This Video is not in Reverse.

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Veridian : Watching this at 3 AM and questioning life

Briola Nugent : It's been 2 years now *(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)* *it's still pretty gud*

Tokota Kiwi. : Boi, I can see the strings

Keksdee : 1:18 this man shaves over his food.

VazzyCow : *really well thought out how he erased the text in reverse*

Kieran Humphreys : I've found something more amusing than this video.. The amount of idiots who believe that clocks can't tick the other way...

Random Stuff Guy : Life is a lie

N A O M I S M A L L S W O N A S 4 : This video gives me anxiety

TokuTickler : Good... But will it fool Penn and Teller?!

The Widow's Son : The most astonishing part is how you separated the food and drink when you were spitting them back out. Well done sir.

FO0DZ : Am I the only one that thinks he has the most punchable face?

Samuel Moglia : apparently anti-clockwise breaks the laws of physics for some people

Lewis : Why so many stupid people dont believe this video is not in reverse

황민현 : Music makes it creepier

Seb K : Sandwich was a sponge, tube filled the glass with fluid, the shaver had ink on it and the spray paint was white .

BlastoiseBoy 1 : The music is so creepy to me

DocZero : How does it feel eating a sponge for lunch

Anthony Wayne : There. I watched it. You happy now, YouTube?

Supashya Roy Chowdhury : Once you see you can't unsee.

Justin Y. : Hold on a moment...

ChromeElecTric : I love how of all the things, the clock is what people see to say that it isnt reverse when u can either buy or make (depending on clock) a clock that ticks backwards

Mi-Mi Chan : the amount of creativity that was put into this.. *very naisu*

Eldrick_Playz _MCPE. : Its reverse I saw it on the clock.

MrHomelessHobo : Y'all that are saying it's reversed are literally the dumbest people on the planet.

JustGamerz : I see strings that holds the card up

snake : What the hell im i doing with my godamn life

DemiT : why would you shave before eating ?

anna g smith : wait a second...

Daxord Channel : Haters will says this video is reversed

JustismYT : But how...?

10,000 Subscribers no videos? : This is the crap I watch at 2:00 AM..

Billy Bob : *Wait*

Raymond Reinsch : Some people still cannot see how he "erases" the crossing points in those "e's". He paints them completly white when he is just at those points which would not be the case if the video is reversed. Also he painted some white over the "a, but also over the "e" in "please".

Wes Lewis : I'm literally just clicking videos at this point

Take me : It's just cuts

Sax3r28 : Those strings just ruined it for me :|

Eleni Pavlidou : The end is near Omg im scared

*im death* : To those who says *"this is reverse"* nope its not! *you must all watch the full video until the end* And you can actually program the clock to go backwards..

Ahmed9786 : It's reverse see the time

Ahmet Han : Bi saniye Yo olamaz BU TÜRK

iiikishori : Then how the hell did he put the sandwich back together

small chip : Thanks youtube for recommending me this video after 2 years

Life is a joke : The clock *obviously* prooves that this video is reversed

Augs647 Guiral : Reeevverseeeeed

QualityGaming Studios : i am now terrified

Not Straight Very Gay Catgirl : Wow, excellent idea and neat execution! It isn't that hard to get how each individual trick was done, but as if that was a negative, and you sell it really really well.


satarupa kar : I saw strings there

IntoGames : It's actually not reversed, it's a planned out thing.

Bleach : Ok