This Video is not in Reverse.

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Tokota Rynders : Boi, I can see the strings

Naulo Sanchar : Want to hear a joke in reverse? OK, you have to laugh first.

Deadgaming18 : Better then youtube rewind this year.

bAsIc : Gir: will you ever leave me Boy: nah Girl: do you love me Boy: YES A LOT Girl: have you ever cheated on me Boy: no why are you asking Girl: will you kiss me Boy: everytime i get the chance to Girl: will you hit me Boy: what? Never! Girl: can i trust you Boy: yes Girl: darling LOL READ THIS IN REVERSE NOW Came from: catgirlgacha147 ( i changed mine up a bit)

Davidci Codex : The strings are meant to be visible and obvious so you know that it's not in reverse. But still, some dumb idiots think it's reversed.

Veridian : Watching this at 3 AM and questioning life

xIanF10x : *Kowalski, Analysis*

LeoDahVee : It’s rewind time

Stubborn : Your right, it's actually upside down

p1xxieDust : But... but... the clock is going backwards

Taikamuna : Okay, but how did he just pull a sandwich out of his his mouth?

Rachel T : Is the music meant to make you feel uneasy?

The one And only : He did put the strings there and that level of thickness because he wanted you to see them now after all this typing I NEED SOME OD DOSE LIKES

Chong : When this reverse is better than rewind

Bintang Ekananda : Who like moonlight sonata? On outro

Nicolas Martinho : Clock: Programmed to go in reverse Sandwich: Sponge Mustache: Marker Please Rewind: White Spray Cards, domino, flower: Strings

Aviation18 : Who puts salt on a sandwich

Charsten W : At 1:14 you can see a Delores’s from Back to the Future.

Nana Banana : H Hi H This took so long to make please like

Budi Ramli : *Will smith left the chat.

ody willi : The only reversed thing here is your barber

Akward : It's actually in reverse and we're all just falling for a big corporate lie

Dead Link : Why did he shave his beard over his food

Lazar : Imagine watching this, but in reverse.

mimi life : Boii look at the clock it going reversed

CameraShy : I thought the title was some sort of elaborate prank and it really was in reverse. Until I saw the BTS. edit: not the kpop

Trishith Kumar : Okay, but how did he rewind the sandwich and juice.

Troll King : Don't know why peeps fighting over this silly video It's reversed or not who cares 😂😂😂

Yousaf Sumbal : First thing I realize is the clock going back words lmao

Lily Bannanas : The clock proves you’re point👌🏻

BlastoiseBoy 1 : The music is so creepy to me

I need subs please : Music is berry scary :(

elber galarga : Me estoy confundiendo

Mera KasHmir Mera PakisTan : Anti-clockwise Rotation,

OgFz SoTo : You have to be so smart to know what to do. Just to make this vid. Think about it.

Rayhart Twins : Me: I'm going to bed early tonight! Me at 3 a.m: *Watching This Video is not in reverse and theories behind it*

VOH-VY kidlatters/ TRIZsTANDs demox : At the black curtain you can see the strings that pulled the cards

Nemo TheKiyd : Better then youtube rewind 2018

PUNKAJJ OM SAI RAM : Can see the clock going from 10:10 to 10:09 IT'S REVERSED

JustSlaiman : "2015: please rewind can i be in it" 2018: "please rewind can i be not in rewind?"

Aarohi Arora : Lmao like if you saw the strings 😂😂😂😂

Queen Cassandra : I can see the string bruh

Trey Pohe : I question where the drink came from...

Gaming Perfect : Wait a minute... So its not reversed?! Jk I know its not

mateo betelu : I’ve lost brain cells

beinyourguard : The sandwich part. How.

SlipperySeal Gaming : There is strings but will good vid

Ronak Rajpoot : Better then youtube rewind ......

Itzcookiegamer 5832 : Explain the sandwich I want to know how the hell he did that

X__O__ Z : 0:54 Can you see the airplane reversing 😂😂😂😂 like if you see that!!!!!