Dicing an Onion by Chef Jean Pierre
How to Dice an Onyo

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Do you struggle trying to dice an onion? Chef Jean Pierre shows you the easiest way to dice an onion without shedding a tear.


Legion Prime : Memes aside...this was a really effective way to cut an *onyon.*

Lukasz Tomasz Tobys S7K Søndervang : Gordon Ramsey left the chat

3p1ks : 2:45 Then the onyo for SHHHEUOOURE

Gebrel Ita : Memes aside, it's actually a very pleasant and informative cooking video. Props to ya

Alex Lee : *hears him say onion* I wonder what the comments will be about

666clouds。矮 : The Title is wrong. Its: *Dicing an Onyo by Chef Jean Pierre*

SlavjanA : Onyo, twonyo, thronyo, fouonyo, fivonyo...

Johnny : Gordon Ramsay be like: *THE ONYO IS RAW!!*

Learsonite : "Do you see the layers?" *SHREK INTENSIFIES*

Константин Войнов : ONYO 0:01 0:02 0:06 0:07 0:08 0:10 0:13 0:15 0:21 0:29 0:44 0:47 1:04 1:13 1:28 1:40 1:45 1:48 2:45 3:00 3:21 3:25 3:33 3:55 4:14

Omkar Damame : They did surgery on ONYO!

casperplayzz : Maybe it is a meme, but its actually very helpful

Kim Jong Trump : I think he likes the word *onyo*

Weaboo Ghost : Now I know how to cut an onyo but how do you cut an onion

Krombopulos Michael : *ONYO HE DIDN'T*

aidan XP : Welcome to “Why is this in my recommended” season 2 episode 3

Luke Furman : Yo chef Pierre you wanna come out here

Peklara : *Gordon Ramsay wants to know your location*

Sara Hassan : I came to laugh but i ended up learning

Aziz Elezaby : the onyo!

Roy Mustang Ackerman : There’s someone called Socrates on YouTube copying your video and editing it and demanding that he be given credit for it without copyright permission

Negan : Yea well, foreigners probably laugh at our pronunciation if we spoke their language too

Lukasz Tomasz Tobys S7K Søndervang : Guys he just safe u life teaching u how to cut that onyo and u just make a meme off him. So disrespectful

Matthew Bradley : Ayeeeee...he be Cajun...I guarondamn-tee! He does it as I have been for years. Easiest technique.

Lena Thegamer : 3:38 “NOWWADOWEDOWIHDIS!!!!????”

wld alpha : Thanks for the good tutorial, I have never known that you don’t need the horizontal cuts for dices. You basically made my day.

abi vastolorde : good job polnareff

Malaz Bob : It's crazy how different Indians pronounce their words

Sskrimp_TeX • : is good way to cut shrek's food, i hope he is fine with being a meme for a while

Sebastian Koil : I'm gonna name my first born Onyo...

TheYoyozo : Thank God he said not to make horizontal cuts. It drives me crazy to watch experienced chefs make horizontal cuts, what a complete waist of time.

F3LiX64 : After 3 years... I finally found this video

Sskrimp_TeX • : A good onyo is a heavy onyo *_the wisest of words_*

Ayesh K : I keep coming back to this every night. I need onyo.

Kieth Daniels : Just the way he says "Onyo" had me watching.

Youssef Hilmi : Actually he’s pronouncing onion the correct way in french, i think he’s a french chef or got a french cuisine formation because Onion in french are pronounced "Onio".

Taczpat . : Jean Pierre Polnareff ?

Armafly : At first I thought he was speaking Japanese. "Onyoooo...

frenzorub : *THAT'S A BIG ONYO!*

The Vogelmaan : I searched for the Onion News Network and I saw the video and clicked it, excepting Satire. I watched the whole thing and thought it was one of their funniest videos until I realized my mistake. Sill 10/10

your fellow gopnitsa : thank you I successfully know how to dice an oignoin

kevin cosgrove : WTF is an onyon? Good Job though, I'm going to try it with onions

Vlad Ionita : This was a really informative and entertaining video! Love your style!

Frank Maxfield : I knew what was gonna be in the comments. It wasn't about how he cut the onion but the way he say onyo lmao

Massimo b : Omg that is a terrible accent. I had to stop the vid lol. Sounds like he is from somewhere in Louisiana. Subtitles please

Sheep : In awe at the size of this onyo absolute unit

Jasmine GMZ : This Onyo is pretty tHiCc

Lectoric : that's one thicc onyo

Roger didit : Onions are cheap. Use a chef knife to chop off the two ends, peel off the first layer or two, and get chopping!