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Lil Dicky New Freestyle on Sway in the Morning

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Lil Dicky drops another dope freestyle on Sway In The Morning. #SwayIntheMorning #SwaysUniverse #LilDicky #SiriusXM #Shade45 Subscribe to Sway’s Universe for More About SWAY’s UNIVERSE Exclusive interviews from Sway Calloway and the Sway In The Morning/ team with some of today's biggest celebrities, like Kevin Hart, Kanye West, Eminem, Usher, Jessica Alba, Steve Aoki, Torey Lanez, Julia Stiles and so much more. Lil Dicky Freestyle on Sway In The Morning | SWAY’S UNIVERSE Watch the Best of Sway In The Morning Check out More From Sway’s Universe


Clai Williams : “If I want a Diet Coke someone brings me Diet Coke” is a very underrated flex.

Romario Smith : I Feel The Pressure, Under More Scrutiny What I Do? Act More Jewishly

Akani Mabaso : Good pu**y at the crib like a house-cat.

Aaron Boudreau : Post, jab, up fake, jump in em, two shots at the line.. haha 🤣 kills me..

soflay turtles : I watched this a disrespectful amount of times

Jon Paul : “I was the star on sports center, duh nuh duh.”😂🔥⭐️

Lumberjack With a Hacksaw : How is nobody talking about that Kareem Abdul Jabar line that shit was fire #dudesgoticeinhisveins

MonsterBaby Steve Wilson : So THAT'S how you use the sportscenter jingle in a bar.... wish I would've known that BEFORE my bar exam!

Ilan Oresky : feel like i am single handedly getting this video to 10mil

Thomas Lemmons : Lil dicky is like if Eminem had good parents Edit: y'all just made my phone lag so hard with all these likes and comments. But in a good way

Brockizm : I think I've watched this almost everyday for like 6 days💀💀

Brodha Sattva : 1:19 low key best part is Tracey when he says I brought you flowers, shes like OH BABY! lmfao

Edmister Enterprises LLC : Sway is a good dude, and definitely a true fan of what Lil Dicky brings to the industry.

Alonso Madrid : Who has already seen this video about 100 times

Mcgregor Charles : Like if lil dicky underrated

chalupahead321 : "Look at how I got everybody tuned in right now, they'll probably watch this for a hour"........ I was like what are you talking about??? Now I know what he's talking about, after watching this 20+ times LOL. STR8 BARS!!!

I Get Prefired : When I do *shopping sprees, eyes brows long like AD* Shopping.. (I browse)

T Sull : The way Tracy stays on beat... Oh baby.. look he brought me flowers! Nailed it.

Yung Kev : This man was like "i gotta - like a mime" AAAAAAAH I'M DEAD

Fletcher Howell : “I gotta - like a mime” did this man just use silence in bars. Genius

Alex Lynch : "I browse long like AD" - this man needs to stawwwppp. He is too fire

Poizin Rath : OJ with it, y’all wonder how i did it.

JeLlYBeDRS : Diddy: signs biggie No one: Literally no one: Lil Dicky: "I got Big rapping like Diddy im prevalent"

NPC 1929383 : 4:30 damn' yo. Dicky spitting so hard his lips start sweating!!!

Zach ary : The transitions between joking around and hard bars is so seamless and fire lil dicky a W

Rylan Howard : I know juice wrld is good at freestyling but lil dicky is like GOD.

Brinn Dwyer : This is one of the best freestyles I’ve ever heard. Genius

Daniel Iles - Small Business : This is the kind of video I want to be played at my funeral

Jacob Curtis : "Post a bar from this freestyle" Waits for the likes to pour in.

DragonFart : Petition for Lil D to make this a single on spotify

AgeOfHyperion : Sway: “Welcome the Valley of Hyaenas”. -plays wolves howling-

H1Z1 Logic : Kel didn’t say anything but makes this freestyle even better, am I wrong?

Knofus : I see a lot of people mentioning the Sportscenter bar, but how is no one talking about “coming fast like Ramadan”?

Matt AdRev : this is PROOF hip hop needs good lyrics and badly

DJ Glustick : Tyler The Creator: I’m the funniest freestyler Lil Dicky: hold my flowers

Ty Chaplin : Can't stop watching this. That beat. Fire lyrics :)

|Banqs| : “I’m off the farm, I’m on the court” lowkey a reference to Westbrook on a Farm 🔥

John Nelson : "Looking right like a hypotenuse..." This man brought geometry into a freestyle

Pearljit Singh : Who else watched this at least 100 times and have memorised at least 90% of the lyrics?

andrew salazar : Anyone notice Sway at the end 5:03 he mouthed “and I gotta catch a flight as lil dicky was ending his freestyle, that was crazy!!

David Petersen : "Jordan 96 million": In 1996 Jordan signed the largest single season contract in the history of Professional American Sports. Deep.

Andrew Sands : “I got em 🤫 like a mime”🤯

Brian Hawk : “The Internet is a permanent place” and I hope this freestyle stays on here forever

Fully Golden : Any man who convinces you to call him lil dicky has my respect

Nick Bennett : He brought flowers and used it in his freestyle wow. Wowowowowow

LethalDog 53 : “I’ll stomp you out like ndumukong suh”😂

master chief : Dicky can make up fire on the fly, Meanwhile I have to rehearse what I want to order in the parking lot at subway

montyallday124 : “In and out with the bag like I make tea”

DeVaughn Taylor : Sway: you gotta have bars Lil Dicky: Tracy, hold these flowers