Cop's Final Sign-off after 39-year Career

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Jay Bubblez : Thank you for your duty much love and respect from Seattle,WA

TuahJebat9800 : Thanks for the service sir. You will forever be the hero of this nation. When everyone's asleep, you're up awake roaming around the city to make sure the city's okay. When everyone are having a fun time with their families in the weekend, you're the one sweating just to make sure those families are having a great time by keeping up from the back. Actually, your sacrifice are more than what we could ever imagine and it can't be paid with a trophies or an award. And after sometime, it's finally time for you to rest on your back for a while and once again, thank you.

• Mιנιη • : I like that they say a certain area is secure. Makes it sound awesome.

Michel Linschoten : Man put a lifetime into it, today's millennials can learn something from this

ゴールドギャング™ : Jesus that must’ve been hard. Thank you for your service

Morgan Treasure : Major respect for the good cops like you sir! Thank you for your service and commitment to making the world a better place! Enjoy yourself, go have some fun you deserve it!

Mikes Shooter : *Thank you for your service*

Cory Man : Thank you for your service from Ohio! You can tell he’s a very passionate man about his line of work. Time to relax and enjoy retirement. Well deserved.

Munozl360 : He loves his job.

SxG : Here before 1 million

ThatCarGuy : Thanks for your service! Huge amount of respect for you guys!

Andrew Austin : Blue lives matter

RakkasanMedic : Officer Shelton, thank you for your service and for posting this beautiful video.

Latiume Vea : 39 years of well earned service. God bless.

Peace Keeper : Just entered my 5th year in federal law enforcement. Never met this old man in person but it would've been nice to learn something from him and his 39 years as a LEO. I trust and hope that you're enjoying the rest of your years with family and friends!

AFO MD Airsoft : "Lets go ziplining!" lmao I love that

X KING X : Why would people dislike

Michael Keyes : This is amazing to me. It may not be the same but i just heard my brothers last call at his funeral. This touched me just as hard. Thank you sir, Thank you for 39yrs of keeping people safer.

Xecfy : Thank you for your service Dave! These prejudice comments are very disappointing knowing you're a great man! Wishing you and your wife a safe and happy rest of your lives -A happy man in Canada

The Squirrel : how did zipplining go?

Donut Operator : WATCH OUT! There are onion cutting ninjas here!!

SSKING 808 : Man I got major respect to all the cops in the world and to this one but mostly I am thankful to all those cops out there that have risked and gave their life for everyone to give us a safe place in the world and thank you for your service. and wow 39 years man this is a video that will make you happy and sad

George Arteaga : Thank you for your service. It's a true blessing to have gone almost 40 years protecting the people and putting your life before all of us. And for all of you talking about good cop/bad cop, would you take a bullet for someone else? Or are you going to keep running your mouth about how much of a better cop you can be.

TsargTv : Thank you for your service

Red Brick Studios : Good stuff.

Barb Shelton : Dave and I (his wife) have been blown away and blessed by all of the amazing, supportive comments from people wishing him well and congratulating him! Without even having met him, these people have given him the benefit of the doubt that he’s a good cop. Others expressed a *hope* that he’s a good cop and congratulated him anyway. Kudos to you for not assuming the worst! But I do think it’s a fair question to ask if he was a good cop! Just because you cry signing off for the last time, it doesn’t necessarily make you a good cop. Although this video of Dave really does depict who he really is! But, not knowing him, *you* would have no way of knowing that! However, there are many people who DO know… ...And actually came out of the woodwork with comments – all over Facebook! People who actually did know and/or had dealings with Dave throughout those 39 years! Want to hear from people who were actually pulled over by him, taken to jail by him, encouraged by him, taught by him, or worked in conjunction with him? (And guess what – absolutely NO one was shot by him!) This blog post answers: “Was He a Good Cop? – Eyewitnesses Share!”

JJ J : Time to go zip lining lol

Skylar McLaughlin : This would be so hard to do. Much respect for you sir. 🙏🏼

Matt Lisovich : Cry it out did good.

maxmustafaful : I swear it's Bruce Willis

Miss Jenny's Cleaning : Bless his heart! And bless the ladies for a heartfelt fair well too. ✌️💕🚔

Pexie : Thank you for your service.

robert hanney : “We’re done, lets go zip lining” Lol congrats man have a great retirement and thanks for your service

country life : Thanks for your service

Futuristic Glitches : Thank you for your duty🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Camera Crashcourse : Congrats, and thank you for your service!🙏 Don't listen to any of the punks who are wrting hate comments....I'll respond to anyone that comments any BS, and tell them what I think. Thanks again for what you did.

Bridger K : Suck it up dude

R Mac : Enjoy Your Well Earned Retirement!! No One Does 39 YEARS, Unless They LOVE IT!! Well, Except For Inmates That HAVE To Do 39 Years!! Haha!!

Munozl360 : He loves his job.

Keith Oliver : I hope he has many years of zip lining ahead of him! Thank you for your service, sir! 🙂

FaZe Baseball : Thank you so much for your service!

PoorBelfs : So sad :/ god bless you man! You are a bad ass and I have mad respect for you! Thank you for all you guys do for us!

eirefile : My career ended with an injury, so I never got to do a final sign off. We had the radio code of 10-10 for "off duty" and 10-7 for "out of service." I always refused to end my shifts with 10-10 because that was saying I was off duty, and a cop is never off duty. I was reserving 10-10 for my last day. I guess since I never said it, in a way I'm still on duty. I sure never stopped feeling like a cop.

Heinrich Shekelsteinoblatwitz : He belongs in a prison.

imabeapirate : I hope the beer was perfect! cheers bru!

casillia DeSorbo : Thank you for your service.

Jo H : Thank you sir

Cameron Rotten Lemon : Thanks for your service sir!

Tommy Garcia : Pretty sad

Polasevsky Burkaz : 39 Year. Danger, love, criminals.... man... god bless you! And have a nice life!!! :)