Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak – record run, helicopter footage

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Video: Helicopter footage of the I.D. R Pikes Peak’s record-breaking run.

Comments from Youtube

Louie Lambretta : cool but we want onboard footage or at least a reason why you cant show onboard footage

Godmason : What's with the out-of-sync in-car audio?

John Yeung : The audio doesn't sound right. There are many parts where the audio doesn't match what the car is doing in terms of accelerating and braking. This is poorly put together.

OuzBad1 : Camera embarquée ???? Camera on board , embedded camera ???

Darrell : It would be cool to see what the car could do at the Nürburgring.

AMWULF GAMING : It took over 2 weeks to get footage of this run I thought "maybe they're just taking a while to edit the video and give a special behind the scenes look into the run" but nope its stock footage that literally could have been posted the day after. Glad I had porsche's nurburgring record footage to drool over while I refreshed your page over and over for 2 weeks. Now that I'm done criticizing. THIS IS AN AMAZING ACCOMPLISHMENT FFFFFFF I'm excited how much electric technology has grown and how much more it will grow after this success. I only wish you guys put more hype into it and got more people excited about it.

Ben Van Deventer : The low frame-rate makes this difficult to watch. Who straps a 24fps camera to a helicopter?

V. Ictorial : Wonderful sound of the future arriving. Sexy buzz.

Redshift : Omg, still no proper onboard of this record run. Just this obscure aerial view with unnecessary motor sounds to try and match it. Did they not mount a proper camera for this run? There are some shots in other videos showing a shoulder level camera with basically no view through the windshield....

Zipp4Everyone : Great nature footage! Nice trees and smooth panning. However I feel like you should try and come back when it's less buissy down there, the shots were ruined slightly when I briefly saw a car between the trees.

Jeff Snyder : This is very exciting for VW and EV, but the Sébastien Loeb video from in the car is a 1000x better.

Alan Wood : Awesome for Volkswagen, hot run - love it!!!

Christopher Springmann : Wow, the helicopter pilot and camera operator had quite a ride, too, trying to get open shots as the vehicle streaked through the trees and turns! What a performance, on the ground and in the air. Plus the sound of a winner, a champion, a new record. The sound of the future.

tscrookeful : Take to the Nurburgring and see what it can do!

Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex : *_ELECTRIC POWER_* ⚡️

DuffmanTP : At 10k feet, he was allowed to use all portable electronic devices.

pangrac1 : Best part of this video is the sound! But during original run car all the way made warnig sound all the way to the top.

TONY : Previous record: Sébastien Loeb / Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak / 2013 / 8:13.878 ";-)

Bay Raitt : So awesome. I wonder where one could find the uncompressed raw 32bit recordings from inside the vehicle... that's an amazing sound..

Sam Sonn : Miss the gold old days when the road wasnt even paved, and alot of drifting was involved.

Robert Pasquali : when your car goes faster around turns than your helicopter can go straight

Nixter_is_Nick : Suggestion for VW, do not use a siren sound for the safety siren. feed in a signal from the electric motors to generate a warning sound.

Nils Frederking : Congratulations to VW, I hope this will help to accelerate the transition to EVs.

Chris J : I would be curious if this was still a part gravel track, would this car still beat the record??

redsoil5 : If it's electric where did that sound coming from? Cool though !

Amélie Renoncule : "Electricity ?...ah, yes. The high-priest of false security."- Sherlock Holmes

A : This shoulda been 60fps or higher.

Daewootech : why is this so hard to watch, is there something with the frame rate, or is it just panning too fast?

Idjles Erle : Just imagine a Tesla Roadster 2 with 10 rockets on board doing that!

TheShl1976 : sounds terrible..... but rly fuxxxxx fast!!! GJ VW Racing!!! Congrats! ;)

bassicuk1986 : This sounds a bit eerie. R.i.p to the motorcar as we know it

Von Skipppy : Lamest description EVER. Date of run? Driver? Top Speed? Total run time? You know, stuff that any first year journalism student would know to include in the description.

SpoilerAlert : Seeing PPHC footage, then going for some Peak runs in DIRT Rally is damn fun. I recommend it

beforebefore : 'tis a shame the audio track was patched together... not even a full in-car sound-track... the audio-sync was horrible.Also the car hopefully has more to give, as cornering exits weren't all that great... from this view. I was hoping for more from a race design-built electric. They put a LOT of work into down-force, but at these speeds, I'm not sure it was worth all that.

Guido De Salvo : Volkswagen motorsport do you Even have a CMO?

bmw325num99 : Thanks to VW for this electric milestone but also, the helicopter pilot and camera-person did a great job too!

Zaza Bircken : A helicopter as a defeat device for onboard footage ? Avanti dilletante ... The 919 onboard from Norschleife is much more impressive and that`s not only cause Porsches soundtrack fits to the footage.

C&D General Services : So we get Helicopter footage but with onboard sound......? Why no just onboard cottage inc sound?

Thomas Aushauser : Sounds like Star Wars. That's amazing because Lucas isn't that far behind. If you look at the beginnings of Science Fiction literature, from Jules Verne, Henlein, Dick and Asimov, the technical implementation has shrunk from the century through the decade to mere years. It is as if the engineers were searching the future literature for useful ideas as soon as they appeared. In future, the authors will start right away in the industry and not at their desks at home. You can also earn more this way.

margarito Hernandez : Well so much for gas monkey garage...

Ice B- The chilled Tibetan Monk : Lol. Sounds mad. Sick thou

281cobra car : Instant torque has its advantages.

W A L L R I D E R S : I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t believe that EV cars are the future of Motorsport

Cestus Fr : after a minute or two i found the sound the car emits to be very F1 like (electro version of course) and it's not half bad!

Mikeado66 : This video sounds terrible, especially since, past a certain point, that whiny motor sound was clearly being dubbed on afterwards, barely in sync with the car accelerating/slowing down. I guess you must've had issues with the onboard equipment...

Alex Vaz : Send 919 Hybrid Evo to there...

HulluJanne : After 3:00 audio is totally out of sync and sounds like its just made up and mastered from multiple audio tracks. Couldn't stand to watch after that point. Awful. Very bad PR. If you had audio problems, admit them and rather just mute it altogether than try to make it sound like all is fine. It almost sounds like they reused the sounds from the first 3 minutes.

Messias der Heilige : die beste Werbung für vw,nun noch vermarkten.....

Joshua Vaughan : Their was also a siren on the car since it was so quiet, I guess they removed that as well. Amazing run though.