Gangster Party Line

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MR MOTO MEME : I already pay $59.99 a year for this it's called Xbox live

Hawks CjC : "Mystery" niggas, lol

envi z : *dawwwrk* nigas

WillieYT : Kubz Scouts anyone?

Ayee : This was recommended to me, xD

Auricom Nights : The best part is the guy that can't get to sleep without talkin some shit.

Bryan Weber : "Mystery niggas" lol

美咲 吉田 : "PSYCHO niggaz..." lmfao

FrankJavCee : This is the funniest thing I have ever seen.

RandyLeeSnyderJr : R A C I S T N I G G A S

Alex Ryan : Yall better not be calling me on shabbat

keepleft : The part where he's lying in bed and xan't sleep. LOL

777killad : You got some nerve calling me on Shabbat 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Hiram Abiff : Whoever did this is a genius lol

Wyo Drifter : I don't know how I found this but I'm so happy

Xbot4Life : I want to call the mystery one

John Hurst : 2018?

bakerXderek : Calling al shabbat LOL !!!!

Meezus Walks : *DOWRK NIGGUHS*

Die4Minez : Anyone from the 90's from Cali know this gangster party line really existed. Crazy ish...

MetalSlugzMaster : The most natural, genuine, and convincing “dowark” pronunciation in circulation today...

Max Musterman : Whitе niggas😂

Savi Guzman : " 4.99 per minute "

PUSSYHUNTER420 XDDD : This is my new favorite video in the internet

Bob Vance Vance Refrigeration : *S U P N I G G A* ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)

saucey asians : The white guy sounds like Jesse from breaking bad 😂

Kev Urbie : Dudes tossing and turning in bed, thinking about talkin shit lmao

Stevie84s : 0:33 - The moment Trump pissed his pants.

Kibkabra Infinite : When he says "you wanna talk some shit" at the beginning he sounds like he's about to crack up laughing!

B. Walker : Damn I wish I was black

JimmyLB : One of the best videos on here, this shit hilarious

FlyingMetal PiggiesOfDeath : I just called, some asian woman just called me a chode

william pope : 😂😂😂 wow mystery and dog ni***s

Jonny five916 : The end the dude days 4.99 per minute his voice is hella funny

slamspam : This makes me so happy. Thank you, YouTube recommendation algorithm, for not giving up until I finally clicked it.

Gregory Pappas : If you're in a bad mood, whatever it is, bills, dog died, your significant other cheating on you, gout, bone spurs, lice, aids, etc, this video will instantly make you feel better... Thanks.

birgertime : Off top!

Antonluisre : SUP *f o o l*

Able True : Fuckin hill-ar-ee-us

Local African : Best part is at 0:52 lol dude wants to talk shit so bad he can't sleep. Just rolling around in bed

Long rod vanderschlong : I wonder if this number is real


Tim Mosso's Sunglasses : How can I talk to the dog?

CarsonCasey : A million of those views are mine.

Charles Beach : The "jewish" dude trying so hard not to laugh. lmfao

Jesus Christ : *_Choose your fighter_*

FBI : I actually called it

Let em Swift : Anyone question the legitimacy of the jewish guy? Js

Carlyle Gardens : Nigga niggas

Jake Hawken : This is one of the best skits ever made in the history of time.