Air Traffic Controller tries to LEAVE the TOWER! Flight Sim X (Multiplayer)
What happens when somebody tries to be serious online in Flight Simulator X

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An untrained air traffic controller in FSX multiplayer tries to leave the tower while on-duty at the Boston Logan Int'l Airport, but not before he makes a snarky comment towards my piloting skills which causes me to return to the airport and show him what's up. Enjoy. ► FULL FSX TROLLING PLAYLIST: ► NEW T-SHIRTS: ► Twitter - ► Facebook - Outro: "Deserted" by J+1 - Like, share, & subscribe for more videos!


Cinder : I can’t stop laughing! His monotone voice mixed with the un-serious situations is just fucking amazing

Querty Beighteen : "Can you confirm that the F-18 in the distance did just strike the ground?" *Rolls dice "Oooh yeah, that F-18 is DEAD." So we have one guy role playing a pilot as if it were the real experience and a stoner Dungeon Master rolling for damage.

HellMinion88 : can i take off from the runway? (ATC rolls for initiative) ... yes.

Albert The farmer : "Don't Sink" "Shut up"

A Friendly Youtube Commenter : "The only reason you're in the air is because you were able to get there" LOL The FSX quote of the day right here

luket1017 : "I know it's my job... but he shouldn't have hit the ground" 😂😂😂

TheBarroomHero321 : Tower, please advise how you like DEM APPLES?

Javian Johnson : MAN THIS IS HILARIOUS “uhh...does it - look clear?” 😭😭😭😭😭

Chris Fredriksson : How can you seriously not laugh during these conversations!? You are fenomenal with your speech! Awesome video!

benimatyus : "The only reason, you are in the air is because... You were able to get there. " A minute of silence for all the IQ points lost

Marcel Doesburg : LOL as real pilot this is something different guys... I'm laghing my pants out LOL. Something for a Aviation Comedyshow hahaha

Big Qaz : It’s amazing how you keep us watching through a 11 minute video of a plane taking off and landing. Edit: thank you all for the likes never gotten 100 before!!!

: I : Uniform Sierra Echo Romeo Echo November Tango Echo Romeo Echo Delta Yankee Oscar Uniform Romeo Charlie Hotel Alpha November November Echo Lima

SpaceMissile : "I- I- I- I fully... am..." "...gonna do that."

SethEverman : jesus christ this is some fantastic content right here

『Bryce Gaming』 : 9:21 *AIRPROUD95* Uh, roger that, if you could just give us that landing clearance in proper FAA terminology, we’d be very grateful, thank you. *RANDOM ATC* “LAND THE GOT DAMN PLANE!”

Matt Wild : I work for American and this is gold

TaprootToob : Radio altimeter "Don't Sink!" Pilot-"shut up" lol

Ellie Sie : “Umm...does it... look clear?” Omfg I laughed so hard

Liberator 24 : LAND THE GOD DAMN PLANE!!!

Matthew Tucknott : So new viewer here, and I am CRYING with laughter at how much of a shitshow this is. I love how seriously you are taking it whilst the others are more casual but so polite (as are you!). But when you get annoyed you are just so serious and formal and funny!

Sass Master XIII : Jesus Christ this is one of the most hilarious content i've accidentally clicked on!

Logan : "we're clear to land the GOD DAMN PLANE rwy 22L"

Giannis Dravis : 1337: We request clearance for takeoff. Control Tower: look clear? 1337: Sir, that's your job to tell me. I lost it. XDDDD

Cookie : "can you confirm that f-18 just struck the ground?" *rolls dice* - rolls 12 "yeah that f-18 is dead"

Steven H. : You landed long and DID NOT butter the bread on that landing!

James Jin : I don't know how did he keep a straight face during all of this idiocy.

John Doe : "Does it...Look clear?" I'm dead

Anthin Delahunt : That was the funniest thing I have ever heard. I have tears running down my cheeks onto the keyboard. Anthin.

Nathan Herring : I lost it when he said "Does it look clear"

The Laughing Rabbit : Roll d20, you get full clearance for takeoff and you make a superb liftoff while finishing off with a perfect loop.... simply because of the natural 20 roll.

PewDiePie PewDiePie : LAND THE GOD DAMN PLANE 😂😂😂 Edit: Thank you for hilighting my comment and pls make more vid thanks.

DerpyMan3000 : Proceed with full stop, over. ----3 Drinks Later---- JUST LAND THE GOT DAMN PLANE!

Rick : Be advised all ATC's are completely stoned in the Tower. Lmao 😂

Canadian Plane Spotter : Actual ATC transcripts: "American 1337 request IFR to Portland, we have information Tango" seems legit. FSX transcripts: "Nobody cares". Also seems legit.

Anime Problem : Tower please confirm how you like DEM APPLES is my new OHHH reaction meme

Clarence G : "LAND THE GOD DAMN PLANE" Ahahhaha I died

Para Mommy : “Did you see that F-18 strike the ground?” -rolls d20- -it’s a 1- “Yeah that F-18 is dead”

Pascal : "does it ... look clear?" "Sir that would be your job" lul

adza botchway : "there's no wind" LMAO IM CRYING

PhischTV : And my FSX SteamEdition can't connect to any Multiplayer... I feel lost. :P

Reece Giuffre : Golf Alpha Yankee Lima Oscar Romeo Delta 747

Tino Sailor : Thank you for your video very much!! Greeting from Russia. Learning this game, going to fly Tu 154 to USA servers)))

Dies Irae : "Don't sink" "Shut up"

Jermaine Dixon : "Tower to aircraft" I'm crying with laughter!

Ariel Mauricio : "I know it's my job, but he shouldn't have hit the ground." "The only reason you're in the air is because you were able to get there." Glorious quotes xD

dblock : Glad I ran into this stuff. Cracks me up.

Flying nugget Plays : 5:46 I know it’s my job but, he shouldn’t have hit the ground😂

JzuzGarcia : LAND THE GOT DAMN PLANE! That part alone had me dying of laughter holy shit this is hilarious.