Why Heroquest is so Great

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achebit : The best thing about Hero Quest is this review.

Chris Christodoulou : I own Hero Quest and I still went to eBay to buy Hero Quest while watching.

risenphoenix74 : I'm deadly serious when I say: Whenever I'm having a bad day, I come back and watch this video, and everything becomes ok again.

Eric G : Why is this commentary so great? Passion for the product. Disregard for other opinions. Total commitment to the premise. Wanton sense of righteousness.

Zoe Baker : this is by stephen baker, and he is my dad. He works for hasbro gaming, smart and inspiring guy in person!!!! he is the dad ever

NakeyJakey : you could sell me a broken xbox 360 with a voice like that goddamn

Cero Cero : This is the best review EVER made, and anyone that says otherwise is WRONG! The best thing about this review is the beard! Made of pure masculinity, far away from the outlandish styles that reign in the World Beard and Moustache Championships, there is not an inch of pretentious overcomplexity about it, any man will feel jaleous of it's size and jigglynes from 500 yards away, and i know this becouse it's been confirmed by innumerable russian, ex-soviet sciencists in this comment section. Becouse it wasn't ruined by idiotic over grooming, many a young lads got inspired to grow facial hair... (continue explaining why this is the best review eever made)

IS - BE : “Look at the mus-q-LAAAR-i-tee...” 🤣

Sergio Suraci : "You! I've seen you...Let me see your face.... You are the Dungeon Master from my dreams." -Emperor Uriel Septim VII,Imperial City Dungeons 3E 433

Skyhon Salt : He just kept on pulling out more hero quest boxes I was fully expecting a shot of him surrounded by stacks and stacks of boxes by the end of the vid


Christoffer Eriksson : I watch this videos just for the muscuuuularity.

vicnedel02 : I watch this video every now and then. It always cheers me up.

Krawurxus : I... I want to play board games with you...

James Read : Your beard moves like a liquid, it's majestic.

Smooth McGroove : Absolutely brilliant! I narrowly escaped absolute disaster in which I veered away from clicking on this video, but fortune smiled upon me today.

Zach Andrews : By the end of this video, I'd grown a beard and ordered all the copies of HeroQuest on Ebay. The greatest thing about HeroQuest is buying more HeroQuest.

Joshimus of Earle 1st of his name : Broad Soad

ZerberusKnight : This appeared in my recommended whilst researching Monster Hunter World stuff.... Thank you and thank Youtube for enriching my life.

Zephyr Proffitt : "Hero quest is the best game ever made, and anyone who says otherwise is wrong" Yep I'm convinced.

HighSlayer Ralton : The best thing about HeroQuest is that it spawned this video.

Lost My Mirth : This isn't fair, he has +2 extra hero quest games above his 1 quota.

James Mills : Man, I come back to this video a few times a year and it always puts a smile on my face.

hellsingmongrel : You know what? I want to try the fortress o'peril and gravityland. XD

Yvoire : Why can I not give ten likes to this video?

Aethgeir : Given that this video has over 1.5 million views, I feel like Hasbro could make a killing by releasing a retro edition of this game.

SPC74 : Bard you magnificent man, thanks to you i've only gone and bought my own HeroQuest after watching this excellent vid for the umpteenth time! It's a used set, but in absolute pristine condition and for a very reasonable price! Played my first game with the wife and daughter last night. It was glorious!!! Thank you! :D

The ATTIC DWELLERS : I come back to watch this every few months. Never fails to make me laugh.

John Salvi : If they ever bring this game back they need this guy for the marketing campaign

Lindybeige : I am convinced! Although when I played it, it was all d12s - ah! That may have been 'advanced' HeroQuest.

Your GEEKY Neighbor : I had Heroquest when it first came out. I remember fondly playing that with my friend on a regular basis. I wish I didn’t sell it off in a yard sale I believe. 😒

