Elon Musk's War on Journalism, Unions, and Safety & MORE - SOME MORE NEWS

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k a y l e e : 1,000% watched this before i watched philly d. some news always comes first. always.

Sam : We shouldn't really have lifetime judgeships that are just presidential appointments, BUT it's ridiculous Obama didn't get to choose Scalia's replacement. Also I listened to the oral arguments from Masterpiece Cakeshop earlier and most of the people in that room sounded like complete idiots. Counsel interrupting Justices, and Gorsuch at one point interrupted counsel to make a joke that didn't land. It was a good listen. Hey that's a good tweet, too.

Grimbeard : Fact check needed at 10:36 - is there any actual evidence that Trump is a billionaire?

Bird's Eye View : Positive comment of encouragement

J Scott Hatcher : arguably better than This Week tonight or The Daily Show.

ferocyter : This show is still one of the best commentaries on current affairs and the current administration. It should be more popular.

Cluckery Duckery : The whole "have the public determine the core truth" idea is fundamentally flawed. It's actually an informal logical fallacy. Argumentum ad populum. If literally 100% of humans believe something that is empirically false, it is still empirically false. If literally 100% of humans consider something to be false that is empirically true, then 100% of humans are factually incorrect. I think some people take the phrase "perception is reality" a bit too literally. Reality is reality, and in regards to empirical objective facts, a person's thoughts, feelings, beliefs, opinions, understanding, perceptions, hopes, desires, or fears are completely and utterly irrelevant. Edit: I don't know how to spell, it seems. Edit 2: I mixed up formal and informal.

Chase Dailey : Every time I wonder why this takes so long to post cause I want more. But each time it is uploaded, I'm reminded why. The amount of work is astounding. Don't change a thing.

Cassie Cass : I'm so happy there's a new video to make me sad! This is weird! Love your stuff!

James Orville : Can we as a mass group send that tweet segment to Elon until he's forced to listen to it and respond?

AmericanNohbuddy ™ : Cody explaining why capitalism is immoral is beautiful

GravitySloth : this whole "pravduh" thing is painfully moronic. "truth" isn't measured by what number of people believe something, it's measured by objective observation, honest data, and competent statistics

EpicBeard815 : Yeah but Elon wears his cap backwards and watches the Lakers so he's cool and not at all like the dozen other skeezbag venture capitalists

zEropoint68 : fuck elroy jetson

thevine2010 : I get what Cody is trying to say. The reality is that Tesla's Model 3 is the result of sales of the Model S and X and the roadster that were aimed for wealthier individuals. Looking toward businesses (or wealthy individuals) to fix a government problem did get us Trump. I will leave it at that.

elijah jolly : None of what you do is bad, but this one was particularly good I think. You guys do really good work, and deserve to make some of that dirty capital.

Randall Koskubar : generic positive comment for algorithm. also i love cody's showdy. keep them coming. also, out of curiosity, i have not seen an abundance of trolls in the comment section in the past. am i overlooking them, or do the trolls not know about some more news?

plasticbutler : Lisa needs braces.

Darren D. MacDonald : I mean, a way of finding out how reliable a news company/news article is would be neat... but that is not the way to do it. Everything is so biased these days. Even the local news is biased.

MaztaPan : the only channel where I have notifications on

Durodes Duvo : The bitterness and patronizing nature of this show really turns me off.

I'm more important than you : I like Elon and he’s allowed to do his dumb website but he needs to calm down on Twitter Also Unions are important

Alderick van Klaveren : Haven't watched the entire report yet, but I wanted to comment before I buy groceries; Thank you for covering this. I was oblivious to this attitude of Elon Musk. Thank you for keeping me sceptical of powerful individuals.

Charles Lehmann : GOD DAMN, that's a lot of sources to cite! Thank you!

Qwokka : I found it kinda concerning clinging to Musk or other Billionaires to do what benefits society instead just ...you know, taxing them (closing loopholes too) and let the Government do their job?

