Air Traffic Controller tries to LEAVE the TOWER! Flight Sim X (Multiplayer)

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SethEverman : jesus christ this is some fantastic content right here

steveo1kinevo : Deaf, drunk, gambling controllers will get you every time.

Aimee Gray : please make a shirt that says "LAND THE GOD DAMN PLANE"

RBH-Executor : "I know it's my job, but he shouldn't of hit the ground" HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

Gabriel Helby : "Give us clearance in proper FAA terminology we'd be very grateful, thank you."… *LAND THE GOD DAMN PLANE*

augdog1230 : 4:10 American 1337 : 'Sir have you had anything to drink tonite? ATC : 'YEH' ATC : 'I actually had a glass of water' American 1337 : 'Ok I'd like to pose that same question to the F-18 because he just did a complete 180 and struck both of his wings off to the side of the runway at this point and is now firewalling the throttles to an open body of water' I nearly pissed myself.

benimatyus : "The only reason, you are in the air is because... You were able to get there. " A minute of silence for all the IQ points lost

jonathan lowe : Lmao I love how he takes flight simulator so seriously😂😂

Cinder : I can’t stop laughing! His monotone voice mixed with the un-serious situations is just fucking amazing

Dan Bull : More

dream pilot : The passengers dont know why you landed back at the same airport

Michael Herzog : "Tower please advise, How do you like Dem Apples?!"

Albert The farmer : "Don't Sink" "Shut up"

Chris Fredriksson : How can you seriously not laugh during these conversations!? You are fenomenal with your speech! Awesome video!

ComedyGuy : Can i get a proper FAA Land clearence? LAND THE GOD DAMN PLANE!

Daniel K : Proper FAA Terminology "LAND THE GOD DAMM PLANE" needs to be a t-shirt

SereniaSaissa : That was hilarious!! A teenager as an ATC who has a part time job as an ice cream truck driver, and who rolls dice to determine his actions. The joke further down in the comments is also funny as well - the one where 3 engines fail and maybe they will stay up there forever..

Edinburgers Are Tasty : Uniform Sierra Echo Romeo Echo November Tango Echo Romeo Echo Delta Yankee Oscar Uniform Romeo Charlie Hotel Alpha November November Echo Lima

Marcel Doesburg : LOL as real pilot this is something different guys... I'm laghing my pants out LOL. Something for a Aviation Comedyshow hahaha

Jeff D : *rolls dice* that had me rolling. 😂😂

Brandon - : "snorts a line" lmao

Ryan Kindt : "I have ice cream to distribute."

Kanto : "go ahead with full stop landing, over" "uh, roger that, so if you could just give us that landing clearance in proper FAA terminology we'd be very grateful, thank you" "LAND THE GOD DAMN PLANE" perfect

alex arreola : "Dont sink" *Shut Up*

Riyad Kalla : "to each their own" I'm dying...

Rissa Wolff : My fiancé and I nearly PISSED ourselves laughing at this video - definitely our favorite thus far. Can't get enough of your attempted realism videos (way funnier than intentional trolling, imho). Please do more of this!! <3

Jared Adkins : I was laughing so hard at this that I was in tremendous pain and woke up my entire family. Great stuff.

Marcus Q. Pines : Jesus Christ this is one of the most hilarious content i've accidentally clicked on!

Big Qaz : It’s amazing how you keep us watching through a 11 minute video of a plane taking off and landing.

A Friendly Youtube Commenter : "The only reason you're in the air is because you were able to get there" LOL The FSX quote of the day right here

Jamie Richardson : This is my absolute favorite video on Youtube, and I know ZERO about flying a plane.

Scott Bennett : I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Thanks for posting this.

O'Malley 567 : “I have... uh ice cream to distribute?”

Christian Falkenberg : @Mr. AFP95, i'd like to thank you for giving me laughing tears. It really helps me dealing with personal problems. Cookie? ✌️️😃

Canadian Plane Spotter : Actual ATC transcripts: "American 1337 request IFR to Portland, we have information Tango" seems legit. FSX transcripts: "Nobody cares". Also seems legit.

Croatiaboy11 : believe it or not if you go a higher speed you go faster and no ill not blog it

Ia •_• : Accurate representation of Boston, can confirm. source: live in boston

TheBarroomHero321 : Tower, please advise how you like DEM APPLES?

noobtuberthepotato : "Don't Sink" "Shut up"

Dies Irae : "Don't sink" "Shut up"

gunner69adg : You are so funny

The AViator : Hilarious! I can’t not laugh at this! Funnier than most memes I know.

luket1017 : "I know it's my job... but he shouldn't have hit the ground" 😂😂😂

Ajs1287 : F18 pilot is dead.. Mocha hagaoti.. Co incidence that he also works out of Boston.

jeremiah corey : “Don’t sink” “Shut up”

dblock : Glad I ran into this stuff. Cracks me up.

Matt Wild : I work for American and this is gold

Dev Angry : I can't stop laughing here. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ali G : The only reason you were in the air is because you were able to get there... LOL

『TonyAviation Gaming』 : 9:21 *AIRPROUD95* Uh, roger that, if you could just give us that landing clearance in proper FAA terminology, we’d be very grateful, thank you. *RANDOM ATC* “LAND THE GOT DAMN PLANE!”