Totally Jazzed : I got bored and decided to transcribe this video, transcription below. TRANSCRIPTION START Heroquest is the best game ever made, and anyone who says otherwise is wrong. The best thing about Heroquest is the miniatures, made in the glory days before Games Workshop had been destroyed from within. There is not an inch of pretentious overcomplexity about them, any man can tell what they are from 500 yards away, and I know this ‘cause I’ve tested it with a team of Russian ex-Soviet scientists. Because they weren’t destroyed by idiotic oversculpting many a young lad got their start in miniature painting, making their first delicate steps, with these fine figures. [The Bard places down a miniature] Aha! Oh uh, nevermind that one I ruined that one. [The Bard sweeps the miniatures away and places down the Gargoyle] Nevermind any of that, the best thing about Heroquest is the Gargoyle, it is the finest miniature in the land. [Picture of a large gargoyle-like Warhammer figure] Compare it to this, this is rubbish, [Cut to the Heroquest gargoyle] this is brilliant, [cut to the Warhammer figure] this is an abomination, [cut back to the Heroquest gargoyle] this is a gargoyle. When a young lad saw this miniature do you know what he said? He said “oooh, I’ve gotta get in on that Heroquest action”, and he was right. The best thing about Heroquest is this tiny furniture, it is unequaled in all the realm. Anyone who owns this furniture but doesn’t use it every chance they get, even in unrelated games, is a fool. I myself have begun replacing all of my furniture with Heroquest furniture, even the doors. [Cut to the Bard’s front door, he sticks his head out the side and looks around] Oh no, Mormons! [The Bard places down a closed Heroquest door in the middle of the doorway. The best thing about Heroquest is the cards, what you see before you is the exact optimum number of cards required to play a heroic adventure game, no more, no less. Why, just the other month I was playing in the local international poker tournament, and when it came time to reveal my hand, Bam! Heroic Brew, and I took all the winnings ‘cause after all, who’s gonna argue? The best thing about Heroquest is the board, look at it’s beautiful vibrant colours, and it’s perfect square-ish shape, oh yes, there was never any doubt as to how much space a game of Heroquest was going to take up, was there? No sir, but what to modern games give us? Oh, they’re obsessed with modular dungeon tiles, and that’s terrible. Half the time it’s a complete disaster as the dungeon immediately veers off the nearest table edge. The other half the time it expands into a colossal labyrinth far larger than any reasonable table owned by mortal men. “Play it on the floor”, you might say, well what about people with back, neck and face problems? Aha! You didn’t think of that, did ya? The best thing about Heroquest is the quest book, jam packed with cracking sword and sorcery scenarios, each more different than the last, and none more different than the dreaded blank map, which is used to make your own deadly scenarios. Of course, the only natural response to this is to put a monster in every square, as is the right and privilege of every Heroquest owner. The best thing about Heroquest is the box art. Look at it, magnificent, painted by the great fantasy illustrator Les Edwards, and it features grand prominence in this particular artbook of the man, [The Bard closes and reopens the artbook to reveal it’s title, Blood & Iron] and well it should, for it is, without doubt, the best piece of art he ever produced. Now, in the nineties he did argue against that point, but he was quickly shouted down by key luminaries of the era, such as Prince, Bob Hawke, and Reggie Bennett. So, it turns out that this was a cracking re-boxing all along, [The Bard closes the lid on the Heroquest box] but is a single re-boxing enough to cover the grand majesty of Heroquest? No sir, no it is not, and that means it’s time for another cracking unboxing, [The Bard pulls out another box of Heroquest and places it atop the first as he begins to unbox it] of Heroquest, let’s get started, hahah! Oh, the best thing about Heroquest is the inside of the box. Look at these cracking instructions for heroic miniature assembly, what with their clear pictures and words, by god. When I was a lad assembling these miniatures I would have terrible nightmares about an apocalyptic time when highly convoluted miniatures, much more so than this, would come with instructions without words at all, and terrible grainy pictures, and only the loosest interpretation of the word “instructions”. It’s a good thing that never came to pass [A picture of the Games Workshop logo and then modern Warhammer instructions, the jeopardy losing horn plays] The best thing about Heroquest is this cracking screen, not only is it covered in blistering artwork, it is also the finest perch in all the land from which to drop falling rocks on unsuspecting fools in unrelated games. It also prominently features the gargoyle. [cut back to the Warhammer gargoyle] You can’t even tell what this is, [cut to the Heroquest gargoyle] this is a gargoyle. [The Bard holds up the card “Broadsword”]The best thing about Heroquest is the brodeswode. [clip from the Heroquest commercial where a child says “brodesword”] Brodeswode! [clip from the same commercial where a different child says “fire of wrath”] The best thing about Heroquest is rolling to move, and you might roll your eyes at this but it really adds to the drama. Will I trip on a flagstone or leap heroically into battle? Let’s find out. [The Bard rolls a 2 and a 1 on 2d6] Oh…, the best thing about Heroquest is ignoring the roll to move rule. It was clearly only included for the junior set, more used to playing snakes and ladders, and not really intended for true masters of the game. The best thing about Heroquest is the combat dice, no finer set of dice have ever been made in any kingdom. These dice also represent the essential binary which encapsulates all evil beasts in this game, the monsters are either dead, or alive. And the symbol of evil looks like a bunny rabbit if you turn it upside down. And that’s why you’ll hear veterans call them the bunny rabbit dice. [Picture of a small rabbit] Adorable bunny, [the same picture rotated 180 degrees] symbol of immortal evil. The best thing about Heroquest is the barbarian, look at the muscularity. “You are the barbarian, the greatest warrior of all”, and they’re not kidding, he throws three combat dice on attack by default, not even the gargoyle can stand up to that, and that’s without needing to get the brodeswode. [The same brodeswode clip from before] Arh, barbarian, best character in the game by a long shot and you should all go play as him immediately. [Slight pause] Right, now that the peasantry have gone, the best thing about Heroquest is the dwarf. Ah, yes, the barbarian, strictly for beginners, he is, in fact, easy mode. True aficionados of Heroquest, and masters of the game, choose the dwarf. [The Bard’s two boxes of Heroquest are on the table with the box art facing the camera, the expansions “Return of the Witch Lord” and “Kellar’s Keep” stand in front of them] The best thing about Heroquest is the expansions, [The Bard removes the expansions] which you should immediately discard because the only true way to expand Heroquest [The Bard places down a third box of Heroquest] is with more Heroquest. It’s the only way you can experience such cracking custom scenarios as the dreaded [Three heroquest boards stack on top of each other, separated by Heroquest screens] Fortress O’ Peril, and [A cube made of Heroquest boards with 2 faces missing to the camera can see inside, miniatures are stuck to the boards, making them appear to defy gravity] Gravity Land. And that's why Heroquest is so great. TRANSCRIPTION END

