Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines
Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines

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Theme from the 1965 Film. An experiment with my new microphone!


Emilis T : You look so classy but also look like you could kill me 1000 different ways

NeverMetTheGuy : The world needs more of this, bro.

Mal_Havok : I gotta work on my eye dropper but I’m good otherwise I think

EatenByAGrue : I think the thing I like most about these songs is that you're always smiling while singing them. You aren't hiding that you're having fun. Kudos

frankieplays : Bravo old boy, a rather spiffing rendition if I may say.

Mitchel Phlypo : How to make memorable music with the bare minimum as it will allow.

Pedro Freitas : I gotta say, I stumbled around your "I've got no f*cks to give" song a few months ago. I've become an instant fan! Thanks for the excellent tunes!!!

Carl Marcus : This is what I listen to when playing War Thunder.

Marty Lynch : You've got possibly the best like/dislike ratio on all of YouTube... easy to see why, fella your a breath of fresh air, dont ever give this up 👌

Tommy's Turnout Tips : Get this absolute lad on the Royal Variety Show. Her Majesty would love him!

aussiebloke609 : Loving the shoe brush and the glass dropper. Think I may need a bit more practice on these instruments before the orchestra will take me in. :-) Bravo!

David Nelson : Another splendid performance of a very jaunty tune, well done!

meesdoetgames : The world need much more of you, ur amazing

Robert Mahoney : Thomas you should do Good Company by Queen on A Night of the Opera album. It's made for you.

tyrant351 : grats on the new microphone!!! Sounds amazing!

ֆהტϣ : I was hoping you'd do all the songs from the live stream as seperate polished videos, I am so happy to see you actually doing it!

Bevanator : Wonderful cover, not seen the film but might have to after hearing this.

Slick Andrews : Jeezuss... For a minute there, I thought that there was more than one of you... Hahaha hahaha! Cheers!

druxfilms : Man you are quickly becoming my favorite musical artist... This is wonderful.

Derek Traise : Great light hearted music. I’m glad that you’re reviving this spirit.

CaractacusPott : This is what I needed to get through the workday before my day off. Thank you!

Mark Swessinger : One of my favorite old songs. My father’s men’s chorus sang this about 45 years ago and it has stayed with me. Take you for reminding me of it.

•Area Art• : I swear to god this joyous man is a time traveler

Bob Frog : Brilliant as always, good sir!

Tanuki Man : Outstanding! (enthusiastic golf applause)

T4 Tips & Guides : Brush on boot! Genius.

MysteryOtakuChick : Bless you sir, you've given me the push to get through the workday afternoon!

Joseph Dolman : Smashing tune old chap love it

Ben Butcher : Can we please hire an old timey band for this man???

Stephen Rogers : That's an amazing song from an amazing film and you sing it so well,

Max Shep : Absolutely bloody fantastic!! One of my favourite films, and another instant favourite! I can imagine that a live performance from yourself would be quite the show! (And i still love playing "no more f***s to give" when i get annoyed at work! xD)

SteamGent : Dude you should do the tune "I could love a Million Girls"!

Peter Uwe : sir, this is wonderful

Dan Whitmore : Brilliant song and brilliant video editing.Marvelous!

JJZBULLITT109 : Please do Those Daring Young Men in their Jaunty Jalopies.

Jason Tippel : Freaking love it! Keep it up bro!

Vitz : Cabin pressure ^^

randomjasmic : Is it my imagination or is this absolutely packed with naughty double entendres?

Vic Star : awesome, one of my all time favourites 😍👍💜

lzeph : What's in the tincture bottle? Can't read the label. Fun song, well done. =-)

The Armchair Spaceman : brilliant !!!

danny cassid : Made my day thank you

Thomas Wilkinson : Very amusing and very well made.

lara collard : Brilliant!!

Rosie Carter : Love, love, love this!

Marie Maidyn : Bro do you even harmony

mangoslormpy : How many instruments can u play? :o

Peter Uwe : :P

Barry McCabe : You need go on tour. You’re in the wrong profession.