Why Heroquest is so Great
Heroquest is the Best Game Ever Made

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A cloaked figure wanders through the crowded tavern, unheeded by all. Suddenly he casts back his hood: it is the Bard! He has come to tell of the greatest thing ever to happen to a table surface: Heroquest! Feel the excitement! Taste the fear! Heft your Broad-soad in celebration of the pinnacle of all that is, was, and could ever be in the arena of fantasy adventure games!


9Hand0Cannon7 : This video is a cultural treasure

John Salvi : If they ever bring this game back they need this guy for the marketing campaign

Jackal Muldipulus CABAL : 'Oh no Mormons!' places mini HQ door there. =D Made me chuckle =D

Yesnog05 : *"Adorable bunny!"..."Symbol of immortal evil!"* *"Gravity Land"* 😂😂😂

achebit : The best thing about Hero Quest is this review.

SPC74 : Browd sowd!!!

Zoe Baker : this is by stephen baker, and he is my dad. He works for hasbro gaming, smart and inspiring guy in person!!!! he is the dad ever

Rob Wills : I don't know how I got here.... but I like where I am.

Noah : Back, neck, and face problems, that's great!

NakeyJakey : you could sell me a broken xbox 360 with a voice like that goddamn

Detlef Terpstra : This video justifies the entire internet! This man is a Legend!

Skyhon Salt : He just kept on pulling out more hero quest boxes I was fully expecting a shot of him surrounded by stacks and stacks of boxes by the end of the vid

The ATTIC DWELLERS : I come back to watch this every few months. Never fails to make me laugh.

Nitro Prime : ive watched this video 5 times and it keeps getting better.

Yvendous : The algorithm blesseth mine own household this fine day

Humberto Villela : I can't thank you enough for this piece of art.

Who is Mr Blank : This is the best video about HeroQuest ever made, and anyone who says otherwise is wrong!

Liberty or Death 1776 : Gravityland looks like an amazing adventure! The best thing about Gravityland is that it is made from HeroQuest!

K Vid : Hero Quest is what got me into D&D. We weren't able to find many people who wanted to play so I usually ended playing all of the characters. The guy who owned the game, also bought the elf's expansion pack. I was never able to play the other one. Always wanted to, but as kids we just couldn't afford it.

Rtard McFU : Why Heroquest is so Great - explained by the Team Fortress 2 Soldier. Priceless.

Brooke Stern : THE BEST THING ABOUT HEROQUEST IS THE DOORS! 1:09 wins the entire internets

Nova Sky : Everybody knows the best thing about HEROQUEST was those tiny little skulls and rats on sticks you pushed into the tops of cupboards and desks.


Threeshades : The best thing about Heroquest is that every couple months, when times seem at their direst and the world at its darkest, i can come back to this video and be reminded that at least i'm not in gravity land.

Peter Pedersen : This otherwise cracking review is wrong about one thing. Because the best thing about Hero Quest is the elf! Proficient in both sword fighting AND magic, this is a character, that can only be appreciated by even truer masters of the game

EmperorSmith : I watch this video every day to remind myself which is the best game.

ArrestedDeveloper : Back again to watch this masterpiece. Please do more videos or anything else.

Eric G : Why is this commentary so great? Passion for the product. Disregard for other opinions. Total commitment to the premise. Wanton sense of righteousness.

Jason Orme : I haven't laughed this much in such a long time.

Chester Reeves : This video was just AWESOME!! Havne't been entertained by a youtube video this much in a long time. :D

The Pillsbury Jewboy : I’ve been watching YouTube for so long. For the first time in what feels like years I found a great video that is just soooo simple but with sooo much effort behind it. Like the good old days when no one had any money,

SimpleFigReviews and other Popculture stuff too : I need this in my life right now. I am also in dire need of your accent, which makes explaining anything an epic fantasy adventure

Chris Christodoulou : I own Hero Quest and I still went to eBay to buy Hero Quest while watching.

Mattsmindmeld : The best this about this video is Hero Quest!

Patrick Caddigan : My new exclamation when I have to disappear suddenly "Oh no! Mormons!" 1:10

shanosan : This video is excellent. I agree with so many points... I LOVE HEROQUEST.

Kamau Ot : LMAO, Gravityland... I didn't expect to enjoy this as much as I did. Lol

ripplerbr : Quite honestly you have produced the best game review documentary on YouTube.

arodreth : playing the video at 0.5 speed, its like the bard is inebriated. glorious drunken dwarf.

Christoffer Eriksson : This is probably the best video on YouTube.

Alexander : The best thing about Heroquest is that it enabled me to gaze upon this true masterwork of a review! And anyone who says otherwise is WRONG!

Ikit Claw : I think there should be more totally insane people with manly beards on YouTube😎😉

mrtiff99 : The best thing about YouTube is this video. Thank you it brought a smile to my face.

Stefano Cardarelli : The best thing of YouTube is BardicBroadcasts

Dynamitethedrummer : Just think for a second how much would it takes to animate his beard in a ubisoft game.

Stephanie The Tapping Girl : The best thing about HeroQuest, is MORE HeroQuest!

Alfie : This man moves like a real life muppet.

LifeisagameCH : A Friend of mine had it so i broght another one - Dubled the Furniture, Monsters and Heros and we had epic fun with self made multi level Dungeons

Andy Cane : I have now watched this half a dozen times over two days.....so many funny bits...Bwourd sword....Now that the peasantry have gone Dwarf. Not enough videos.... !