Does Helium Break iPhones?!
Does Helium Break iPhones

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Here’s a who-done-it for all you technophiles out there. A helium leak rendered 40 iPhones useless at a Chicago hospital. How? We ran some tests and figured out exactly why iPhones might be allergic to helium. Read the full blog here! MRI timelapse footage found here! Subscribe to our channel for all our latest teardown and repair videos! Follow us on Twitter: Check us out on Facebook:


Michael Cianciulli : They need a new IP rating to handle helium lol

hextakatt : who would win: -iphone -a helium atom boi

SwitchBack : Well that was interesting.

Nithyanadhan .V : So, now what? A #HeliumGate?

ricky v : This is really cool. I would have never guessed this. Hey, you’re not only making repair guides now. You’re also making destruction guides. (:

佐藤 - Satō : *_I guess I’m going to carry helium everywhere now!_* 😂

Raffe Dwab : This is completely unacceptable. At their price, iPhones should not have to deal with atoms and molecules.

Steve Shajan : Next time it will be allergic to Oxygen

SNSD Sunny : Oh crap now my $1000 phone can't withstand helium.

EruYagami : New IP69 rating: helium resistance, next to water and dust...

Kay JB : Wow such an interesting incident. Thanks for reporting this iFixit!

Dr_Kachu san : Red should name their next phone Red Helium to poke fun at.

LOL dude : *mems chip* one letter short from perfection

Meledyne : Alright all my friends with iPhones prepare for April fools! 😏

tomek5503 : Apple iPhone Xs. Now with helium detection feature!

Alex Dollar : I got free replacement for my iPhone because of this little trick 😂😂

Angel Hernandez : Here comes uboxs “iPhones have a huge problem video”

Lelouch Lamperouge : Where can I buy helium phones which are more amazing then android phones.😂🤣 (Because it has the capability to kill Apple Phones.)

sprakful : Apple now ll say this is a feature to sa save our users.

Federico Velutini : But Apple phones aren't any skinnier than androids...

dio durant : would be an interesting conversation with siri while shes intoxicated with helium

jimbob9631 : Android weakness: battery life Apple weakness: Earth's atmosphere

Lennard R. : Would be funny if the I phone just speeds the clock up (like the human voice with helium)

ghlow : * high pitched voices * hey man did your phone crash? yeah. lol how weird mine too

Inspiraattori : What about adding poison gas detector chip to all devices that warning dangerous environment and probably can save lives? Innovation 😎

Bo Bu : Woow helium is kryptonite for iPhones. There goes the $1,000 plus dollar metal brick

Happy John : yes 8:18 PM 11/3/2018

MK Games : All teachers need helium XD

ُSystem32 : Who would win: a 1499 $ perfectly calibrated. High quality smart phone... *One tiny boi*

C. M. : Who would win? -a piece of fine technology -some weird tiny boi

Not ItzCrazy Rocket League & More : Apple devices cant get high then Get it helium makes things float

Bujtor Zoltán : A Nokia 3310 would break the helium.

Spencer Freebairn : Thanks for the very interesting video! Great investigative work, too!

mitchi mitch : Android - universe of endless possibilites Apple - your not planning to go past the stratosphere are you?

ahmad furquan : I'm gonna present my boss 100 of helium Baloons this Christmas..... He just purchased iPhone Xs. Its gonna be fun. 😁😉

kombajndosalatek : 0:06 lie already. Why wouldn't I believe it? Is it about aliens landing on earth and eradicating entire human species?

Husam Mirie : So what we learnd is if you are going to an expedition to Jupiter Dont take an iPhone with you 🤣.

Rasberry Pie Soda : Apple Lover: iPhone is better >:( Android Lover: *Puts AL's iPhone in a Ziploc with helium* Apple Lover:

Josh B. : First it was bend gate then hiss gate then the “beauty” gate and now we have the helium gate 🤦🏼‍♂️😂

Zishan : I'm allergic to iPhones..

Andrew Mackoul : I can see people falsifying warranty claims and getting a new iPhone...

「ウェリー」• : This will start a new Gate: #HeliumGate 🤣

chg702 : 1:53 it looks like faster than 1:51 just fast forward or actually overclocked?

Holo : Wait There are things that *can't* destroy apple devices?

Blue Shadow : "it worked"

Rod Rosenberg : Fantastic! Is this true of current models sounds like newer chips might have been fixed!

Aurélien ETIENNE : I just laugh 😂😂 now I will bring helium in class to pissed off my apple user classmate

Sky C : The more you know 😅

Fermuso • 27 years ago : MEMS Chip more like MEMES chip