Eric Andre - Buying a Car

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Dirty Mota : I dont trust like that

UberDurable : I haven't laughed like that!

WarBear : open that button

Frabjous : I bet Harry's ancestors were Trojans.

Travis K. : He seems like a greasy salesman

Tree Fiddy : Where did he find a trenchcoat that long

Lazarius Quinoa : if yung harry don't trust you i'ma shoot you

Yung Simmmie : I had to stop watching Eric Andre videos because I stopped breathing from laughter.

Absolutely Titanium White : Is Hannibal the legs of his operation?

Timmy : I don't trust like that

Officer Flat Foot : "I'm looking for a friendly car, one that talks..."

thagrammarnazi : Legend has it, Harry still doesn't trust like that.

Adam Laborde : The old "sitting on shoulders in a trenchcoat with a deep voice, hat, and fake mustache" gag truly is a time-shining gem.

lil slump : Eric andre has the best typa humor on adult swim

Nothin Kid : why can't harry let that button stay closed?

das it mane : Harry looks like a jabroni.

The Noble Empire : I lost it when he said " I'm looking to buy a fine automobile from him". I think it was the way he walked and the way he spoke

Crocubot : 21 people don't trust like that.

Roman : he doesnt trust him because he's black

comicalsans : This is the only time Eric Andre ever refused to get naked

7catstied2gether : "...D'you have a friendly car; one that talks?"

LouieNoVuitton : "Im looking for harry?" *Chokes on air*

Bud Man : Do you have any S K I T T L E S

Cléo Z : I wouldn't trust like that either.

SomeWhiteGuy78 : 1 thumb up = 1 trust like that

herbert : where tf did he get that coat

VideoGamerGuy 92 : This reminded me of a scene from a movie called "The Little Rascals" where they try to get loan! 😂

ragglefraggle24 : *"you want to see my genitals, that's NOT ok"*

Dunkacccino : I love how he calls for Harry as if he's an old buddy... lmao

Amida : I just realized he can't fit in a car and drive it, is that part of the joke?

xavi qaz : I don't trust like that

bigblink : I have always wanted to see Tall Adult happen, i never imagined I would see it.

RealRainbows : I'm not sure I understand the premise of this one, but "I don't trust like that"

Aspern Park : Do you have any Skittles?

Barrian14 : That guy was not fooled for a second, sharp lad

winter : it reminds me of a scene from little rascals but they were trying to get a loan

Gamer Guy : he doesn't trust like that

Mike Merrill : Harry's probably into a lot of crooked shit. I'm sure thats why he doesn't trust like that.

Proximate Cause : Bird up

Silas : The best video ever.

Harry Gallagher : Its weird seeing how humorless some pricks are tbh

PatchCornAdams723 : I'd love to be a fly on the wall for when Eric Andre does skits like this. I want to see the awkwardness afterwards, and how he gets away from the situation.

Brad Lewis : Harry!

Crimsoncorn : Harry's eyebrows are out of this world

nicholas lurwick : I feel like I'm one of the few people who get his sense of humor. Hopefully more will understand.

lil slump : Eric andre has the best typa hunor on adult swim

stanwooz94 : The ending got me!

Nick Breazeale : "i don't trust like that", "do you have any skittles?"

Zomcon Gaming : When she cuddles after a one night stand "I don't trust like that."

KUSH STARS TV : Is it just me or does this skit remind you of the little rascals.