Cop's Final Sign-off after 39-year Career

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Donut Operator : WATCH OUT! There are onion cutting ninjas here!!

Munozl360 : He loves his job.

TuahJebat9800 : Thanks for the service sir. You will forever be the hero of this nation. When everyone's asleep, you're up awake roaming around the city to make sure the city's okay. When everyone are having a fun time with their families in the weekend, you're the one sweating just to make sure those families are having a great time by keeping up from the back. Actually, your sacrifice are more than what we could ever imagine and it can't be paid with a trophies or an award. And after sometime, it's finally time for you to rest on your back for a while and once again, thank you.

ゴールドギャング™ : Jesus that must’ve been hard. Thank you for your service

Matt Lisovich : Cry it out did good.

Jay Bubblez : Thank you for your duty much love and respect from Seattle,WA

Michel Linschoten : Man put a lifetime into it, today's millennials can learn something from this

Andrew Austin : Blue lives matter

robert hanney : “We’re done, lets go zip lining” Lol congrats man have a great retirement and thanks for your service

• Mιנιη • : I like that they say a certain area is secure. Makes it sound awesome.

Camera Crashcourse : Congrats, and thank you for your service!🙏 Don't listen to any of the punks who are wrting hate comments....I'll respond to anyone that comments any BS, and tell them what I think. Thanks again for what you did.

Cory Man : Thank you for your service from Ohio! You can tell he’s a very passionate man about his line of work. Time to relax and enjoy retirement. Well deserved.

Latiume Vea : 39 years of well earned service. God bless.

ひfwcbaby : *Thank you for your service*

Mark Smith : There is a life after the job but it can be very hard. Once in blue always in blue. Keep in touch with the other old guys and travel. Yet you will still miss the job except for those bitter cold winter nights directing traffic.

Miss Jenny's Cleaning : Bless his heart! And bless the ladies for a heartfelt fair well too. ✌️💕🚔

X KVNG X : Why would people dislike

R Mac : Enjoy Your Well Earned Retirement!! No One Does 39 YEARS, Unless They LOVE IT!! Well, Except For Inmates That HAVE To Do 39 Years!! Haha!!

Zhar Borneo : i blame the onions !!!

Ehriykkah : How can you not cry while watching this?? Thank you for your service, sir!!

Morgan Treasure : Major respect for the good cops like you sir! Thank you for your service and commitment to making the world a better place! Enjoy yourself, go have some fun you deserve it!

Peace Keeper : Just entered my 5th year in federal law enforcement. Never met this old man in person but it would've been nice to learn something from him and his 39 years as a LEO. I trust and hope that you're enjoying the rest of your years with family and friends!

SSKING 808 : Man I got major respect to all the cops in the world and to this one but mostly I am thankful to all those cops out there that have risked and gave their life for everyone to give us a safe place in the world and thank you for your service. and wow 39 years man this is a video that will make you happy and sad

thinblueline4life Love cops : Thank you for your service have fun with the wife and kids from upstate ny

RakkasanMedic : Officer Shelton, thank you for your service and for posting this beautiful video.

ThatCarGuy : Thanks for your service! Huge amount of respect for you guys!

TurbanatorGamer : Thank you for all the work you've done! Enjoy your retirement!

Ryan Kopp : Thank you sir for your years of steadfast, HONORABLE, DEDICATED, and heartfelt service to your community, and all the people that you protected and served; for that, you have so much to be proud of.... All the BEST on your retirement! Go forth...with your head held high and pride in your heart, you have EARNED it. All your family, friends, colleagues and loved ones have the most profound veneration for you and all your accomplishments throughout your years of DEDICATED service. God bless and Godspeed.

maxmustafaful : I swear it's Bruce Willis

Polasevsky Burkaz : 39 Year. Danger, love, criminals.... man... god bless you! And have a nice life!!! :)

Barb Shelton : Many have asked why Dave didn't go all the way to 40 years while others have said they would have gone to 40. Dave originally wanted to retire at 40 years, but the closer he got to the end of those four decades, the sooner he wanted to retire... As you can see from many disrespectful, vile, hateful responses posted here (many of which I have deleted because I just didn't want my little corner of YouTube peppered with them), police officers deal with a LOT of CRAP ~ for lack of a better word (without getting profane myself). It's an extremely dangerous job, and one that takes a lot out of you over the years. Even over ONE year. I looked up the average life expectancy of a police officer, and one estimate is that it's 66 years, or 10.6 years after retirement, adjusted for age and gender. This is 10 years lower than the average for males in the US, which is 76 years of age. My husband, Dave, is 61. Our whole family ~ and a lot of other people who know and love him ~ want him to be around for a lot longer than just 5 more years! The longer he would have stayed on the job, the more it would have sapped out of him. And the less time we would have had with him. Would you rather live the last years of your life working at a dangerous, hazardous-to-your-health job? Or enjoying your family and life in general? Even just ONE year is a lot at this point. Besides, pension-wise there was no advantage to waiting another year. So he decided to just go ahead and retire at age 61. Yes, he loved his job. (No, he did not love shooting innocent people. [good grief!!!] In fact, he never even had to shoot his gun!!!!! We live in a smaller city; I know it's different in the big cities.) But he loves his family and doing things he loves... He fishes and loves making smoked fish, smoked cheese, pepperoni, and smokes them in the smoker he built! He loves cooking. In fact, he has done 75% of the cooking over our 42-year marriage, and when he retired, he took over cooking all dinners! (If I want to cook, I have to arrange it with him! :-D )... He and I do two Gramma/Grampa's Days a week ~ Mondays with two of the grandsons, and Thursdays with the other two. (We have a special needs grandson, so this works best.) When the boys were here this last Thursday, they helped Grampa make pepperoni ~ from scratch, even filling the casings with the meat they had ground and mixed the spices into! When the newspaper reporter came here yesterday to do a story on Dave, he fixed up a plate of his smoked cheese that he had sliced and arranged nicely on a plate, along with crackers. This is just what he does for pretty much ANY event we have here, or that we go to! (So you might consider inviting Dave to your event!!! :-D ) Here's a link to the story, "Retired Kelso cop reflects on 39 years of policing": And here's a link to my follow-up blog article: "'Was He a Good Cop?' ~ Eyewitnesses Share!" Ever heard the saying "The worst day fishing still beats the best day working." You can love a job, but still be very ready to retire when it's time. The fact that you cry when you do so doesn't mean you should keep working; it means you were in the right profession, and loved it.

