and philosophies behind the question - for example in the 'my children will grow up in a better world than I did' nobody asked or even tried to define what is 'better,' what the aim of societies and the world should be, what this utopia world vision is were working towards? Instead I just heard cliches like 'you've not set us up for success' ... 'the expectations are changing' ... > There's very little quantitive and objective substance to the conversation. They all use vague emotive language, referencing personal experiences and whilst this is great, if you want to have a really interesting and thought provoking conversation you need some 'meat' so to speak. For example, in Steven Pinkers TED talk he discusses societal progression over the years by actually analysing facts and figures. Sorry to be so critical, just feel these videos have so much potential for changing perceptions yet you just end up with a bunch of people saying the same lines we've all heard before :(

taxmae : I cannot believe that throughout this whole video, especially during the "Young people today face harder challenges than any previous generations" discussion, none mentioned the rising cost of tuition and the fact that a bachelors degree doesn't guarantee you will get hired anymore.

John Connor : Black dude's a millennial? Looks old enough to be my dad.

Sketchy : Here's a question: Do we really need to generalize entire "generations" of people (in a quite nonuniform fashion as I've come to learn) in order to understand them? It's extremely close to stereo typing, and even though they all _did_ live through certain eras, they're also often being falsely categorized under things not relevant to the _individual._ Every life experience is still different despite similarities and will always produce a unique individual with specific attributes and needs. Do we generalize upon generations of people because our minds couldn't possibly begin to assess them all accurately as individuals from different locations and social classes? *_Do we really need to talk about ALL of us?_* Could we focus more on our local communities? Can we still *be* a community? Do we really even want to help each other anymore, or are we too afraid of the commitment because we're too worried about protecting our own lives?

IG_SC_Twitter_thaclassceediva : As a "true millennial" aka born in '97, I don't feel like we face more challenges than generations before us. I didn't die because a Whites only hospital wouldn't treat me, however my great uncle did. Any who, I do believe that Baby Boomers set us up to fail and have an unrealistic thought process as to how education, experience and work ethic actually play a part in the career process and what part it plays. Like my mother had the work ethic to the point she almost killed herself. She, with a master's degree, ended up being homeless and unable to find a job because she was either over qualified or under qualified or didn't fit the aesthetic of certain places. She was traveling the country for a job that matched her merits and nearly died of blood clots for it. She also taught me to work hard, and that you can have anything you work hard for but that's not true. My whole life has been spent seeing women around me who went to college have M.A.s and Ph. Ds, and connections to people who have made it, who are STRUGGLING. They expect me, a high school dropout because of homelessness due to my mother being sick, to be able to qualify for some of the same jobs they apply for. I make a couple bucks over minimum wage, I'll probably get a raise soon actually; but it's not likely to be much. However the fact that they feel that because I have the minimum education requirements of those jobs, and the minimum experience requirements; that I can actually get those jobs. I feel like that unrealistic notion that if you work for it, you can have it, is what has ruined my generation. I actually wish nobody had told me to reach for the stars because my time would've been better spent building stairs to just get to the thinner part of the Earth's atmosphere. My timeline for having kids gets longer and longer every year because I don't want to bring them into debt, and a low-income situation. Now my mother is still working, a Social Services job, and she's handicap. I'm now a caretaker and I work a full-time job and we are BOTH, COLLECTIVELY still broke. Like I'm aware we are more fortunate than others, as we are no longer homeless. However, we share a single bedroom apartment and split bills and we are still destitute. I hate that people say, why is it so hard for millennials to leave their house. The cost of living gets higher and higher. The ability to save gets harder and harder. Most every Baby Boomer I know is gonna die with a mountain of debt left behind. So we are afraid of debt, but you can't have good credit without credit. It all just feels like a trap and an endless hamster wheel of depression, unhealthy coping mechanisms and death. I wish somebody would have told me that ahead of time so I could have configured my expectations accordingly. Not too mention apparently you can become a millionaire from being an internet troll while most of us are out here working our asses off just to survive to work our asses off just tot survive. We DO work shitty jobs that we hate, hoping to eventually do what we WANT to do. We DO rely on any safety net we can because it's longer and harder to the top the closer you are to the bottom. We're NOT sensitive snowflakes, some of you are clueless privileged assholes with too much to say and not enough to do. We DO focus on the future of our descendants more than a lot of Baby Boomers did at our ages, IMO. That's just MY feelings, more venting than informal. That's just my perspective as a 21 y/o Black woman in NC.

