Cop's Final Sign-off after 39-year Career

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"The rest of the story" is at ... Officer Dave Shelton signs off one last time after a 39-year career with Kelso Police Dept. in Wash. State. Off. Shelton had the distinct honor of being the longest-serving cop at KPD.

Comments from Youtube

Mr. Potato Chip : retires after 39 years *lets go zip lining*

B R I C K. : He was just one day away from retirement..... What happened? He retired

American Patriot : “We are done!” “Let’s go rob a bank”

Higor Ghunter • 64 years ago : When you have to change teams on Counter-Strike

David Rodriguez : Cop: "... successfully reach the finish line of my law enforcement career of 39 years" Operator: "sorry can you repeat that again"

Ampzz : "It's time to go" *"was I a good cop?"* "No, I heard you were the best"

1.xxela.3 IG : This is sadder than club penguin shutting down

Uknown Gamer101 : Now THESE are the cops that should be all over social media. Job loving, hearty, proud citizens of America

Mason Allison : He's been in the Law enforcement since '79

Ruben Gallego : Bitter sweet. Now it’s time to enjoy the world you helped to make better.

Ushimimi : This is what happens if you're One Day From Retirement but you're not in a late-90s action movie Also, thank you for your service. 39 years of good work.

Nufi : Cop: *retires* Cop: WHO’S READY TO FLY ON A ZIPLINE? I AM!

caleb mancil : Am I the only one annoyed that he didn’t just go another year to make it 40

Travis Morrison : This is a man who truly truly loved his job.

bigolboinoah : I thought he was Bruce Willis lol

Ethan Lethander : Ok YouTube algorithm, I’ll watch it. Thanks for filtering original content like this into my recommended.

Vince Jarvey : That officer was choking up thinking about he was going to say from half way through. I'd love to thank that man for his service.

Owen McGuire : i’m a college student and i’m not going into a career of law enforcement, so i could never relate to this, but god damn does this choke me up watching it. Thanks for your service, sir!

Neo2266 : Imagine some asshat robbed someone right next to the dude mid sentence, “I’ll miss you all and again tha... holdup... *_AWW HELL NO!”_*

TheOneKidney BOI : If you can find a job you love. You’ve made it in life. Congratulations man.

Mariss Kirsis : Me to my friends after playing video games for ages.

RUFF- : I knew he looked familiar, hes the "Long story short" guy in the zip lining South Park episode.

CAVE MAN : "For 1 last time Lincoln one six is secure" Goosebumps. Have a great journey ahead buddy! SALUTE!

Roam : Nobody: Pathfinder: 2:07

3711 1513 : God bless you, sir, thank you for dedicating your life to serving and protecting the community you worked in.

Just The Crumbs : I’m confused, did he go zip lining or not?

Manny King Money : *Probably One Of The Most Bitter Sweet Moments Ever You Can Finally Get Away From The Dangerous Business But Also Leaving Something That You Love*

Gabriel Romero : Lincoln one six, thank you for your service, enjoy your retirement, you earn it 👏👏👏👏

๖ۣۜǤнσsτly ๖ۣۜDesigns༻ : You can tell that the staff were about to cry in the background.

Light Yagami : Love you man. Best of luck for the future

Drew Fisher : I think someone rubbed onions in my eyes, i promise Im not crying. Thank you for your whole hearted service. I know im a year late, but these final signoff videos really jerk my tears.

Munozl360 : He loves his job.

DJJustJayOK : Wow... Powerful video! One day we all will have to hang it up. Hopefully we all get the opportunity to retire from a career we enjoyed.

Abby Faulk : Nice to see this local hero

Sara Cornish : Thank you sir. Go rest and enjoy. You deserve it

Sunny · Waifu : This was so sweet, I hope he enjoys the retirement he deserves

DaVinci701 : I bet he was a real good hearted cop the kind that social media and main stream media doesn't like to show us if you think about it we can actually count all the cops that are bad but you can't count how many good hearted cops there are like this man thanks to all Cops, Firemen and EMT people you all are the true unsung heros of this land

Randall : My ocd bothers me that he didn’t make it to 40

Preplace : *Breathes into mic* George Bush did it Signs off

Ciz C : Retires after 39 years... Goes home and fire up a blunt.

Andrew : The dislikes are just all the people who are emotional that he left

Anthony Paul : Pretty sad to see all the cop hate in the comments not all cops are bad it just takes one to spoil the bunch and ya'll are clearly to selfish to understand that

MastaMonkey : You couldn't get to 40 years bro? 1 more?

ThiccGrandad79 : God speed Officer. Your service will be greatly appreciated and missed. Thank you 🇺🇸 Respect for all of our boys in blue

Matt Lisovich : Cry it out did good.

Angelo Elezi : there must be such police officers and not only ... people who love their jobs ... all I have to say is congratulations and respect❤️

Aanders Rief : My dad retired from the police as well, serving 37 years as an Officer and Commander of the SWAT team. He missed most of his fellow officer friends because he would work with them all the time, he still talks to them tho. I pretty sure this is what he probably went through as well. Thank you for serving us!

Clifton Cheng : After an extremely emotional sign off... Let’s go zip lining. 😆 hope that officer is enjoying his retirement right now.

Dominic p : I’m a grown man and I cried during this. Thank you for your service!!