Gangster Party Line

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Mr. Glass House : Mystery Niggas 😂😂😂

Иван Матвиенко : LOL 🤣😂😂🤣🤣

KRZY !KZ : How it feels workin at fedex callin center : Love the voice of $4.99 per minute.

leethal956 : 😂😭💀......(EPIC)

Chris Anderson : Can't quit crying😂😂

Bill Hughes : I love how the main guy is tossing around in the bed then jus pops up yellin bc he’s so overcome with the urge to talk some shit loll

Sandy Red : Mystery niggas!

Arnold Williams : That Jewish part had my laughing

Alejandro Davila : That Jewish dude legit had me crying

Adino1 : I'm not going to call the Classic Nigga, he looks like he has connections.

ultraveburas : Lol sign language over the phone

J JJ : DAAAWG niggaz

Michael Brooks : The look on the asian dude face is priceless...

Lurchipoo : I’m sold, you had me at “Sup Nigga”.

Kalimba Hamilton : Buff niggas DOOORK NIGGAS

Josh Beasley : Dbz niggas...naruto niggas...

jesusisherelookbusy : Who’d love to hear Uncle Ruckus call the Gangsta Line?

W G : “Classic niggas”

Akilleus : “Mystery niggas” Hahahaha

Ghost Peppers : Dog niggas😂😂😂

AudemarsontheWrist : MYSTERY NUKKAS

Rodrigo Romero : 0:47 was that jesse pinkman?

Eastsiderida : They all talking shit about you *right now* lmao

bearsemen : This might be the best thing I have ever seen in my life

h33ho0 : These candles in the back xD

james4592225 : "Surprise Muthafucka" Niggaz!! 😅 lmao!! 😅

The Music Of WindMind : You wanna talk some shit? Call me.

osbely : This is just the best thing.

Kekkels : Best money I ever spent.

Steven Rajnert : Off top lol

Dustin J : The guy at 0:20 lol

Eli Ben : These😠 guys need anger management 😤

Able True : Fuckin hill-ar-ee-us

RossyKidd : D O G N I G G A S

Peter Sutherland : Dat 213

omer suleiman : Jewish niggas lmaoo

justensr harmon : Wiping tears away!

Tuner Kid : Who actually called☺

JimmyLB : One of the best videos on here, this shit hilarious

Pu55y i8 : I love talking shit.

Casey Levins : Calling the Jewish niggah on Shahath was a bad decision on my part.

Max Gray : I can't. there should be two like buttons.

treyboytheryda1 : The La Raven partyline😂

Luis Beltran : In the 90s there was a party line here in LA ,it was supposed to be to hook up with guys and girls but it was more like this video . Brogh back memories, all you would hear was where you from and all kinds of neighborhoods beeng called. This is funny here.

Mauro Munox : Psycho niggas!!😂😂😂😂

Paulo Roberto : GTA San Andreas !

Cameron Whitten : d o g n i g g a s

Zhang XiaoYi : 4.99 per minute

Wyo Drifter : I don't know how I found this but I'm so happy