Why Does Fallout 76 Have SECRET NPCs In It?! - Bethesda Rant

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DreamcastGuy : There's a chance that Bethesda will delete this video so thank you for watching and liking it before it disappears. :P

GodofWarChuka : I wonder how the new Elder Scrolls is going to be?? I’m not preordering. Definitely going to wait for reviews!

OpposingForces : Sorry to disagree on one point. when you add an npc in a bethesda title, they come with a default ai automatically. that's how all the settlers are made for fo4, bethesda didn't sit there and make them. the basic ai will run when attacked, wander around, etc. but they won't have a schedule, they in general won't have a faction, their gear will be what ever the basic item list is that npc group can come with. takes zero effort to add them to a game. i get your not a modder, but a quick question on the nexus forums would have answered this question quick. i'm not saying BGS won't add npc's. i'm just saying the existence of the npc in the test room/cell isn't proof of anything as it's just stock behavior.

Bear Naff : Mr. House wasn't a Bethesda NPC.

Ensign Ricky : No offense, but Wooby is just a test dummy with their standard Fallout 4 AI package set to passive. He is not an indication that Bethesda realized how badly they screwed up, after all they are removing vids on this developer room, but they have already either moved it to new coordinates, or deleted it. So covering this up is both impossible, and useless. They are just harassing YTers, and running the risk of being sued for it.

Billy Firey : House/New Vegas was Obsidian...

Lemming 998 : Fallout should be sold to a more competent developer.

1Up John : Wooby for Smash Bros!

Boner Man : Click baiting thumbnails....WHY DO THIS?

colin hart : ... Please research your vids better. Mr. House is fallout new vegas, a game that bethesda didnt make.

Murtaugh Dram : Honestly, I feel like you are wrong about this situation, no offense. In my opinion, the named NPC found in the game was something left over from before the game was released or even announced, and from a time before Bethesda threw out the idea of including NPC to interact with in the game. To me it seems like more of a situation where they were playing around with the idea of including NPC, but ultimately scrapped the idea because of the time and resources they would need to divert to the task of filling the world, and they didn't want to make that investment and instead pushed out the game to meet a financial quarter deadline. But that's just how I see things and I really hope that your vision of the situation is the one that is true because that would make everybody more happy with the game.

Rayan Zahrani : It's the same exact engine fallout 4 with a lot of similar mechanics, It's probably just left over code from fallout 4.

Ahmed Mohammed : fallout 76, fallout 76 never changes

Baylor Blackwell : 76 will never be a real Fallout game until it has a full, fleshed out offline single player mode.

antony miller : Nope I’m good still playing fallout 4 lol

Mr. Flash : Because Bethesda lost their minds. Next video.

xyhmo : The fact that Fallout 76 is a game they promised to keep alive for years and years is a terrible thing, a waste of resources. They should have started small — create an ordinary single player Fallout, but with a low-effort multiplayer mode that's purely a bonus, built around shooting/looting co-op. No advanced quest lines or holotapes or anything, maybe just procedurally generated simple quests to keep the players occupied while having a good social time blasting ghouls. Then they could go from there. Do people enjoy it? What do they want? Let's add a few things and see the reaction. Etc. Making the whole online mode an experimental side mode to the main game, with few promises, and just see how it organically develops in the player-developer feedback loop. That would also teach them doing online gaming without pressure.

Nobody : I bet NPCs got removed due to technical limitations. Bethesda wasn't able to make them work in an online environment without massive server problems.

Uncle GAV : The NPC's are all busy working to bring us fake news.

ben scalp : you can't ask a turd to smell nice

nuclearPANDA86 : It's almost as if 76 was made with the code from 4... 🤔

sander de witt : Oh how I want a Tod H Npc ... I will re-install 76 for the chance to shoot him over and over to see if it just works.... probably not....

Ruby Friday : what kind of name is wooby lol

PerfectLime45 : I'm going to suggest that Bethesda couldn't get their ai to actually work right and instead of resolving any underlaying issues, they instead opted to make it a marketing move. The typical "it's not a bug, it's a feature" approach. So to elaborate, Bethesda use a scripting engine called papyrus. Skyrim already had it pushed to it's limit, which is why the civil war was basically just 10 dudes. I'd imagine that the script for a human npc is more complicated than a ghoul (I know f76 doesn't call them ghouls but they are basically ghouls) and in an online setting like f76 working ai is important. You don't want a rogue npc bugging out. so maybe they didn't feel confident in their own engine to put in real NPCs. And rather than fixing the issue, they ignored it. I don't think they will put in real NPCs, maybe simple traders at most. It's a total shit show, maybe they should have taken the engine from ESO or something.

