This Video is not in Reverse.

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Veridian : Watching this at 3 AM and questioning life

xSlayerz : this gave me depression

ㄚㄩ几ㄖㄒ卂丂ㄒ丨匚 : If its not reverse... *how did the items even levitate?*

Yo Yo : Okay, but who shaves at breakfast over their sandwich? 😂

kankarii : It completely blows my mind how people don't believe it's not in reverse because the clock is going backwards. Not because of the fact he few back facial hair, or the fact he pulled out a sandwich from his mouth or the fact that he lit the candle back on, but because the fucking clock is going backwards. Something that can be easily programmed.

Tokota Rynders : Boi, I can see the strings

I will fight you in the comments : Why Was His Juice Green

Marcus Hatfield : If you want to see something spoopy, watch this video in 0.25x speed and on a quality of 144 fps.

Rosa Melano : Is anyone else just mad of all the comments of kids just saying it's not in reverse because of the clock? No?Just me? K

Discontinued Channel : **zoom in on strings** BOI edit: this comment is to say how it ain’t in reverse because of the strings. if you watch behind the scenes you’ll see how it all happened.

Taikamuna : Okay, but how did he just pull a sandwich out of his his mouth?

Jozef Kučera : Or is it? ( Vsauce theme)


Purple Guy : *_A Strings Have Join The Room_*

Juanín Pascal Lolio : This video made me think that the life is a lie

BlastoiseBoy 1 : The music is so creepy to me

Siturba : When i noticed Moonlight Sonata was the music... My brain made a fart...

Donutia Gacha : *So this guy randomly vomits out juice?*

Ripx Fan : Human exe stop working

Some Asian Nigga : esreveR ni ton si tnemmoc siht

ody willi : The only reversed thing here is your barber

Avesterblue W : How the oof did he pull the sandwich out reverse chewing and shaving

awesoeCAMI : Do people really think if they were trying to fool people they would leave the clock in the frame? That would be even dumber than the comments about the clock going in reverse now. (You probably have to change 1 part or maybe swap the direction of 1 circuit to reverse a mechanical clock like the one in the video.)

kingsofserbiangameplay 162 : Why is this been recommended to me?

Loading profile : Buy why would the seahawk's throw instead of run?

CameraShy : I thought the title was some sort of elaborate prank and it really was in reverse. Until I saw the BTS. edit: not the kpop

sweet smile the deer : How did up split pee in the cup?!?!

AK Teachnical : This is reverse mode video look at clock

Maverick Lagunias : Yea it's not a reverse but I see some string on the card

Puss in Jordans : *Im starting to question my existence*

Aarohi Arora : Lmao like if you saw the strings 😂😂😂😂

dolan darker türkiye : I still think this is reverse

ᐯIᖇGIᒪ ᔕᗩᑎᗪEᖇᔕ : Or is he using REVERSE psychology

Lauren Spiderheart : Plot twist: *the video is actually in reverse*

Payton Richards : All of this can be done without reverse. But, if you think about it, we don't know for a fact that it isn't in reverse.

Rayhart Twins : Me: I'm going to bed early tonight! Me at 3 a.m: *Watching This Video is not in reverse and theories behind it*

Harald Riise : It is in revers because the clock is ticking backwords

U K : Faka you !

nelson manabat : This is not reverse

WWE : ebircsbus em esaelp uoy evol i

Bhawna Rani : It's clearly shown that the cards were picked with help of thread

ItsjustBrenda : Who else was kind of creeped out by the music

Ryan Sukmadrajat : Perfectly timed, like this should be

ehkupaw :3 : Giys stop hating there was behind the scene at the end of the video🤗

Wholesome Lad : This man had a sandwich and juice in his mouth That, or hes a magician

DailyMunch : Ain't nobody got time for that kind of Breakfast.

ryan chhetri : Clickbait🖓🖓🖓👎🖓👎🖓👎🖓👎🖓👎🖓👎🖓👎🖓👎🖓👎🖓👎👋👎👋👎👋👎👋👎👋👎👋👎👋👎👋👎👋👎👋👎👋👎👋👎👋👎👋👎👋👎👋👎👋👍👋👎👋👎👋👎👋👎👋👋👋👋👎👋👋👎👋👎👋👎👋👎👋👎👋👎👋👎

Joshua FX : Wat???? I think is it reverse🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Ayush Bhakuni : See the clock

MarioFan64 YT : The music is horrifying.