Does Helium Break iPhones?!

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Arvin Medina : This is gonna be a good prank

ricky v : This is really cool. I would have never guessed this. Hey, you’re not only making repair guides now. You’re also making destruction guides. (:

Michael Cianciulli : They need a new IP rating to handle helium lol

konniskatt : who would win: -iphone -a helium atom boi

佐藤 : *_I guess I’m going to carry helium everywhere now!_* 😂

Ben Rosenberg : I thought this would be joke or like a Techrax type video. No idea this would actually be real

Afro .V : So, now what? A #HeliumGate?

Ekakwa Bwkake : This is completely unacceptable. At their price, iPhones should not have to deal with atoms and molecules.

Steve Shajan : Next time it will be allergic to Oxygen

EruYagami : New IP69 rating: helium resistance, next to water and dust...

Dan FlyBristol : Sponsored by TechRax

Alex Dollar : I got free replacement for my iPhone because of this little trick 😂😂

SNSD Sunny : Oh crap now my $1000 phone can't withstand helium.

SwitchBack : Well that was interesting.

Dr_Kachu san : Red should name their next phone Red Helium to poke fun at.

LOL dude : *mems chip* one letter short from perfection

Angel Hernandez : Here comes uboxs “iPhones have a huge problem video”

Zishan : I'm allergic to iPhones..

tomek5503 : Apple iPhone Xs. Now with helium detection feature!

jimbob9631 : Android weakness: battery life Apple weakness: Earth's atmosphere

Andrew Mackoul : I can see people falsifying warranty claims and getting a new iPhone...

Bo Bu : Woow helium is kryptonite for iPhones. There goes the $1,000 plus dollar metal brick

dio durant : would be an interesting conversation with siri while shes intoxicated with helium

Meledyne : Alright all my friends with iPhones prepare for April fools! 😏

CREATOR SW : Classic Apple quality breaks for the simplest things

Kay JB : Wow such an interesting incident. Thanks for reporting this iFixit!

Evandro Mendonça : heliumgate

Labros Kkkk : I want to make a joke about sodium but Na...

Ozan : Helium is not a molecule. Yes, I'm that guy. :)

SkippyZii : I ate an apple once Then I switched to android

Paolo Giordano : 1:07, without a cock the cpu just won't work. That's what she said.

adcurtin : ugh, lots in this video is wrong. "there was a helium leak that occurred in the building at the same time" no, the helium was from the MRI. it was massive amounts of helium, since they were brining the magnet down to superconducting temperatures (they boiled tens of liters of helium). There was an HVAC malfunction that caused it to be circulated around the building instead of vented. "quartz oscialltors aren't skinny enough for apple's designs" wtf? where's your source on this? seems like you just made this up. these are more likely used for cost reduction.

sprakful : Apple now ll say this is a feature to sa save our users.

Legit Plays : Well we all now know that aliens can't use iPhones. And you can't use in space i guess.

Marcel Gabriel : I'm not sure if I understood it right. So the helium went in to the oscillator, so that the resistance sank and the oscillator arms swang faster (like the vocal cords while breathing helium)? But if all parts are clocked by the same oscillator, wouldn't that just make the processing faster? Or is the problem, that it's to fast for some parts and so it shuts itself down to prevent damage? 2. question: So this would also happen with hydrogen?

Crispy Joking Tuna : weird funny and sad all in one and interesting

Bujtor Zoltán : A Nokia 3310 would break the helium.

Inspiraattori : What about adding poison gas detector chip to all devices that warning dangerous environment and probably can save lives? Innovation 😎

Dekkia : How does the Helium Stop the Clock? It get's into the Chip and then?

My Instant Search : This is going to be the next big thing on youtube! LOL

Themadbird : Random comment... but with that amount of helium in the air wouldn't it be bad for the humans that where in the hospital? As the helium would kick out the oxygen.

Krishanu Basu : iPhone is also allergatic to my pocket 😔😔😔😔

L.oviL : there you go android fanboys, now you have a new reason to hate apple

Federico Velutini : But Apple phones aren't any skinnier than androids...

Sir Smiles : So helium gate. funny how its apple devices have all these weird issues and repair scandals. I guess people dont really care as long as they have imessage. Nice vid.

MrRom92DAW : Something’s not right here. consider this… if there was a leak that released enough helium in the air to ruin all those iphones in the vicinity, wouldn’t that be like. A serious problem for PEOPLE? Breathing issues? Lack of oxygen? Everyone talking funny? In a place where many patients may already have breathing issues? I can’t imagine that a massive helium leak would be a routine occurrence, seems like a pretty major issue to me. Also, many android devices are all about miniaturization as well, don’t many of them use a MEMS chip as well? Probably the very same one considering Apple is just using an off the shelf part.

Adrián Pérez Portillo : Sé que decir esto de los iPhone da más visitas, pero la verdadera cuestión es… ¿sucede en más dispositivos?

Fardin Khan : My brothers an iPhone user and theres a birthday party going on next door...

MachelonusTAG Vlogs : This is how I should give my friend an iPhone... Take it out of the box, put it inside a helium balloon, and when it pops it won't work!

Anders Espersen : Heliumgate