Tess Arno : A test NPC is just that... a test NPC. It means nothing and has default AI. You'd know this if you ever messed with the Creation Kit.

Annoyedusually : I don't think that they're going to put NPCs into it. I fully believe they were going to, but then decided that it would be too much work.

Captain Hakob : They do have a npc, super mutant merchant. He just wonders around. And they put stuff in everyday in secret. When the game launched their was no magazines on the map. Meaning getting a magazine boosting perk was pointless, then one day there were magazines. And this game uses the same 'box' as f4. So it's all fallout4 stuff. Woobi. Is an unskinned scorched. And they gave him so much character because they see him as a pet, the devs are funny and love thier work.

MrEricThomason : Can you please explain to me how giving this video a like will help you if you are confident the video will be deleted anyway? Wouldn't you rather have likes on the videos you have rather then the videos you don't have?

Naiko : Love your videos but the first 3 mins are already repeated rambling :p

Jesús Adrián Altamirano Uruñuela : What did you mean? Fallout 76 was a bombshell release! It clearly blew full force in the face of Bethesda's stupid execs. Also, that NPC can be a placeholder for the absurd PvP that empty, 0 content excuse for a _"game"_ . Bethesda fixing their broken mess instead of relying on its community to fix it for them as usual? *AS IF...* Oh? And did you know? That the newest _"patch"_ that _"fixes"_ some of the most egregious gamebreaks when using, entering or exiting power armor is an almost direct ripoff of the community patch for Fallout 4 of that same error?

Jeff Cook : Could woobie be a microtransaction vendor for card packs????

Edwin : I think when they open the other vaults, that's when the NPCs are introduced into the world and that's when the story expands and now we hand NPCs.

adam parker : There are humanoid npcs in fallout 76 there's a super mutant , merchant Grahm who you can talk and interact with. There's a female ghoul npc aswel. Sure that's only 2 :P but they do exist. Not defending the game but they do exist albeit 2 lol

Viktor Vikeyev : Would be cool to see like random groups of npc's appear. like settlers, then over time they settle in these lands and eventually build up a city. giving this sense of developing world till eventually there is a sizable city and smaller settlements along the way.

hapokas112 : Leftovers from Fallout 4? That is my guess.

Dark Skull : There has been an NPC like this in every BGS game "Dev" room since oblivion. In some titles the character in the room is named and in some it just says generic "character". Since in all other BGS games this room is accesable (On PC at least through console commands) These characters are left in as a tounge and cheek surprise and/or testing purposes. Not surprising they did the same thing for FO76. No bigger purpose to this at all.

PurpleStorm8 : You forgot the 3rd group that follow this game, the ones who are just sitting back, eating popcorn and enjoying the slow, spectacular train-wreck this game is.

Mark Ferrer : One single NPC might exist so that the game doesn't crash. I'm reminded of the Gandhi glitch in Civilization.

A.A. Photography : Could just be a fallout 4 remnant.

Liam : Bethesda is trolling the hackers, Wooby is a slang term for a security blanket. The npc is the security blanket players cling to.

TormentedTony : Get yourself a pop filter or something you're hitting s's hard on the mic

Jon James : The game mechanics can't handle npcs and players too until they're changed. this means fixing the engine so it works right. the only reason there are no npcs is because beth is using the fo4 mechanics without change. literally, the players take the place of the npc. don't hold your breath for a fix.

SLAV : Pvp servers and more content overrall ill stick around

Rebuilt Gearbox : Several years ago I knew a guy that always named his characters "Woobie" in video games and tabletop rpg's. I wonder if he went into game design.

S R : Don't say there are no npc's it's not true. There are npc's just not human NPC. And there are no dialogue choices. The game isn't empty it can be fun, that being said it's a buggy mess and needed another year of development or at least early access.. Let's be honest it's basically early access in a bad disguise..

Rocky Singh : Sucks and you’re still talking about the same shit everyone spoke about it months ago. Cmon Dreamcast guy bring some better content out.

Imraan Omar : It could just be a human model, that has already all the AI features attached. With BGS being as lazy as we expect them to be the person doing the testing just dragged and dropped the first human model they had to. If they are creating fallout 4 a human NPC with all the AI attached for a citizen is probably a base model human because its faster creating one template and re-using it.

PN Gaming : Not an NPC probably to test weapons and items on wooby

MonadoBoy : So this game is like the Duracell bunny huh?

Joshua Billings : Bethesda trying to Fix FO76 is like a guy that's trying to patch up his row boat with duct tape, in the middle of a cat 5 hurricane, somewhere in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle.... I bought the Power armor edition, and have tried to play the game. I have yet to get a character past level 20.