Alabama Liberal : When I see Cody put out a new video, I stop everything and hit play!

Debby Dares : YouTube is telling me I should be more concerned than we think. It’s recommended videos on the best apocalypse survival hideouts and what to pack for any apocalypse.

Hanno : Hey, I work in a lab that explains nano particles to kids. Maybe Elon can come by sometimes!

Devin Parker : What’s the quote? Behind every fortune is a crime. Also, you can’t serve both God and money. And money is the root of all kinds of evil. And...

demultiplexer : I hate it when you're right and pointing out something that I've been wrong about. I'm sad now.

CanuckMonkey13 : I just now noticed that the back "wall" is a world map with south at the top. Love it! (I won't say it's upside-down, because putting north at the top is just a northocentric convention--WAKE UP SHEEPLE)

Thirst Fast : I'm no civil engineer, but don't you need the RIGHT kind of dirt to make bricks?

ProductiveDiscord : In an abstract way, Musk is using a similar strategy of distracting from serious concerns using a social media story that walks the line between joke and something he might actually do. He's just doing it smoother than the president.

VampireBuddha : Can we leave Jeff Bezos in space?

Matt Nepute : There's a glaring error in your assessment of Autopilot. The hands-free ad you were talking about was for Full-Self Drive, a feature that is not available yet. Tesla has never advertised the existing Autopilot set as hands-free. That said, they often do very little to dispel the popular understanding of the currently-available features as "a self-driving car".

Qwasm Hu : The Edison of the new world. one good idea and then a world of lies.

John Paul Sylvester : Elon Musk is literally a real life Lex Luthor. He’s super smart, and does a lot of good stuff, but deep down, he’s pure evil.

Amber B : Dat news tho.

Damien Mcilrath : Facts, figures and common sense. What more could you want from a news show? Thank you Cody, Katy and the rest of the team, I love the show and I really appreciate the amount of work that must go into each episode. Keep it up :)

Max Fritze : But we have to worship Musk!!! He's a genius who obviously hasn't disparaged the women in his life!

beruman : this is indeed news.

AvangionQ : Billionaires in a capitalist system often have the same problem: they underpay their workers, reduce benefits and fight unionization ... all to maximize profits at any expense.

Nilco1 Nilco : Your conclusion has the perfect proportion of salt and earnestness.

ausernamegoeshere : will you address in the podcast or a future episode musk's "who do you think *owns* the press" tweet. A tweet that brought all the antisemites and white supremacists out. Also a point that was made in an article jalopnik.com from their article "Elon Musk’s Weekend Of Tweets Ends Badly, And With Actual Nazis" "And for someone who has a lot of thoughts on The Media, Musk seemed either deeply ignorant of one of its most prejudiced tropes, or was actively dogwhistling. Who would’ve thought that the wealthy boy who grew up South Africa, the son of a mining magnate, who left as soon as Apartheid was over, could’ve been dabbling in such things? Woof. But who was the real bigot here? Was it Elon, who left the tweet up for hours, and a large number of the people who liked and replied to his tweet? Or was it the people who were freaked out, especially Jewish people, because they know that no sane person asks “who owns the media?” without knowing there’s already an implicit answer." Because Musk's tweet that he wrote very much sounded a lot like victim blaming and saying if you were worried about the connotations of this tweet then you are really the bigot here.

James : Whoa... Looks like Elon Musk's got the skills and traits of a... (squinting hard at paper) future Republican President!!

Mecha Teddy : Because we all know that appeal to popular consensus is the primary deciding factor for truth.


4saken404 : Cody you might be onto something with that whole Overview Effect thing. So I think we need to start literally sending more billionaires into space. Then maybe they will be motivated to do something productive with some of that wealth they've been hoarding.

Valter Östberg : Very impressive guys. Really hope this gets one million views. The more people become aware of how helpful the system is to billionaires and corporations compared to how it treats the poor, the more push there will be for actual change and progress.

Ezra Legum : *c o m r a d e c o d y*