Why Does Fallout 76 Have SECRET NPCs In It?! - Bethesda Rant

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Some clever hackers have found a secret room in Fallout 76 that contains tons of unreleased content for the game. This is cool but the biggest surprise is a NPC that actually moves around and reacts to combat! Let's rant about what this could mean!! Share and subscribe if you liked it! Consider supporting the show on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DreamcastGuy Follow me on social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dreamcastguy Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/dreamcastguy Instagram: http://instagram.com/dreamcastguy Business email: Mark.shockley@yahoo.com All clips of audio and video used in this work are used for entertainment or education purposes under the fair use clause found in sections 107 through 118 of the copyright law (title 17, U. S. Code). If you have any dispute please contact me. "EDM Detection Mode" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 #Fallout76 #Bethesda #GamingRant How the dev room is being accessed isn't known (to me, at least), but it presumably involves the use of mods (in the video, when the player brings up their map, you can tell at least a couple of mods are in use from the map icons displayed) or the editing of game files. There's no cheat console to enter teleportation commands in Fallout 76, naturally, which is the method used to reach the dev rooms in Fallout 4 and Skyrim. According to Eurogamer, some players have known about this dev room for several weeks. It also sounds like players have not only managed to get into the dev room but also get back out with some of the unreleased items, such as several power armor paint job plans that may be a part of a future Fallout 76 update. Some have apparently even been trying to trade these unreleased items with other players, though mods in the Market76 subreddit have been banning users attempting to do so. Fallout 4 has a secret room accessible to players by using a console command. The room is filled with footlockers, and those footlockers contain every single item in the game. Skyrim has a room like this, too. And, apparently, Fallout 76 has a similar 'developer room' as well, containing all of the game's weapons, armor, items, plans, and recipes—even some items that haven't been officially released yet. There is also, oddly enough, a human NPC standing in there. Weird.

Comments from Youtube

OpposingForces : Sorry to disagree on one point. when you add an npc in a bethesda title, they come with a default ai automatically. that's how all the settlers are made for fo4, bethesda didn't sit there and make them. the basic ai will run when attacked, wander around, etc. but they won't have a schedule, they in general won't have a faction, their gear will be what ever the basic item list is that npc group can come with. takes zero effort to add them to a game. i get your not a modder, but a quick question on the nexus forums would have answered this question quick. i'm not saying BGS won't add npc's. i'm just saying the existence of the npc in the test room/cell isn't proof of anything as it's just stock behavior.

Bear Naff : Mr. House wasn't a Bethesda NPC.

Billy Firey : House/New Vegas was Obsidian...

Ensign Ricky : No offense, but Wooby is just a test dummy with their standard Fallout 4 AI package set to passive. He is not an indication that Bethesda realized how badly they screwed up, after all they are removing vids on this developer room, but they have already either moved it to new coordinates, or deleted it. So covering this up is both impossible, and useless. They are just harassing YTers, and running the risk of being sued for it.

Boner Man : Click baiting thumbnails....WHY DO THIS?

Murtaugh Dram : Honestly, I feel like you are wrong about this situation, no offense. In my opinion, the named NPC found in the game was something left over from before the game was released or even announced, and from a time before Bethesda threw out the idea of including NPC to interact with in the game. To me it seems like more of a situation where they were playing around with the idea of including NPC, but ultimately scrapped the idea because of the time and resources they would need to divert to the task of filling the world, and they didn't want to make that investment and instead pushed out the game to meet a financial quarter deadline. But that's just how I see things and I really hope that your vision of the situation is the one that is true because that would make everybody more happy with the game.

1Up John : Wooby for Smash Bros!

Ahmed Mohammed : fallout 76, fallout 76 never changes

Dutchfalco : FREE WOOBY

colin hart : ... Please research your vids better. Mr. House is fallout new vegas, a game that bethesda didnt make.

GodofWarChuka : I wonder how the new Elder Scrolls is going to be?? I’m not preordering. Definitely going to wait for reviews!

Mr. Flash : Because Bethesda lost their minds. Next video.

nuclearPANDA86 : It's almost as if 76 was made with the code from 4... 🤔

adam parker : There are humanoid npcs in fallout 76 there's a super mutant , merchant Grahm who you can talk and interact with. There's a female ghoul npc aswel. Sure that's only 2 :P but they do exist. Not defending the game but they do exist albeit 2 lol

PixelSandwich : Yeah if they add wooden looking characters that wiggle their lips when giving you quests it will fix everything lol

Viktor Vikeyev : Would be cool to see like random groups of npc's appear. like settlers, then over time they settle in these lands and eventually build up a city. giving this sense of developing world till eventually there is a sizable city and smaller settlements along the way.