Razor Video's : Zip lining is fun , go shoot a buck or hog, you will b happy u did, thx 4 your service.

Keith Oliver : I hope he has many years of zip lining ahead of him! Thank you for your service, sir! 🙂

YT ACC : it's so heartbreaking to watch this! i hope you have a great retirement and i wish you and ur family the best! big respect! <3

Michael Keyes : This is amazing to me. It may not be the same but i just heard my brothers last call at his funeral. This touched me just as hard. Thank you sir, Thank you for 39yrs of keeping people safer.

Barb Shelton : Dave and I (his wife) have been blown away and blessed by all of the amazing, supportive comments from people wishing him well and congratulating him! Without even having met him, these people have given him the benefit of the doubt that he’s a good cop. Others expressed a *hope* that he’s a good cop and congratulated him anyway. Kudos to you for not assuming the worst! But I do think it’s a fair question to ask if he was a good cop! Just because you cry signing off for the last time, it doesn’t necessarily make you a good cop. Although this video of Dave really does depict who he really is! But, not knowing him, *you* would have no way of knowing that! However, there are many people who DO know… ...And actually came out of the woodwork with comments – all over Facebook! People who actually did know and/or had dealings with Dave throughout those 39 years! Want to hear from people who were actually pulled over by him, taken to jail by him, encouraged by him, taught by him, or worked in conjunction with him? (And guess what – absolutely NO one was shot by him!) This blog post answers: “Was He a Good Cop? – Eyewitnesses Share!”

Lucas the stone dragon : All those 39 years he served his community, i'm sure it was an honor for him and his coworkers to be an officer. Now he can have some rest, and be sure that the family and his old coworkers, will be sure to help him during the rest of his life, outside the police stations gates.

Spread JOY Spread LOVE : Officer Dave shelton. Thank you for your commitment thank you for each day of service on those 39 years thank you for serving your community for protecting the many women and men and children that needed your assistance thank you for taking people off the street that needed to be arrested thank you for supporting the people who needed help and mostly thank you for supporting your colleagues for been a role model for them. Thank you for choosing to the a police officer and I am very happy to wish you a much enjoyable safe retirement here's to you #39

only one Mr X Only one Mr y : Sit back and enjoy your retirement, go fishing from time to time.. Thank you for your Bravery

Ryan Coffman : Thank you for your service

Legion Fitness : As an Active member of the USAF, i thank you for your service

Shiv Patel : Committed man right here

Futuristic Glitches : Thank you for your duty🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Demon EclipSe : Here before 1 million

Skylar McLaughlin : This would be so hard to do. Much respect for you sir. 🙏🏼

Barb Shelton : I just want to jump in here and say a huuuuuge, heartful THANK YOU to all of you wonderful people who have taken the time to congratulate my husband, Dave!!! I am sooooo proud of this wonderful man. Besides being an awesome cop for 39 years, he has been an amazing husband for 42 years, an amazing dad (for 40), and an amazing grampa (for 12)!!! I'm so glad to get more of him now, and so grateful to the Lord for keeping him safe all these years!!! Yesterday, with the help of two of our grandsons, he made pepperoni, and right now I'm smelling the aroma of it cooking in the oven, after him smoking it for several hours this morning. And this is in the midst of taking care of ME, as I fell 6 weeks ago and broke my kneecap! :-O So I've been on crutches ever since, and had surgery 5 weeks ago! So Dave went from being full-time cop to being full-time wife-caregiver, and is doing an AWESOME job of it!!!

ROY 831 : Im sorry make me cry 😢,thanks for all your service 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 god bless your,.

PoorBelfs : So sad :/ god bless you man! You are a bad ass and I have mad respect for you! Thank you for all you guys do for us!

๖ۣۜǤнσsτly ๖ۣۜDesigns༻ : You can tell that the staff were about to cry in the background.

Jo H : Thank you sir