Why Heroquest is so Great

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Smooth McGroove : Absolutely brilliant! I narrowly escaped absolute disaster in which I veered away from clicking on this video, but fortune smiled upon me today.

Chris Christodoulou : I own Hero Quest and I still went to eBay to buy Hero Quest while watching.

RoProArt : If this was the actual commercial for Hero Quest, I think every household on earth would own Hero Quest!

arodreth : Best youtube video ever made. And anyone who says otherwise, is wrong. The best thing about this video is the bard, he is unequalled in all the realm.

risenphoenix74 : I'm deadly serious when I say: Whenever I'm having a bad day, I come back and watch this video, and everything becomes ok again.


Chris Manuel : I died at GRAVITY LAND

Cero Cero : This is the best review EVER made, and anyone that says otherwise is WRONG! The best thing about this review is the beard! Made of pure masculinity, far away from the outlandish styles that reign in the World Beard and Moustache Championships, there is not an inch of pretentious overcomplexity about it, any man will feel jaleous of it's size and jigglynes from 500 yards away, and i know this becouse it's been confirmed by innumerable russian, ex-soviet sciencists in this comment section. Becouse it wasn't ruined by idiotic over grooming, many a young lads got inspired to grow facial hair... (continue explaining why this is the best review eever made)

Jeremy Pinkham : I would ask for a second opinion on your diagnosis with a "face problem." As an internationally-unrecognized facial recognition expert I had no problem recognizing it as a face, and an untroubled one at that. A serenely bristled magnanimous face.

vicnedel02 : I watch this video every now and then. It always cheers me up.

NakeyJakey : you could sell me a broken xbox 360 with a voice like that goddamn

კოტე დარჯანია : i almost forgot to watch it today

Tim Mocny : I showed this to my kids and now they want me to read bedtime stories in your voice. And they have already informed me that we are watching this again tomorrow.

James Sm : Broud soad!


achebit : The best thing about Hero Quest is this review.

Sergio Suraci : "You! I've seen you...Let me see your face.... You are the Dungeon Master from my dreams." -Emperor Uriel Septim VII,Imperial City Dungeons 3E 433

Running With Scissors : It's a shame you aren't getting a cut from the eBay sales of Heroquest you have spawned! ;o)

Eddalot : I almost forgot to watch this today.

Riot McDohl : This isn't the video we deserve, but the video we needed.

IS - BE : “Look at the mus-q-LAAAR-i-tee...” 🤣

james staggs : This video has more crack than a Compton traphouse

Ana Quinn : i'm convinced, i'm buying it now

James Read : Your beard moves like a liquid, it's majestic.

HighSlayer Ralton : The best thing about HeroQuest is that it spawned this video.

Johnny Minamida : *STANDING OVATION*

Zach Andrews : By the end of this video, I'd grown a beard and ordered all the copies of HeroQuest on Ebay. The greatest thing about HeroQuest is buying more HeroQuest.

Rob Houdyshell : The kind of guy Id share a horn of ale or mead, an epic tale, and a cracking scenario. Bravo Sir.

Lost My Mirth : This isn't fair, he has +2 extra hero quest games above his 1 quota.

ripplerbr : Quite honestly you have produced the best game review documentary on YouTube.

xxxlilpurpxxx lean : The best thing about heroquest is you don't have to worry about a getting a girlfriend


hellsingmongrel : You know what? I want to try the fortress o'peril and gravityland. XD

Final Nemesis : Nerd Power over 9000! Ashens said to watch this, A++ was not disappointed.


Mr Knez : This is having negative impact on me. Now i really want to buy Heroquest even if it is as portrayed in the video. All thanks to you sir. At least every time i open the box ill remember this video and laugh. And than in the future i will be able to say , " hey remember good old days when we played Heroquest and that ZZ top fellow on youtube made us laugh about it :D "

anonymous man : Never heard about Heroquest before, roll for persuasion......*rolls dice*........20, now I know for a fact its the greatest thing ever conceived by mortal men.

GodofGambler1978 : Oh, wow. Brings back memories. My first D&D type of board game. Got it when Kmart closed across from Casino San Pablo. To me, it was better than D&D as I didn’t have to imagine and listen to tons of things. Then I got Tower of Wizard King and Omega Virus afterward. All were on sale and still kept them till this day. They really need to remake some of 90s board games.


Lindybeige : I am convinced! Although when I played it, it was all d12s - ah! That may have been 'advanced' HeroQuest.

Zephyr Proffitt : "Hero quest is the best game ever made, and anyone who says otherwise is wrong" Yep I'm convinced.

Joe Wedg : The best thing about YouTube is this video

ZerberusKnight : This appeared in my recommended whilst researching Monster Hunter World stuff.... Thank you and thank Youtube for enriching my life.

Jense Been : The best thing about Hero Quest is your video! Damn, its the best ive ever seen!!

FFDP : This man moves like a real life muppet.

Your GEEKY Neighbor : I had Heroquest when it first came out. I remember fondly playing that with my friend on a regular basis. I wish I didn’t sell it off in a yard sale I believe. 😒

prodigyknight80 : "local International poker tournament" XD

EazySCT : Never seen one of your videos before, in general I loathe YouTube channels. But this was awesome, thank you. Great memories.

AnnaLeigh : This is, hands down, our absolute favorite video of all time!! I try to start every youtube binge worth binging with it. Thank you! My girls have heard it so often, they walk 'round quoting lines as if it were The Princess Bride, " The BEST THING ABOUT HERO QUEST IS..." .....It never gets old! Oh, how I miss my Hero Quest! I see how much the game goes for on ebay now and it just kills me. I have owned at least four completely new games back in the day when one could walk into Wal-Mart and snag one for a mere 27 bucks! I will never be able to afford it again 😕 So sad, my kids will never know the joy 😣 😆😆😂😂🤣🤣🤣🙃🙃🙃

Will Mills : Compared to this, this is rubbish. This is brilliant. This is abomination This is a gargoyle.