Discerning Daniel : "We don't feel that you set us up for success." Yet you never drafted in the military during war time. I see society becoming more sensitive. When my family came to America we had to set goals for ourselves.

Jill S : Only weird part... Did none of them hear stories about their family living through the great depression, or was that just me? Sure, it's tough to buy a house, I'm working with that problem right now, but I can afford to buy food at the grocery store and the dollar actually has some worth in society

Grand Champ : "Do a job that you love" I kinda disgree with that statement. Mostly because I don't love having to work to survive regardless of how good the job is. The choice is forefeit. You HAVE to work or you don't eat and you die. There's no real choice in the matter. You can become a criminal but you still have to work lol. I will never love doing something I am forced to do just to be able to breathe. Waking up to an alarm clock, rushing to get ready in the morning, being stuck in morning traffic and work a good day away, and then being told what a privelague it is for you. For me it is a necessary evil. If the statement was "Do a job you're content with or can live with" then yes, I would agree.

James Larkin : The Asian lady's and the lady in the blue's voice is asmr...

WaffleAssasin : Ya that's one thing I can't stand is when they call millennials lazy. It does really depend on who you meet because all the millennials I know are working very hard for their future, myself included. There was a period where I had to work night shifts at an apple warehouse from 3pm-till 2am and then wake up at 6am for school and stay their all day to get my homework and other projects done. I'm not here to whine lol I'm just hear to say give us more credit. Lets be honest we are living in different times. There are things that have made it a bit easier on us, but there are also things that's made it harder.

Luck Is My Talent : I’m thirteen so I’m neither😅 but still fun to watch

cormac king : I live in Australia, it costs 1 mil to buy a house. Help.

crzycolchris : Did they skip a generation? I think boomers would be my grandparents... Anyways, I don't think it's right to blame a generation for anything. Things obviously change, we aren't even thinking about what the world was like in 1820. Who says we have to work 40 strict hours a week for 50 years to live the "american dream" I can't wait for people to stop trying to blaming others. In 20 years, the world will look even more different. Cost of living, quality of things, speed of technology, everyone and their mothers having a "higher education" will no doubt bring a BIG change to how we live.

Syd Black : Can we have a global warming/climate change activist vs global warming/climate change skeptics video please 😭😭

Keiko Sah : Why didn't you mix upper and lower class baby boomers/millennials? You put all upper class people in this video it's very frustrating.

Uni's World : This is just my family talking to each other

AllGuts NoGlory : What about Gen X'ers????? You left them out again. And Gen Y'ers are different than millenials.

Alicia M : What happened to Gen X? Gen X were the ones that created a lot. We are in the middle of this Baby Boomers and Millennials.

B G K : Fat Acceptance and Non-Fat Acceptence would be an interesting one.

Jimmy Lee : No one mentions the federal reserve or the macro financial issues that have placed millennials in such a burdensome state...everyone here is so blind to the financial rape that has occurred over the past 4 decades. It's disturbing to see that both millennials and boomers don't see the larger picture at play, all-be-it, this is a small sample size. Oh well...I guess one can only focus on himself at this point; it's really a shame that large entities are getting away with this.

Go Gina : The Millennials are speaking facts

Larimar Claudio : I thought a baby boomer was someone who blew up babies🤦🏻‍♀️

a lee jones : Be serious. The Boomers were and are the most selfish. They didn't pull their own weight and opted for the newest and latest, greatest gadget rather than behaving like grown ups and protecting their children by being role models. They let the kids be latch key, They ignored politics and their legacy was to destroy pensions, the middle class and a good education . Oh I was born in 1949


rjtheripper931 : Do what you love is the worst lie that someone has ever told me. plus there's already a shortage in the job market that's making things more competitive than usual. making jobs that you could have easily landed back in the day mostly impossible. Plus massive immigration is gonna make this whole situation worse. We need to put Americans first before other people.