This Video is not in Reverse.

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A Reverse Video that is not in Reverse. All footage (including the window) was captured on camera in one take. Watch the reversed version here: Watch the making of the video here: Music: Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata Excerpt. Special Thanks to Raphael, Imke, Walter, Jule, Andrea, Ulrike & Omer. Created by: Eran Amir ( For Commissions or Collaborations: For media requests to use my videos in a commercial player, advertising or in broadcasts, please email the Rightster Network:

Comments from Youtube

Girija kumaran : Who else saw the strings attached to the cards??

Modar Jamall : ... Plot twist: the clock is a paid actor

StuTuber : 1:21 What kind of mad lad shaves over what he is about to eat

Jaleigh Edits : See, that’s why people don’t watch until the end. Here’s a sample. 1:46

Salman Memehood : reverse in not is comment this

El Chupacabra : Plot twist: Behind the scenes are also in reverse

GamingWithLuca : GUYS! I GOT MY FIRST EVER LIKE! Wait... Why's it blue?

BubbleGumBalloonTree .Forever : Why do I find this so creepy?!

KaptainSync : 1:18 now we understand how CJ gets his hair grown back in the barber shop in GTA San Andreas.

Xiran Wang : There are actually people in the comments saying this is reversed because of the clock.... I, I don't know what to say. We can put a man on the moon but can't understand the clock is programmed to go backwards. Wow.

OmegaMan : boi this is not rewind, MOTHER F*CKER

Tyranid Sid : *!kcuf eht tahw em esucxE* ...semem evol I Edit : THAT DOES NOT SAY SEMEN

OddItsMe : But what happens if it's played on reverse??? 🤔🤔🤔

100 SUBSCRIBER WITH 0 VIDEOS : Better to watch in 144p,then you won't be able to find out whats the secret is

- TheFantasticZ - : lol (is this comment in reverse?) we will never know

Krishna Mishra : This actually mean that people do not see the video till end

XXXPoppy GachaXXX : Boi this is rewind. WAIT!? ARE THOSE STRINGS!?!?

UGSETH2 : Alright, you had me with the "bread"

can I get 1000 subscribers without any video : OK YouTube I watched it

Jacob Lee '20 : For everyone saying it's in reverse: The clock- they either modified the clock or bought one that goes backwards(they exist) The drink- at 0:04 you can see a tube coming from his sleeve The sandwich- the sandwich is a sponge that he's hiding in his mouth The spray paint- its white spray paint which he's using to cover up the writing The razor- there's black paint on the it Everything else- strings and other things Or... Just go watch the behind the scenes

CraftItUp : i see the clock is moving backward

Olympus Moon : It’s in normal time just that it’s sped up sometimes , there is a green screen and the music also helps

Rwking064 King : I See Thee Strings Strings Thee See I

Gwen Graciano : ummm its not reverse but there are some strings u got there

Adventure Music : This could be on youtube rewind..😂

Danielle Tomale : The clock's rotation is inverted. It should be on the other side. But, how come?

FireSighter4You : this should be on youtube rewind... 🤣

Adam Savage : When you put the video speed in its lowest, the music sounds creepy

Wil Smith : What does this guy do every morning?😂🤣

Tady : Who the f*** shaves their moustache right on their sandwich?!

Lusine Simonyan : It is there’s a fricken clock it clockwise

ツ IᑕᕼᗷIᑎᕮIᑎᕼᗩᑎS : thIs cL0cK i5 r3v3rEd, 1O0% f4kE b3cuZ cl0cKs c4n'T g0 b4cKwArd5! Guys, this clock is programmed to go backwards.

Dr. Reverse : Amazing😎 Awesome 👌🏻

Furat Abbas : Everything is not real and the strings is attached to the cards

Naulo Sanchar : Want to hear a joke in reverse? OK, you have to laugh first.

Head Shot : I copied it and rewersed it Illuminati confirmed boi

gacha cat : Yeah so your clocke is broken

Somali Outside Edition : The clock is paid actor Who else understand this?

DigBreamer : It makes you go back in time to watch it again 😉

Deadgaming18 : Better than youtube rewind this year.

Vishnu KC : Hey YouTube recommendation how did you find me. 😑

I'm a dinosaur : At this point, I don't know that are people who say "BuT tHE ClOcK wAs COuntERcLOckWiSe" are joking or not.

GEETA SINGH : Background music is Moonlight Sonata

Mr Cupcake : I couldn’t imagine using a razor to shave with no shave gel or anything. Therefor I am no longer confused lol

That Guy : Those strings are paid actors

Babita Verma : Time is also a rewind rewind this video please no It Like It Like It Like

Irma Peuch : the music makes me so anxious

Joseph Daoxtor : The true YouTube rewind.

Akarsh Shrivastava : "Ahh..aahhh Its rewind time"