SPC74 : One of my favourite EVER youtube vids! Genius!

K Vid : Hero Quest is what got me into D&D. We weren't able to find many people who wanted to play so I usually ended playing all of the characters. The guy who owned the game, also bought the elf's expansion pack. I was never able to play the other one. Always wanted to, but as kids we just couldn't afford it.

Jeppe Agerholm : This is too perfect

Discus Keeper : When Is the bard returning too long has he been gone from these lands 😭

AnnaLeigh : This is, hands down, our absolute favorite video of all time!! I try to start every youtube binge worth binging with it. Thank you! My girls have heard it so often, they walk 'round quoting lines as if it were The Princess Bride, " The BEST THING ABOUT HERO QUEST IS..." .....It never gets old! Oh, how I miss my Hero Quest! I see how much the game goes for on ebay now and it just kills me. I have owned at least four completely new games back in the day when one could walk into Wal-Mart and snag one for a mere 27 bucks! I will never be able to afford it again 😕 So sad, my kids will never know the joy 😣 😆😆😂😂🤣🤣🤣🙃🙃🙃

кคקק๏гtєг : Came for the nostalgia. Stayed for the amazement.

arodreth : Best youtube video ever made. And anyone who says otherwise, is wrong. The best thing about this video is the bard, he is unequalled in all the realm.

The Swartz : The best part of Heroquest is this insanely cracking video.

Benjamin Trias : I loved this game when I was a kid and that’s the game that made me wanna be a game designer.

Final Nemesis : Nerd Power over 9000! Ashens said to watch this, A++ was not disappointed.

Cassie Barns : So this was the one the teacher was talking about in Fable the Lost Chapters, I thought it was a DnD thing but turns out it's an actual game of its own.. sorry for being not as old, folks.

Dave Scarpitti : I would pay good money to play D&D with this guy....

Trashman : 100% AWESOME!!! 0% everything else!!! :D:D:D

Julian juarez castan : I love your mad dwarf personality, you should be ceo of gamesworkshop, this is rubbish, this is brilliant, this is an abomination, this is a gargoyle 😂

9Hand0Cannon7 : This video is a cultural treasure

Alexander : The best thing about Heroquest is that it enabled me to gaze upon this true masterwork of a review! And anyone who says otherwise is WRONG!

ripplerbr : Quite honestly you have produced the best game review documentary on YouTube.

Chrizzie 78 : Browd Soared!