Rebuilt Gearbox : Several years ago I knew a guy that always named his characters "Woobie" in video games and tabletop rpg's. I wonder if he went into game design.

SLAV : Pvp servers and more content overrall ill stick around

Capslock Gaming : That NPC is simply for the DEV'S and combat testing. And that NPS is in there since ever. He is simply used to test the weapons.

Copyright Claim : This NPC will sell you lunchboxes, I GUARANTEE IT!!!

Zakharius : Yeah, still not buying Fallout 76, i've officially gave it my No Man Sky treatment: "Oh it's a good game now after a few years? Still not buying it, trash game on Launch will always be trash." I might get it on any of my accounts for free, But I will never install it, ever.

Gurgeh : I think it's too late to rescue this game. The casual player base has already or will move on to new games. For the masses of console payers the first impression is very important. And with 76, the first impression were crap in many cases. They are playing Red Dead 2 or the next Fifa or whatever.

Scarlet Moon : There is an npc in the game I found one and posted pictures of him, his name was Gramh lv 50 supermutant. He is a traveling shopkeeper

KaxLon : Downloaded for posterity. ;-) Great video!

Karl von Westphalen : Mr. House ain't a Bethesda NPC. :)

Rayan Zahrani : It's the same exact engine fallout 4 with a lot of similar mechanics, It's probably just left over code from fallout 4.

antony miller : Nope I’m good still playing fallout 4 lol

Jetboy Blue : Hidden npcs now that's interesting to hear Awsome vid dude XD

Jon James : The game mechanics can't handle npcs and players too until they're changed. this means fixing the engine so it works right. the only reason there are no npcs is because beth is using the fo4 mechanics without change. literally, the players take the place of the npc. don't hold your breath for a fix.

What U KNO : Wipe your mouth! That's gross! Also, we get it, you hate this game. That's fine.

T-Bone : As a mod developer, myself I'd be interesting to know what NPCtemplate they have assigned to him. If its raider, wastelander, trader etc. I'm assuming raider. But if he's anything but that its possible he was there to see if they can test out dialogue sync issues for multiplayer interaction.

Rodney : I'd like to think that Bethesda has the moral courage to swallow their arrogance and implement actual NPC's.... but their behavior so far makes it unlikely. The contempt they have shown, and continue to show, for their customers is just too great.

heather fertig : Yeah, i'm gonna be an ass here, but isn't it kind of ironic to complain about a post-apocalyptic game feeling empty and devoid of life. Isn't that the point of those games?

Christopher Simon : I have a different theory.... i think that guy is a shop owner and those crates are lootboxes.

Butter Pig : I know the true reason as to why the NPC is in the game. Shoot him enough and you'll end your simulation of Fallout 76 and be brought back to the beginning of Skyrim's character creation :P

camron vogel : Not to be that guy, but fallout new vegas were created by Obsidian. Speaking of which whos ready for Starfield? Just Kidding! The Outer Worlds all the way

POOKISTAN : Oh - A vault conveniently opened up and now there's NPCs!

Disarse : For me Bethesda games are great because of the amazing worlds they create. Not the NPC's. Just an opinion. Nothing else.

Mark smith : He isnt the obly npc. The travelling vendor and his ox are NPCS

Grabakr Fen : woah, a ragnarok ad. brings back memories <3

redhot44586 : Ah. Videos like this make me glad I use adblock. ❤️

Derek Dye : There are NPCs, just no HUMAN NPCs.

Lukereok : Expected to see a gameplay video but instead got to hear a sad player review...

Dark Skull : There has been an NPC like this in every BGS game "Dev" room since oblivion. In some titles the character in the room is named and in some it just says generic "character". Since in all other BGS games this room is accesable (On PC at least through console commands) These characters are left in as a tounge and cheek surprise and/or testing purposes. Not surprising they did the same thing for FO76. No bigger purpose to this at all.

0dd : He's there to test weapon models held by other characters. He's in alert mode, meaning any weapon equipped to him would be displayed. He's in a room full of equipment.

kendama lama : I think this whole thing is over hyped and creators just need clicks. I'm here you win.

Chris Lambert : Fallout 76 is a lazy gimmick. No matter what they do they missed the Gravy train.

Pro Toss : You want to switch places of "Secondary" and "Primary" groups. Let them bankrupt, so obsudian gets Fallout rights

marcedoreste : We need NPCs. I personally think they won't add them and that's why I don't play the game anymore, it's just not enough interesting, only robots and too much quest-side lore without a "real" storyline or characters to interact with.